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green fella

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    making big dankity bud,,an roastin the evo vii
  1. im sure they will b for sale on the new seedbank wel dats wot im prayin for anyways.......4.20?
  2. on with the soakage

  3. can ya count me in please dust? will give the tropical irish weather a go sure lol
  4. ok so i just could not wait any longer first off i wanna thank the greenhouse team for the free kit much respect guys thanks. so a full new setup will b ready for me tomorrow il give a full rundown on the gear when i collect it so here we go 9x sweet mango autos put to soak at a ph of 5.5
  5. wit a lil more than a meter squared an the right care wit powderfeed and a 600w a yeild of jus over 500g is possible dats a decent yeild in my book i dont mean to undermind ya der dust sorry if it comes across dat way
  6. heat stress is possible but my experience wit heat stress d leafs curled to oppisit way yho
  7. no not allowed for me dust.. so dis is how it is i went to the station dismornin an my gf father was der (hes a cop n doesnt know i grow r antin like dat) but not based at dat station so he basically took over the case so in i went abit sketchy but all was good dey had d van in der compound i pointed out wot was mine minus my gear n green n gave him a list for record. il get my tings by d end of d week as its now evidence..from wot i saw d van was full of stuff was like alladins cave in der it rely brought a tear to my eye to see my gear jus squashed up in der but no pots dey obviously cut m
  8. it never rains it pours

    1. Smokeythabear


      I hear that man, life can be like that..hope you have some good green to keep your spirits up

    2. green fella

      green fella

      yea plenty of exodus from d last grow thank fuk

    3. Smokeythabear


      One bright ray of sun at least..hope things get better for ya soon man!

  9. thank god for dat the cops jus called they arrested two males in the red transit...havto go to the station in the morning n show dem wots mine...sick im loosin the green but atleast im gettin my other tings back..il let yas no more wen i no myself