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  1. oh i would love to but that would set me back months. that mom will produce much more by giving me clones. I will update with some more pics tonight. Yesterday the clones looked a little sluggish but they look strong again today. I am having an electric issue im going to search the forums for help . If anyone whos veiwing this grow is any good at wiring please pm me Im having a small issue and i want to know how to fix it. any electrical problems scare the sht out of me
  2. I need to take a picture of the stem close up. Its a thick one already, but I wrapped a pipe cleaner a little too tight and in about 2 weeks ithe stem grew around it and it left a 1/4 in groove in the stem.
  3. This hydra mother and her new clones have been 2 years in the making. 2 years 6 months when you count the length of time i spent reading and watching everything I could get my hands on. Even after all the reading is memorized and you know what to do, you really don' t have any experience. I killed my first 10 plants. I learned each time and hydra is a culmination of hard work and perseverance these last 2 years. In the next ten days I must set up my flower room and then the fun begins. I can't wait!
  4. From the album Budget Grow Room (creative)

    My new clones. In there new 10 day home then off for 8 week flower and well see how beutiful the nugs look. I will describe the aroma and flavor once we cure the first batch!!
  5. I am planniing on 3 clones every 4 days until my flower room has 28 in it. Once its full at 28 I will havrvest the first 3 clones in three weeks. After the first harvest there will be one every 4 days for 5 weeks.
  6. THANKS ! I appologizze for posting in the wrong section and thank you again for fixing it. Definitely gonna see a lot more . Clones all the way thru to buds
  7. The Mother has a 2 inch layer of perlite ontop of organic soil. Apparently the soil was infested with fungus gnats or became that way and I scooped out the top 2 inches of soil and put a layer of sand then a thick layer of perlite. As for the clones, they are in an aquarium rock medium I picked up from petco. It is ph balanced and just needs a quick rinse and is ready to go. Lol it really does look like cat litter. I will post a picture of the aquarium rocks and again the cat litter is indeed perlite.
  8. I took my first Hydra cuttings tonight and put them in their new home for the next ten days. They were taken from the mother who is 14 weeks old. Last time I counted she had 19 tops.
  9. From the album First clones

    total cost of this set up 39 bucks

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