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  1. ganjalover


    This is how looks my grow box now.
  2. ganjalover


    Still want bit spam here like a wine troll.. Belive this wine has fresh cherry berry soul. but still smooth on a middle level. this wine is pretty anyway as for me. some time possible talk like only wines withhard soul can be like a premium class of the wine. but this soft smooth quality of wine is so annoying me. this quailty is really interesting. of course only if it is really naturally of wine. garantiue very long time long lasting effect after dirinking. i am guys going sleeep and you guys are sorry.
  3. ganjalover


    I opened this wine now and it is feal so smooth on flavour. this is really different quality with wines from shop. feals some woody notes in taste also even if this wine don`t have any concatc with wood before.
  4. ganjalover


    Few more photo until bottle ot opened. Maybe someone still interesting.
  5. ganjalover


    Wines from same bottling in bottle now looks like this/ Merlot has middle potential but not short and it is good, I belive it is some special wine even if it is don`t look feals really special. for me now this wine look absolutely fine and natural.
  6. ganjalover


    Maybe photos of wine is annoying. But this is how looks dry part of this wine.
  7. ganjalover


    This is other bottle of same wine but with regular corc. Feels better for me. but corc can give some unregular taste for upper part of wine in bottle. totally I belive it is interesting quality of wines but of cource not greatest wines ever. winr with cherry berries taste. middle about smooth.
  8. ganjalover


    I opened one bottle of merlot from a past year. And acids bit high. I expect bit better results but with pure natural wine I can`t be sure about anything. Really taste is good and nice smooth flavour is here just from start I can feel some asids. maybe some air got in bottle because wine was not stabile after botteling. Now i feel even some small natural sewi sweetnest. Sorry my cup is dirty bit this time. Anyway I belive this natural quailty not so bad. wine have thin taste like very diluted coffee I can`t say some like it is my big won in winery making, but in real li
  9. ganjalover


    now merlot on andros roots form a past year looks bit broken maybe because no good corks here but some alcohol and coffe taste still here/
  10. ganjalover


    I am still bit cooking here and drinking. This is for example big pieses of porks legs with bones wich I buyed very cheap and cooked with mix of apple cider, some grape and apple juice and bit of second wine from past year grapes. not so bad about taste to savingon blanc wine unfortunaetly this meat give bad long time aftertasting.
  11. ganjalover


    now I thinking about wines wich I pressed from grape skins after draining the main part of the wine and I can say in mostly case this wine is no good for regular storing and drinking. looks like it is better for cooking because amount of acids bit high and wine can give unpleasant precipitate on the bottle and some unpleasant tones in the taste resembling old canned food , but still possible for drinking also aftertasting still smooth. Maybe for evoid negative effect in this part of wine need make botteling more earlier also avoid any sediment in the bottle by double transfusion m
  12. ganjalover


    Traminer + shaselas white also now looks like interesting wine. Taste more like matured lemon with regular wine taste but acid is not too high. after tasting also is interesting and unusual I even cant` describe it maybe some field and tropical notes.
  13. ganjalover


    now i try cabernet savingon it is aslo very very frutty or maybe it is red berries who know,,, taste is also very soft like pure berries. very maturated red currant or so. acid is realy not in like young fruit much more like very maturated and soft on taste more close to old cherry but not same. also looks like even saviongon blanc don`t have fast reaction with oxygen after my long time waiting with botteling. most negative side of this wines now is plastic.