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Norcal howbout it

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  1. Awesome guys, Great job really enjoyed the whole thing, you all are lucky to be able to pursue your passion. It's amazing the similarities we share being worlds apart through marijuana culture and the love of growing. Peace
  2. Well sorry you dint like my comment Exodus , but I think its important that people know what side he is on and would argue that the rest of the peeps posted are sympathetic to the cause. "Chill out, spark up a joint and join the conversation. Discuss day to day stuff here..." I was Just joining the conversation
  3. Obama , please he is no friend to the cause. Raids and Fed involvement have vastly increased during Obamas first 4 years including land seizures and collective closures .
  4. Sun, religious watering and organic feeding seems produce on average pretty consistent in the 4 pound range and a couple late girls that went 7 pounds
  5. Greetings from Sierra mountains of northern Ca, looks like lots of cool imfo on here cant wait to surf my way threw. :bye: :bye: