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  1. KILLER ON THE LOOSE!: http://t.co/c5QfM03Jl8 via @YouTube
  2. International- Yeah, I'm starting to get really excited. I started with 6, lost two (they didn't pop at all), so to see these girls get this big- like whoa! I had up four pics. Don;t know what happened to the other two. So here they go... Dust- Thanks man- I'll definitely keep the journal up.
  3. @ International Green- Sorry for the lateness in replying bro-pretty busy week. Hey, I'm a borderless soul too! Yes, I've also noticed that when I use the tea on them, they perk up immediately. I usually give them the tea when I'm putting them to bed for the night. I have two more bags of Bu's Brew, then I'll be mixing up my own concoction. I've been foliar feeding ever since they went into veg, and it seems to be working. I plan to stop foliar feeding once the buds come in. To all: So here's my new set up. Third week of flower. On top I've got 4 Red Suns, and 4 Flora Suns staggered (54 watts x 8=432 watts). In the rear, I've got 4 3000k, and 2 Blue Antics (54 watts x 6=324 watts); and on the side I've got 4 3000k (24 watts x4=96), for a total of 852 watts. I put the Blues back in to keep them bushy and hopefully stunt their growth from this period on. Thanks for viewing! Peace, love, and prosperity to all!
  4. I totally understand now the difference between organic and synthetic grows now. I mean, I knew that synthetic growers use chems and such, but I thought both variations fed the same way. Okay- great information, because I was also spraying the leaves with the Bu's Brew for foliar feedings. When I get the time this week, I'll definitely have to make my way over to Home Depot and pick up the aforementioned items to make my own tea. Gotta run for now, but I really appreciate the information. P, L n L.
  5. Hey bro- I use Bu's Brew, and yes, I did notice that after I used this tea, my girls got bright eyed and bushy tailed right quick! I just put it in a bucket, and stirred it every few hours, and poured it over them at night. The small fish pump is a great idea, although I didn't mind the stirring a bit. The next day they were standing tall! I will look at the link you left me for the other tea. I also use Roots Organic EWCs, FF Organic Fert, and Espoma Bone/Blood Meal and Dolomite Lime. I have some Bio Bizz Root Juice, Fish Mix, and Bloom, but I have yet to use them. It seems like the Bone Meal takes care of the Phosp probs, the Dolomite takes care of the cal/mg def and ph problems, and the FF Fert is enough food for them it appears, for now. Thanks for all of the great tips man. I'll be picking up some bat guano, kelp, and alfalfa meal to make my own tea. So do you feed this tea to them every day, only during waterings, or once a week? I used Bu's Brew twice, but I wasn't sure how long the concoction lasts as it doesn't say, so I used it for a twice over a two week period. It didn't have any smell, so I thought it okay to use. And it didn't harm the plants either. peace, light n prosperity
  6. Hey International Green, thanks for your comments. I've never heard of ACTs (Googled it and got a bunch of non-plant stuff), but yes, FINALLY I heard what they were saying, and fed them the right things. I'm using organic products only. I'll be adding side lighting once my new rig gets here, hopefully next week. That'll give me 732 watts for 4 plants. The LST seems to be working- of course the sativas are stretching faster than the indicas. Thanks for the tip on what week to untie them. Peace, love n prosperity!
  7. Sup bro? Yeah, it can get pretty expensive, especially with the lights. I just ordered 4 red suns and will stagger them and the flora suns on my new 8 bulb rig I have on the way. I will use the old rig for side lighting, and with the sidelights I have now, that will be 732 watts! I'm thinking that might be too hot for only 4 plants, but the lighting is what gives the buds. They are starting to bud, might as well leave some pics since I'm answering now. Health, Wealth, Peace n Properity to all! 1. Lemon Skunk (S/I)- LST, look at all the new bud sites hiding! I'm hoping the rear lights will take care of that. 2. Chill Om (S)- Very Sturdy Mandala plant. 3. Hashbomb (I/S)- small cal/mg phosp- Now thriving and growing strong. 4. Ketema (I)- Landrace-very sturdy-no issues-prefers dry soil.
  8. Hey thanks for popping in Dust! Have a great one!
  9. Hey all- so my girls are in their 2nd week of flowering. Cleaned out the dead leaves from the bottom. The sativas are taking off as they should. Everyone seems happy after they received some phosp, nutes, and dolomite for cal/mg. Lata! Peace, love n light.
  10. Those are my crystals/stones- metaphysical. To keep the plants happy.
  11. Hey wats up Phyziks? They are doing very well thank you, and are in their fourth day of 12/12. I had to end up LSTing them, but they are still reaching for the lights. I was cleaning them up, so here's a pic. ttyl
  12. Hey, I appreciate the insight turksteelman! I have 2 sativa dominant and 2 indica dominant. I'll try and keep em separated like that once they really start blooming. Right now I LST'd them, and found more bud sites under the fan leaves. So now all future bud sites are getting as much light as they can. When I get my new rig, it'll give me 216 more watts, so I think that should be over 600 watts. And I'll be adding 4 redsuns to the mix. If I have to, I'll add a few CFL's. I'll keep em coming. Cheers!
  13. Thanks Phyziks- I gave her 4 tspns of dolomite. Today she appears to be diong better. Peace.
  14. Thanks mopman- I was going by this http://www.growweedeasy.com/marijuana-symptoms-pictures and then a few of them looked the same. Gave her 4 watered down teaspoons of dolomite for the cal mg. Hopefully that will do it.
  15. Thanks Dust! The leaves are still yellow in some spots, mainly on the Lemon Skunk. And now some of the leaves are getting yellow tips on the end of them. Hopefully they will come around. So today I put the girls into flower, it's been 1 month and 1 week since they've been alive. They are under 4 Flora Suns (54x4 watts), 2x 3000k (54x2 watts), and 4x24 watts (side lighting 2 ft 4 bulb unit). Right now that's 420 watts for four plants. I'm waiting for my new rig to come in b/c 2 sockets are blown in the one I have now, which would then increase the wattage to 528 for four plants; but it looks like the 430 watts will be enough for four plants. Am I right or wrong? Thanks in advance! Peace. Love n Light.

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