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  1. Well I over vegged them by a week and this was test run with the new bucket system I was actually gonna put a second net but I was late on everything pretty much this grow haha but I wanna get this grow finished and I will do better my next round now I know exactly how and what I wanna use next round and I will be following a specific nutrient schedule so everything should be smoother next round. Cheers, Thusweedman
  2. Day 10 of flower and they are really putting on the stretch now I'd say they'll stretch a but more and be done Everything looking beautiful in here Cheers, Thusweedman
  3. I use PK 13/14 during flower this isn't my first grow and I'm very aware of what nitrogen and phosphorus do.... go check out my super lemon haze grow
  4. If you go through this thread you will see that I wrote every time i push this Pheno it gets wilty and droops like crazy so ever since then I feed Her now low ec and she grows normal but with red stems when I start feeding more ec I get hooking leaves and the plant starts to look retarded so
  5. Lmao ok dude thanks for the advice but I'm growing out the same Cut in a very very well Balanced soil designed by professionals and have grown many plants to know that it is in fact a pheno thing once again thanks for the advice though much appreciated Cheers, Thusweedman
  6. It's a pheno type thing everytime I grow it out it does that I have some of the same Cut in super soil In another grow looking beautiful also with red stems ...just a pheno type thing.
  7. Hey guys, So the net has been in for about a week now and have been on 12/12 for 3 days now. So we'll call August 31 "day 1" of flower this is a 8-9 week strain. Cheers, Thusweedman
  8. Alright so my baby's have finally reached the size I like and will be putting them in to flower over the course of the next 3 days 2 hours a day until I reach 12/12 I did some research and A couple articles I read said if you do this it can help with stretching and bud tightness ...I also put a trellis net on them to try to even the canopy a bit and will get some pics of it when the lights come on tonight
  9. Hey guys, Got some skywalker clones in my 4 bucket homemade RCDWC system. Finally got them dialed in and growing at the pace I like here's some pics I'm gonna be putting them into flower next week cuz the front plants are Bigger then the back so I wanted to top the front plants to slow there upward growth to give the smaller plant a chance to catch up in height. Bottom pic is the bucket system before I put the plants in. Cheers, Thusweedman
  10. I use a 4 x 4 x 6 tent with 2 189 x2 extreme pros from hydrogrowled know I will tell you these are phenomenal lights but I don't really dig the people who sell them like their customer service is a bit weak and the woman who owns it isn't very nice but that's just my experience...I mean don't get me wrong they are very awesome lights I've grown some of the most killer herb with them and when I did have a problem with the light it did get fixed but like I said wasn't impressed with costumer service and the woman owner is mean lmao....all and all I would say their worth the money.....hope this helps Cheers, Thusweedman
  11. Hey phyziks I had a couple questions for ya I've got 2 phenos of skywalker that I have mothered right now and I'm a dwc guy and I want to get back to soil...are you running soil and if so how do you manage you ph I haven't grown in soil in like 4 Years so I need a couple tips if you are indeed growning in soil... It's just cuz I've been have a hard time getting my plants in soil To grow at a decent pace it's been VERY slow compared to my Previous soil grows thanks again Cheers thusweedman
  12. that's actually a great question...no I don't follow the feeding chart I follow how the plants respond to everything you put in the water dwc its a bit complex if you've never done it before .... to be honest I would run just one strain at a time...get a mother plant going and spend some time messing with just the one in dwc it will help you get a better grasp on how it all works. dwc is awesome but can be VEERY finicky do a lot of research and try messing with one good pheno for awhile and you should be good....and about the feeding with my skywalkers I could only get them up to 0.8 EC in flower anything more and they would get all droopy but if I had a different pheno it may feed harder just depends on the strain/pheno hope this helps cheers, thusweedman
  13. Hey what's up guys I'm back finally I'm just at the end of a skywalker kush grow from Reserva Privada and figured id through it up here for you to check out I'm running hybrid powder feed which is making these nugs crazy frosty lots of turp development I just have the one pic at the moment I'll get more when the light come on tonight
  14. White widow was harvested on Saturday I will get you guys some photo updates on there shortly As I said on my Kalashnikova Journal things are little crazy for me right now sorry again guys
  15. Hey Sorry for the lack of updates but things have changed in my life and I'm not able to be on here as much as I'd like.. Haven't been able to take care of my plants as much as I normally would as you guys know me for The Kalashnikova is still alive but things are a little funky with her because I have not been able to pay attention as much as I should I will get you guys some photo updates in a couple of days things are just a little crazy right now sorry again guys

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