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  1. yep but how hard ahah. i wish i had another week but i running out of time
  2. well by looking at my fem seed project i have found 2 color of seeds. brown and green. so i guessing the brown seeds are good and green is more of a gamble. what i have read is seeds will keep on darking when the plant is harvest. i was going to cut it to day but i think i give it 2-3 more days.
  3. looks great. cant wait to see your next project.
  4. nice love the final pics hope to see dry weight
  5. hope you didnt upload pics of your goods from your phone each image has gps so it know where it was taken
  6. my flowering plant with seeds is going to be harvested on the week 10 witch is April 8th. this is a week before i fly out and everything should be good to go. i like longer vegi time so i going to move my little girls to bigger pots. and when i get back i might start flowering depending on the size of the plants. i also might do another female run so i will have to set up another isolated box that will do the job. after i collect these seeds i will give them a test and i will to a log of the out come of the fem seed project. only time will tell. but overal it will be a good learning at the end
  7. hope your name is not Seymore. still think its kind of great how they want more room
  8. never saw that before and when i do i wont freak out
  9. I looking at collecting some good stains I like. One i going after is Girl Scout Cookies. It was the winner of best Strains at the cowboy cup "high times doobie Awards" and many others here in the states. I making my list and checking it twice. I looking at getting ak47 autos from 2-4 different banks and i going to make them battle for the best.
  10. well i am using the same female for the seeds. I sprayed 1 branch and let nature take its course. this was the first time trying to make seeds so i did not want to cross breed. It looks like it has worked do to the seeds. i just have to wait for seeds to look ready. the female came from a reg white castle. this plant was a trooper and was beat up a little when my auto water system ran out of water ahah. but it came back strong. it would have made a good mother.
  11. well this is my test run on making fem seeds. i guessing i have maybe 25-100 seeds. but things look good i picked 2 seeds and i am letting them dry to test