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  1. Maffro!!! Hats off to Lams for drawing me to SH, he da man! There are quiet leds for the stealth but they cost bucks!! Stick to cfl for time being I guess if funds don't stretch, I do have 2x 125w cfls but in my lil veg cab it gets real hot and I don't want to throw more fans in there. I'm a sucka for bright shiny new things and the credit card is a very evil thing Man, if Elitegrow sort out those fans, it'd be the dogs bollox Temps are perfect in the cab and the fans do create a little air flow in there but I added a silent pc fan to create some more movement. Will have pix when I start m
  2. Thanks y'all for makin me feel so welcome !!! The caring sharing vibe is like being embraced by one of those foster families that take on troubled kids, haha! Away working at the mo but am in process of gettin some pics together and will get round to a grow share... love, peace n plenty plenty plenty pot
  3. This is great Alyx:) I'll give the sprouts a go, it seems more economical than growing out ounces of bud and leaf. You'll need a serious high rotation of crop just to blend enough for one person for a day's worth.
  4. That Soex hookah stuff tastes a bit off compared to the nicotine shisha. For the fruity hookah experience there's those ecigs like this: you can get nicotine free liquid to fill it up. actually some have tried boiling bud in glycerin to create their own liquid for the unit which creates an e joint! Might have to give that a go sometime for some non combustion tokin!
  5. I have an interest in this too. Thinking of getting some stuff from CBD crew to try out and have a tent with just leaf. My pa has got the beginnings of Alzheimers so interested to see if juicing will help. I'm going to try 30 leaves a day to start with. Got 1000's of hemp seeds from organic store, will these do too? They do sprout as I had some growing on the balcony but are they good enough for this purpose?
  6. Great to connect with you and big respect for always putting your all into your responses You must be busy as hell with all your activity here, I'm not so good at multitasking so can only handle following 1 or 2 threads!! Eshine do them yes, whilst researching I landed on THC Talk and there was a guy who was championing the Eshine DHL way and there was an almighty shit storm about whether they were the real deal. Yes I have dealt with Ibrahim but only via email and he was always courteous, lately though I had a few queries with late responses compared to our initial emails prior to purchase w
  7. You're the first EG journal I've come across so no links I'm afraid, I've been checking out Advanced LED DS100 grows before now. I guess it'll be mostly us brits who will use EG and since it's a new brand, it'll take some time and a few grows before the journals hit the forums. I hope this reseller does well and not a fly by night gone bust scenario which means our 3 year warranty ain't much good if he goes down. I was happy to not have to get it from China which I was considering at one point. Yes I'll get a little journal happening soon 12" is the starting point for me, as they grow we're t
  8. Hey hey hey! Just signed up today primarily to follow a grow using an Elitegrow led, I don't know many who use these lights and this was the first place to find another elitegrow user, in fact I found 2 people on here now and I'm the 3rd. Any others? Not had a proper chance to look around and wasn't aware there was a strainhunter site despite having enjoyed and salivated over the Greenhouse boys adventures on youtube. There is definitely a friendly vibe here, well so far anyway, havn't read many threads yet, I guess there'll be the usual trolling now and then, haha! All humans have this stran
  9. Hi Lams Loving your grow and the reason why I joined strainhunters! I'm also using an Elitegrow but a Pro100, was checking online for any eliegrow users and they are few at the moment so was chuffed to see how it's doing in optimum conditions. I'e got my pro100 in a stealth veg cab that's only 60cm high which I think is creating issues. The minimum distance I get is only 12" when they're up to 3weeks old and I think the intensity is too much, leaves are starting to look twisty with slight claw. At first I thought it was rh, ph, nutrients but they look green and ph is 6.5, rh is 50%. I had a