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  1. Just started 30+ seeds, some white widow berry bomb, giant berry frosted berry and some mystery seed. Some of these wwbb are f2's and are showing different growth patterns. Pheno hunt f1 seeds were very uniform and flowers were great. I will have a short veg time trying to get them done by the end of march. These first sprouts had a rough start, I had to out of town for a 10 days and they were in a window just surviving. lol Now with proper light and soil making a come back.
  2. Every thing is down and trimmed final # up soon . Really hurt yield with the smaller buckets, that wont happen again. 5 gallon buckets will be tested on next round. First pics are from an experimental bucket of bud , ended up more of a bonsai buds. Quality is really good.[/img][/img] These next plants are a back cross to my White Widow Berry Bomb (f1) with a wwbb x frost Hard to see the quality in the pics, these will be some sweet sweet skunky floral buds that are quite the munchie machine . These flower will make you clean out any leftovers in the fridge. Lol 9 week flowering plant. Started to foxtail so down they come, I hate fox tailing.......[/img][/img][/img] Bud shots, if only I had a better camera.[/img] Seeded, will be interesting to test this smoke.[/img][/img][/img] Seeded buds close to 100 seeds I am guessing.[/img] Wish I had testers. I may try to get some lab results next time I am in Colorado. Hopefully around June.
  3. Did not keep up with the journal as much as I would have liked, but work is all I do lol. Chopped most of the garden, two left and they are close enough but I am trying to wait and its hard lol. pics of the White widow Berry Bomb x Frost. Pollinated 3 buds with and indica dominant wwbbxf and looks like I will get 200+ seed from three small buds Cant wait to grow these out, although I will never be able to use all the seed. lol Many will go into the woods. few pics that just do them justice, very sticky and sweet. Stem turned red where the light was hitting, but still green under the bud. seeded bud. Plant after de fanning Where the yellowing is are the pollinated buds, once the seed matured the buds started to die off.
  4. seed takes 6 weeks +/- to mature. But yes if it was self pollinated then you have feminized seed. You really have to screw the plant up to cause herm, not just a day or 2 or small light leaks. Go out during a full moon and see how how much light the moon puts out with no ill effect on mother nature.
  5. male plant from feminized seed, Maybe ? More likely random pollen got in there
  6. thread kind of fizzled out. I have grown out the f1 cross of ww berry bomb. Great buds and the seed was 75% females. I gifted many seeds with great results in there grows. 1000 plus seeds of f2 wwxbb and 2 other crosses I call frosted berry and giant berry because of the mothers traits. 20 + sprouts going now -- 4 days in Come spring outdoors I will seed the world lol
  7. Take 6-8 weeks for seeds to mature. This is why I pollinate during the second week of true flowering. When the bud is ready seeds are ready
  8. looking healthy. How many seed did you get from the pollination?
  9. White Widow is one of my favorite strains.
  10. No flash Why I cut it early. did not feel like trying to correct issue with nutes and it was done enough. Very sticky plant.
  11. I want some columbian gold seed. Good luck
  12. wow, thats bad luck. What country ? Seems like they were nice to leave your seed behind.
  13. Some people overvalue their seed.
  14. Bought a couple of cfl's to supplement the cloudy ass days we have been having here in Okla. The sprouts are really liking the new light. I may consider building a small grow with these Day 5 pics Rando, I almost killed this on by over watering, then one of rando's second set of leaves fell off But he/she is a fighter lol Berry bomb is leading the pack, but the rest are close. Come on summer......
  15. Ill try to update the rest later. I hate work but have to pay the bills
  16. Ended up with a .25 oz dried on the small auto's and 1.5 oz of Blue Mystic. Pic of Blue mystic bud wet and dry
  17. Looks like Ill have to go for July Mine wont be ready untill the first
  18. I have a general question about marijuana. Does the age of a plant affect the production of essential oils.
  19. I just trashed some berry bomb pollen and it was a super smelling power growing plant with a decent coating of trichomes on male flowers But I did hit my White widow (indica) on 2 branches.
  20. Lollipopping Makes no sense to me? If plants are grown so big the lights dont cover the growth you should lst more or get more lights. There are many professionals and botanist that say cutting healthy leaves will slow growth...... Someone could explain why they think (with evidence) that cutting healthy growth off a plant will increase plant production.
  21. starting to foxtail good or bad.
  22. Be happy you're in the cup. I wish I could have got free seed and grown them like a boss. The cup is a great opportunity and amazing prizes. Maybe they should charge an entry fee next year
  23. I will have to get this strain, really nice look.
  24. looks good but I would not take any more leaves off they are what drives growth. They will die off when they are ready.

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