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  1. Thx Dessie.coll Well nothing has to be for ever Dont you worry man im not the man to have frown burried un me Cheers my Friends ill be back in Time
  2. Welcom to my final Post. So im done i harvested everything and its Dry and away. I harvested 372g dry Bud which is more than i thought id get in such high Stress Conditions. Material hs a Strong Lemon Small but sadly lacks the Earth undertone a bit, it there but just not enuff, this means i will further improve this Cross. Bud overall looks gret good consistence good smell good Resin nice high, not really usable for sleeping. Rear Pheno took about 10 days more to finish properly. Enjoy the last Pictures cheers my Friends until another Day
  3. Im still not understanding what you are doing Are you advertising your Seeds that you will sell? or are you just showing uss what you got ?
  4. Not really like i stated the whole Forum startded to shift in a direction where i have no intrest in. The absolute baindead dscussion in the other Thread was just the pinch to let the Barrel overflow. Its not about disagreeing with anybody i love discussions over everything and if it involves Growing im even more for it, but this wasnt a discussion about anything it was me repeating the same stuff over and over again with noone even reading and understanding what i said, the other guy has a hate on me since i told him his moldy weed was garbo and he should stop spreading nonsense, so nothing i was wonderin about What really turns me of this Forum is that i dont even have someone to discuss with on stuff i care about as most advanced Growers left and other Breeders just never were active. Yes for you it might is not understandable why i would quit cause of something like this, but you see im sharing all of my information cause i hope it helps some ppl, why would i lie about that stuff? what do i gain from it other than bad Reputation ? If you would have read some of my stuff you would know i am planning to sell my Seeds as soon as Laws will allow me, so why would i destroy my Reputation with silly lieng on stuff i wasnt even asked in the first place? Other than that why should i make my self all that work if pp, think i lie anyways ? it not like i make those Fotos for me lol anyways thx for your words allways nice to hear someone sees the Potential in one of my Genetics. have a nice Evening cheers
  5. As Ppl think im a liar and bullshitter on here i have no Intention to further share my Processes cause they are all a Lie anyways Sadly the Strainhunters Forums has shiffted from good to bad to worse.. Im really sad to see this change from advanced growing forum with friendly ppl to a place with tons of false Information and asshattedness everywhere. I allways hoped to see a dedicated Growing Mod who clears missinfo and gives good advice ( dont get me wrong Dust your an amazing Mod and one of the only reasons i keept my thread going so long, but i dont think one mod can handle such a huge Forum and even less community and grow Mod in 1 ) I wish everyone a great life and loads of Luck. Best Regards Vertox Bye
  6. Like i said i dont even give a single Crp if you believe me or not lol Im on this Forum to share my expirience and Tastst who decides to believe and who not is not my Problem. And yes it was for sure the nutes or the medium as it was the same as on the normal cycle but hey logic doesnt apply in the Internets Sadly the real knowlagelevel in this Forum is getting worse and Worse, all the members who delivered Quality are gone. Jankahar dont worry i still remeber half a Year ago how you told everyone your weed is the best and we all smoke garbage and showed us a Bud with mold on it so you got from absolute Chump to Expert Grower in half a Year ? congrats for that I see my intel is not of any intresst as you make your own Truth. I wish you all best in the Future maybe you learn how to not be a complete asshat somewhen cya Strainhunters
  7. Killing them selfs: Cannot carry theyr own Wheigt and wil split at internodes not growable without massive Support. Lower Resinproduction: Not equal to the Resinproduction from Plants under normal Cycle, not meaning "Bad" Resinproduction. I hope this clears some things up.. And im repeating my self over and over again im not a Fan of 12/12 Growing,tho like i said, i see that it is a suitable Methode for many Growers with limited Spaceand it is suitable for say98% of the Strains commercialy aviable. have a nice evening cheers
  8. Ok What ever man How so ? lol Wild accusations flying again... I never said i have problems growing in 12/12 it doesnt differ at all for the Grower, and like i said you should read before wildly accusate Now im done here it seems fanboying goes over a good discussion and as long as im not wanting to get my self in Jail for the rest of my life you wont belive me anyways So have fun and good luck with all your Grows cheers
  9. Jack Herer is one of the Stronges genetics but ok ^^ Is like noone even reds what i say and just yells around so have a goot time yelling nonsense some more have a nice evening cheers
  10. What is a Butterflyreflector ? Do you mean AAW? If so it depends on which one you have and what you set it up to. A Link to your Reflector would be helpfull cheers
  11. I see there is kind af a fanboying going on for it.. Well like i said there are the results of my Tests. Growingerror ? 1 Strain just completly fucks up under 12/12 and is perfectly fine on the normal cycle and thats a Growers fault ? logic.. jankahar i know you dont like me but why cant you stay polite ? Is there a need to be so asshatted about everything on such a harmonic Place like this Forum?Sure noone ever saw those Grows as they would get me a life in Jail where i live. I would gladly share more. What i mean by going full retard is that it was not usable for any gain. Buds never formed properly and it was a mess of alsmost 3 meter high Plants not holding a single Branch on its own Yielding minimum amounts of bad Quality Weed. Final thing to say is i grew for 12 years now im breeding my own Strains since ca 9 years and im pretty sure my knowlage on Growing is not the Issue, as i said "I personally am not a Fan of it" i never said its not gonna work. Sorry but i cant even find one Growjurnal on the internet about those strains at all let alone 12/12 just cause there are not Genetics you can buy mostly. But if you can i would be glad to see a nice dr.Greenspoon that was grown under 12/12, and thats not even a real sissygenethics cheers
  12. Nice stuff man What kind of Music your producin ? have a nice day cheers
  13. I gurss i was not clear enuff.. Yes it is a difference if you let them get mature or not before going in to this cycle. And yes it will affect your ResinProduction. Im not telling you what i read somewhere i tested this among pretty much everything i could think of that was doable with my recources. This exaact test was made with 100Plants 5Strains 20 each. with a second 100 simultaniously growing on normal Cycle. The Normal Cycle dide need 7-10 Days more than the 12/12 ones one Strain killed it self pretty early in the 12/12 Room whilest it was fine in the normal Cycle. The Plants over alll could hold them selfs at least with a normal Cycle... The 12/12 Teant had way more issues even tho conditions were same for both Rooms, they had BudRot on big buds on low Humidity, same Strain had no Budrot what so ever tho in the norm Cycle room at same Conditions. The WhiteWidow didnt even care for shit tho she went straight in both Rooms no problem only difference was she didnt pack on nearly as much Resin as the one under norm Cycle. that was the Case for pretty much every single Plant. So like i said sure its viable for some People but i would never ever title it as "advanced" or "growtechniwue" at all as it just isnt. This led me to give up on it as it didnt seem any stable or reliable. Im searching for the highest possible Quality and not on Time. Btw Roots are not affected by this as they dont need light to grow and even if you light 12/12 from seed your in Veg until she gets mature so it will develop the same as a norm cycle Plant Cheers
  14. Looking forward to see some of your Work cheers
  15. Not a fan of it.. Dont get me wrong with most Strains it works fine, yet i hold my Hand in to the Fire that ill produce better Yields over all and more Resin if i let the Plant reach maturity before i send her on a 12/12 cycle. In my Eyes its like Dust said if you got a small closet and want to get as many yields as possible not really going for the big yields its a viable option. Tho one day you will encounter a Strain that plain out goes full retard on you with this Tec, and this will be a sissystrain like Dr.Greenthumbs or a Trainwreck even cheers

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