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  1. Firefighter I like this idea alot. I wish there was a more detailed tutorial maybe you can give more instruction it would be greatly appreciated. Is this truly hydro? I thought hydro was soil-less medium.
  2. Big G that looks amazing, aeroponics? amazing. you're growing by far one of my most favorite strains and it looks beautiful. I would love a more detailed thread about your setup. Any good guides you recommend for someone wanting to start an aeroponic grow?
  3. Stay strong brother it sucks happened to me before and itlll keep happening until we legalize the herb which is a gift from jah the almighty. I dunno how they were tipped off about you but I believe a Tutorial on how to mask your identity/IP online is important. Try using a VPN to act as a gateway/proxy protecting your IP address. keep your hopes up, hopefully you have good ppl you can rely on remember who helped you now in your time of need and you will bounce back eventually. Good luck
  4. looks fucking great! good job ssh78 it looks beautiful. could you make a thread about your DWC setup ?
  5. this strain is one of the favorites out here in montreal, quebec. Fuck the PK, purple kush, is all i say. Give me more of that Jean-Guy ! Throughout late 90s and early 2000s, sativa strain of choice was definitely Jack Herer out here in quebec, but then the jack died out and was replaced with PPP pure power plant and now jean-guy when it is available, though as a clone only strain it can be found but not in vast quantities like M39 (beasters), PPP pure power plant and Purple kush. Our purple kush isn't so good i dont understand the demand for it. very over rated, definitely not real purple ku
  6. my favorite strain to smoke! Jean-Guy! Smell is like no other, you ever see cats in a fish market? thats how crazy i go for jean-guy. I hope someone has the foresight to make seeds so this strain can be shared. Never smoked something so sweet and so strong, amazing sativa dominant hybrid.
  7. Toronto i guess is a good starting point in terms of exploring Canada, though I doubt that is where you will find any special strains. Toronto is the final destination for alot of the domestically produced high quality weed which is not exported. It flows to the west from Quebec and east from British Colombia to Toronto because thats where it commands the highest price per pound in the country. BC and Quebec probably are the top producers in the country. Though if I would have to I'd say that BC have more artisanal growers and Quebec commercial. None the less, I have smoked alot of really dank
  8. From east to west you have commercial as well as artisanal growers. You have many commercially available strains as well as many exotic hybrids. Champagne i feel is BCs best strain, I would have to give Jean-Guy LeBlanc the nod for Quebec. Personally I am not into all the hype over the purple kush that seems to be flooding the country for the past 2 - 3 years. The quality just keeps degrading, nothing like the PK i smoked out west in Vancouver. Yes beasters (M39) is still found out east in abundance but thats because the east coast of the USA has a huge demand and such a small supply even with
  9. this is beautiful guys! wow! Bravo! I am half moroccan but from casablanca, the city. Nice to see the closely guarded cultivation secrets and techniques in such great quality and with so much detail! StrainHunters, Modern day pioneers!
  10. be patient and show some gratitude, show some appreciation for Arjan and Franco. They provide us this wealth of knowledge and these videos for free.
  11. It has to be Cafe de Klos right next to Leidseplein, 30 minute bike ride from Green House Coffeeshop on haarlemmerstraat. Best lamb and ribs I ever ate in my life, owner is a very nice guy. Do yourself a favor get the lamb or the marinated rib (i forget the name) not the dry smoked one. Opens at 4 PM , so you know it's gonna be good! I recommend leaving the centrum when it's time to eat.
  12. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I am a male in my late 20s. I like King Size joints, Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid, not regular joints. Hold the tobacco. Hash gets smoked pure with a needle and a wine glass. I am of north african and arabian descent. I lived most of my life in the middle east and Montreal Canada. I prefer sativas, grew up in canada on the sativa strain of choice good 'ol jack herer for a while. Was lucky enough to sample Greenhouse's Super Silver Haze which was among the best strains i ever smoked in terms of high and taste. The smell and taste were so unique i still reco