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  1. nice grow goin on.
  2. High together, I want to welcome you to my Autoflowering Grow Journal. After my White Widow (GHSC) harvest and drying procedure I put 3 Kalashnikova Auto seeds to germinate. Today the 3 seeds where put in soil, after germinating them with the Greenhouse method. (soak for 24h, then put on wet toiletpaper for 24h) The top of the pots where covered with plastic foil to create a humid enviroment. (initial root lengths when planted: about 4mm) The first medium I am using for my seeds is a premixed soil mix with perlite and low nutrition made by "ASB GREENWORLD". [N:150-500 mg/L,P2O5: 40-300 mg/L, K2O: 50-400 mg/L] My Kalashnikovas will recieve Greenhouse Powder Feeding when first growing stage is over (i guess in about 3 weeks) Everybody starts their Journals with some nice pics, right now I havent got any but will ad them soon when the babys sprout. All of us just have to be a bit patient untill we can see our babys.
  3. Thanks for the compliment. The other 2 Kalashs are gone, survived outdoor balcony with sometimes cold temps, (no purple - sorry) and finished nicely. only 40cm in hight because of an 1L pots I used to keep em low. I saw the hight problems indoor with bigger pots.
  4. HI together, after curing the buds in the basement the harsh taste isn´t noticable anymore. I have to work 13 days straight, so I won´t be able to have some more of my good tasting auto kalashnikovas. From three Flowerbomb kush outdoor only one made it to go out in the wild. Nature was hard on them this time. really hot temps (killed two seedlings), the one outside first got totally raped by snails and after one and a half weeks it was totally gone, I guess a deer or rabbit got it. so my outdoor season is totally wasted. So I just started 2 futher auto kalshnikovas, so I wont starve in the winter. Thanks for the nice posts and I hope there will be more competitions (with provided seeds) in the future.
  5. Hi greenomatic, nice auto bomb grow. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy my three auto kalashs. Lookin forward to flowering.
  6. And here are the pics after drying the buds.
  7. Hey guys, now its time for a final exam on the three auto Kalashnikovas. The taste is a bit harsh maybee a bit to stong for some moderate smokers,personally I think they need to smooth out a bit more. But the high is really great. Nice Stone, can get couchlocky if smoked to much, but can also be pleasant to just do something. Like a nice walk out or a bike ride. I got about 70g dry bud full of chrystals, (foxtails without trichs where put with trim). A nice yield for three autos. I can recomend this strain for its easyness in growth (if more than my 160cm total hight of the growthcabinett is available because of the strech 2 of my kalashs did) and good performance to medicinal users across the world. Chillin from these Kalashs and I´m lovin it. So here are the pics
  8. Hi guys, I rinsed the plants with pleanty of tap water. let them drain out and rearanged the plants in the growroom. The two high plants are further away from the light, since there is some nive trichome production. These pictures ware taken in day 60 since germination. nowthey are in day 64. they need about one week, so its a good 10 days since the flushing.
  9. I have the air circulation on all "day" and twice 30 minutes during the night. I used soil from a regular hardwarestore with a garden section (similar to the home depot in the us), But there is one thing that I do different, I fill about one quarter of the pots with "Seramis-for room flowers" here a link,, the paticles hold moisture very well, the have a start nutrtion and are designed to deliver a lot of O2 to the roots. And I let the plants dry out well, (till first leafes start hangging down) again for lots of oxigen for the roots.
  10. On the biggest plant there is lots of "Foxtailing" going on. ( picture, IMAG1377), There are budsites everywhere in the growroom and the smell is getting nice, a kind of fruity flower scent.
  11. Hi 2gether, in week 8 since germination, I changed the habbit and waited untill the hps was turned off. They just got fed today, I think it´s the last Feeding ( Greenhouse , for short flowering plants) When they are dryed out fairly well, I will flush them well with tap water. Of course you are going to see nice pictures, when it is time. Here are the promissed night pictures in day 56 since germination:
  12. I had the same problem . Of three auto Kalashnikovas , two of them are the strechy sativa pheno . I even had to supercrop One, to keep some distance zu my tiny 150w hps light. I hope you'll get some awesome stoney buds.
  13. Hey guys, my girls are at day 54 since germination. On the left, back plant, there are a few brown pistills. I could even see some resin on some of the "crystals". All three are making "crystals", the other two havn´t produced any resin yet. Also the back, left plants main cola has lots of "Foxtailing" going on. These pics where just taken:
  14. Oh okay, flush the kalash well, I hope you can save her. Would be bad, if you would miss the heavy stone , they are advertising.
  15. and that stressed your auto kalash so much? what kind of specimen was it?
  16. Since you guys love some BudPorn, here a budpic of the magical White Widow by the GHSC.
  17. Great lookin´Super Silver Haze! Hope she´ll fill up nicely and give some of those special chrystals.

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