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Joker John

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Joker John last won the day on July 6 2015

Joker John had the most liked content!

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  1. Joker John

    IMG 5162

    growing good MR DADDY-O-
  2. <3 now ima have to germ my ex cheese after seeing this beast
  3. thanks bro shes a monster
  4. beautiful work jim , your gifted with the green thumb
  5. thanks bro shes getttttting bigger , just put up some new pictures
  6. how can chat be down for 3 weeks guys!? come on fix it please admins , soon we will lose touch with many hunters..............
  7. yeap i really hope so too , one of the main reasons why i join SH in the first place , come on guys been too long down now getting boring counting down by my self
  8. is chat down for you guys?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. laocoo


      hi john bro.... yes it is!!!

    3. Bocanegra


      laocoo turn it off

    4. Joker John

      Joker John

      hehehe you cheater laocoo!! man guys how we are talking now it has been down 1 week

  9. Off to the slopes for a week see ya on the flip side hunters

    1. Joker John

      Joker John

      hope everyone has a awesome new years

    2. zub0


      Enjoy ur trip bro Happy new year too u too.

  10. Big grow has been busted

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RainDropzZ


      Daaaamn :( im sorry bro :( not nice to hear..

    3. zub0
    4. laocoo


      first rule... if i change home... you need a new lock in the main door too.... dont matter who's the owner of the flat.... you have the right to do that

  11. Joker John

    New piece

    smoking some nice clean, filtered , cooled , weed
  12. three entries!!!! .......... not so hard come on guys get in the xmas spirit i wana see some nice trees great entries so far but we need more "!!!! Good luck all
  13. Joker John

    Diy G R

    hehehe its a bit heavy brooo