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  1. There is one topic that will show you 100% if somebody in the biz is working for the heat. Mobile phones are the tool number one for the cops against us. So when a so called weed seller hippie VW Bus driving dealer who is in the biz for long is telling you one thing "you dont have to take the power pack out of your mobile, when it is switched off it is switched off" YOU KNOW 100% HE IS WORKING FOR THE COPS Same goes for visiting weed selling pages without tor or VPN. If somebody is advertising this: police
  2. good to know. here we are happy to have PF now and not getting ripped off
  3. Not many people know JR peters.....I was talking about all those dutch cashcows as H&G, Hesi, canna etc, and even metrop
  4. What I find amazing is, that according to most scientific research PF should not do as well as it actually does. All expensive fert. products I know have much higher P ratios for flowering and more calcium and less N. But the best results and no problems I get with PF ( and I do not get money for writing this)
  5. Yes, that is the White lady - very nice. Is ist GHs WW? And I heard WW will produce a lot of resin when it is kept dark for the last days or even a week. Is that true?
  6. I agree now, after testing with much more expensive products and the same strains: Powdeer feeding gives better buds and more yield than many other brands I know. But: I would not use it from the very beginning or you have to be very careful becaus ethe high amount of magnesium is too much for starting plants. But for later veg and flowerrting it is excellent. That is all I can say because we have tested it really.
  7. I am really sorry to tell that except the real classics like Super Skunk I got 4 disappointment out of 5 strains with sensi. Most circle around the classic trio skunk, haze and NL and when the try something new it is mostly not good at all. Juicy Fruit, marley Colley - really not good, no, bad...... Sorry. Shiva Shanti: absolutely mediocre ditch weed. But their skunk and super skunk are still good...
  8. Yes, they have to because the weed there is more and more controlled by criminal organizations also running hard drugs.
  9. I doubtb that the politics of the NWO Gulag Sweden is based on christian values. The extreme gender madness in Sweden i.e. has nothing to do with christianity, to the contrary. There are other "religious ideologies" involved over there. But otherwise great article, thanks.
  10. Very sad and it sounds familiar. I do not believe the cops themselves are after you because you are way below any radar. Friends here made the experience that some people do not like our attempts to regulate and legalize our plant esp. in connection with GHS. People experienced slander and later being reported many times to the police as fat dealers etc. I can not go into specifics but I am sure you get my point. Stay strong and all the best. firefighter