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  1. Thanks bro, appreciate it! GREAT, PLEASE STAY!!!! Thanks mate, hopefully i will pull up some nice plants! Peace and blessings to you all
  2. Hey man, Thanks for stopping by, even tho there's pretty much no content so far It's nice to hear that the autoflowering plants are doing well, since its my first time growing them. Regular plants doesnt fit my clima very well besides the seeds that have been breeded here for years.... :S So autos are a perfect solution in my case! Will definitely follow your NL autos in action too, cant wait to see them! Peace and blessings
  3. Im living on the 52° latitude and normally the weather is kinda grey and boring- during the summer time, but this year it seems to be much better (so far). Anyway thanks for stopping by Fran.gh. I really appreciate it! Peace and blessings
  4. Hey dust! I just started my Sweet Mango journal after a smaller delay.. Want to participate so i can germinate all my first priority strains up the same time. Count me in buddy
  5. !!!Germination will start as soon as my outdoor strains arrive for the outdoor cup!!! - Hope to see you soon everyone
  6. You too man We're making some nice plays Hahah! Mine is banned on EU Nordic & East, so im on West now... Might change the server to EU Nordic & East soon
  7. Thanks Dust i really appreciate it, lets hope they'll all turn females!!! Its all regular hybrid seeds so my only concern will be if they'll start flowering in the summer period. If they do need precisely 12/12 the weather will be too cold at that time. If we get too close to end of october i will be harvesting mold instead of buds
  8. Hey everyone, I finally made my first journal!!! Currently this journal will be for my Medicine Man, X Man Seeds, Hash Passion x Kush OG, Strawberry Kush and Special X plants... This journal will contain plants im growing to get experience before im starting my "main strains". My "main strains" consist of: Sweet Mango Autoflowering Fem (for the Autoflowering contest) Purple Thyphoon, ICEcream and Bubblelicious x Onyx (danish breeded strains) Therefor will this journal only be updated every 2nd and 3rd week ! Thats all for me right now! Peace
  9. Looks really nice already, and can't wait to see how she will mutate and how much she will give you at harvest! Anyway good luck mate, i bet she will be as nice to you as you're to her
  10. Im in ! Uploading my other journal later today or tomorrow! Peace and blessing !!
  11. I vote for laocoo. Amazing plant! Good luck buddy
  12. I vote on MRE Amazing buds, frost level over 9000 !
  13. The small ones already looks healthy and happy Still some time untill i start my own, but this really gives me tingling in my fingers! Good luck bro, lets hope the Sun God is on our side this year! Peace
  14. Beautiful rapport, pictures and of course plants! I like the graphic and the tables so much! It just shines of the passion you got for this plant. As a new grower I feel inspired and motivated. Can't wait to start and show you guys my own grow this summer!