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  1. You are really think anybody will be buy this shit here?.. here is peoples smoking marijuana I think
  2. THis year give some result also. Tomatoes is not great but fine on taste. This year all tomatoes growed from seed without led light.
  3. soon all peoples in australia will be very healty I guess.
  4. very nice contacts I think/
  5. More photos muscat blau.
  6. Other wine with interesting quality. Today here price is very low 1,6 euro. Wine bit sweet. Cleaning plate after this meat is very easy even with cold clear water.
  7. Now i am like pure orc.
  8. This is some not bad wine from France. I like quality wines from this company but taste some time simply. Now i think it is good wine with pure french soul. Action price here is 2,2euro. This time wine was enough warm.
  9. This is muscat blau german selection i think. All bugs very like this grape.
  10. Other wine. This company made wines with fine quality. But this time here i don't feel very great taste. Maybe wine was cold maybe wine still young. About this chicken wich is growed by modern technology i think it is not friendly to calcium in body and i don't recommend it like regular food. Maybe this talking here don't make big difference but anyway. Price on wine here is 2,2euro. But in other place can be more. Cooking this time almost without me.
  11. Natural wine still good for mind and body but quality of good red wine maybe not here anyway. Other meat from flame i do it maybe one time in year, this time with pepsi like marinade. As one dinner all this anyway is good. This wine can be drinked some quality still here. For better quality i must grade grape after harvest and made some part like rose.
  12. I am now in other place and drinking my own wine from merlot. Here is bad internet. And now only one photo. My own wine now is not very good on taste. But i opened it bit not special and transporting after few days. Now almost no good flavour. Taste is simple with acid but can be. More photo later. Wine i think in this condition just for own using. But can be bit different bottles with merlot in this year also.
  13. Levitation cherry bones in my last cherry-banana broken wine.

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