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  1. so I still alive all my relatives also. just long time don`t feel taste and flavour, but now looks like it is also will be fixed soon. on work of my mother from where we get this covid also many people was sick but no one died, but in some case covid was more hard than here with more high temperature. I don`t know what they do until have covid but this is not my problem. at least no one died. it is maybe 20-30 people.
  2. I don't know many about strains of covid, but i believe most difference create own immune response of body.
  3. it seems sooner or later this problem will affect everyone. At least now I can no worry about this covid in the future. I don't see a big problem with this disease. But somewhere everything can be different
  4. Now looks like no big problems with all this. But tottaly virus gone not in one moment. I think no other news from here about covid in future. About 5-7 days is most hard symptoms in our case after you feel better but not tottaly fine. When my mother got test results she already feels better. Covid started in past friday, to the doctor she went in monday because weekend, on next day she did test on covid and in this friday she got test result. I have 2-3 day later about symtoms of covid but in this moment looks like covid also go away.
  5. Today my mother have positive test on covid. But about other now all looks fine, maybe already all go to the end without any big problems.
  6. I think covid 19 is here now. we still don`t have clear test but all looks like virus already here. Now we don`t eat meat and I hope all will be fine. at least in this moment all looks stabile now about 5-6 days from starting infection. My mother have temperature about 37-38C but some time is much more low. I have about 36,8c wich is bit high for me but nothing so special. I have a mild cough, my mother cough bit more high but nothing so critical in this moment. It looks like if you stay warm the virus does not progress much. Yesterday my mother must to go outside from house for make a test on covid and there was cold and strong wind, after that there was an aggravation, but now everything looks more stable. now my temperature 37,2C.
  7. For some reason in pure cabernet wine from this year very many foam. This wine starting fermentation very slow maybe 3-4 days later than traminer and chaselas wine but after starting fermentation go very active. Foam send all grape skins on top. Water in bottle now looks like this here still not so many pure wine i think.
  8. This is fresh juice from regular merlot. From merlot on andros roots looks almost same maybe bit more light colour, on taste acids is more low sweetness maybe bit more high, but regular merlot is also very sweet 22-25% for sure. And smashing berries from andros roots is much more soft also berries more easily separated from the branches without residues. In This year i added about 10% merlot from andros roots to regular merlot i want see what results will be here. Next big bucket i will fill with mix of all blue grapes which i have now it is merlot, cabernet savingon, cabernet cortis, and merlot from andros roots. I have 5L separate cabernet savingon already now, all other will go in mixed wine. Later i will do wine from savingon blanc. I will keep it 1-2 weeks more if all will be fine.
  9. This second wine for cooking from past year. Bottled only few days ago.
  10. Chaselas white plus traminer rose maybe will be bit wasted. Because some part of chaselas white with very high acids and I can't grade. But now nothing to do with it. Hope about fine results but not best.
  11. THis is late muscat grape for wine, but for eating also not bad with exclusive taste and flavour Some local muscat grape for eating Some local muscat grape for eating Savingon blanc with cabernet cortis Merlot on regular roots Traminner rose now have very good flowers taste and low acids I will be mix with best berries of chasela white Cabernet savingon Barberra today. Will be waiting more
  12. THis season go to end. I already start harvesting but now harvested not all. Weather still fine and Some grapes when is possible will be harvested later. I made some final photos. Cabernet savingon Pinot noir Some local grape for eating Seedless muscat grape for eating with very good taste Chaselas white must harvest it because yellow jackets very like it Merlot on andros roots
  13. Cabernet savingon today
  14. Traminer rose now done for harvesting. Maybe i will harvest it few days later with part of chaselas white. Cabernet savingon and merlot now almost done for harvesting, but better keep it more. In cabernet acids still bit high, and some part of merlot still bit green.
  15. Savingon blanc and cabernet cortis now looks good. But savingon blanc with high acids and on taste like green apple now. Pinot noir on taste like with motor oil now.

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