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  1. This is idiot talking... autoflowering plants same hyblid plants like every other, just from north plants with very low thc level because it is not so potent but it is also can be fixed with crosing plants under lamps with high ultraviolet level. so not distrub me more with you talking... ok? now I feel like after opening bag with garbege under pressure just some absolutely stupid things go from it on me... here absolutely different topic not for talking with you about yours opinion about my person... I made mistake I must created different topic for my talking in medicine, but now all this for me is not so important. just go away with you talking and this is it.
  2. looks like some video from there... just saw on youtube, but no so interested about all it.
  3. autoflower

    looks like some spam... about what all this topic?
  4. Too many talking here and as for me about nothing. So as i say before every body have some own choice, and for me no big difference in it who and how will spend their lives. No big sense try talking about it with me. I still have somewhere my own keef from local marijuana and few peaces of good autoflower plants but anyway i not so happy with all it, and maybe all it will go in trash like here was before many times. I don't look here any solutions. And talking with somebody about their lifes and plants for me not interesting. I here not regular member sometime i write here and some time is not. This is privat life and nothing to do with it. Any kind of stupid talking for me is not intending. Some time i see here just some spam bots even from Russia and talking about their problems for me is also not interesting.
  5. For me of course very important your opinion, but i real life you will talk with somebody else about it. Not like me, not like you... some kind of stupid talking... So get lost with you marijuana.
  6. if somebody smart it is good, but I smart only like this... Just maybe I was need other topic for this talking maybe in medicine, but I don`t have many ideas and time for all it. also for me all this is not so important because I already know about it and for me no big sense many talking about it. all this working with pc or smartphone is also does not helpfull in mostly case. but this is real life and nothing to do with it. But some body of course can think and live other way before all is no so bad. I am really not a papi here and not guy who asking for any help with marijuana.
  7. I not your papi, but anyway this opinion is finish of my road. maybe for somebody all this will be helpfull anyway. Bye.
  8. HAppy harvest. Now I am anyway out of smoke... and hope like this will be really long time. Expirience too long, every time harder fix mind porblem with this modern life. But for who all this like a new good luck with it. I belive some guy like a franco even can`t think correctly about this problems fixing... And mariguana anyway all time take something from mind. here is no other deals and no other choise just only forget about it and try fix your mind on good level... because after good smoking years of time can go with a problems, in mostly case you just hate other peoples but in real life can be nothing so special with they, problem only in your brain... when marijuana totally leave your brain you can no think more about problems with it. of course here also problems with smelling can be, but it is only half part of problem. so here all not so simple. running helpful as for me, also for a last time I try not smoke high grade marijuana. and vegitarian food is more good also, but if you still smoking with vegitarian food you can just smoke more long time "without big problems" and after anyway brain will be more broken if you will try meat after even without smoking just on period of reabilitation. anyway for continue normal life all thc from body must gone. and here only is good metabolism in body is helpfull, this is almost sport or phisical working and not fat food, thc is also fat and if you all time add some new fats is body with eating then body does not clean the remnants of refractory fats inside. I am not very like all this but it is all what I know about this problems on this time. without good solutions period of reincarnation just will be more long and hard, and maybe not so complite even after long time. Full control of all bad effects on reicarnation anyway not possible.
  9. I am also now run some time. but with shoes.
  10. Here described theory of stiven hoking in this movie. But his ideas is not absolutely fact, for example idea about vaporating black holes taked from no were, it's just made up by a dreamer. At this time there is no fact that the black holes basically evaporate, they can shine from absorbation other mattery, because peoples stil don`t have any clear signal from middle of our galaxy. As my own opinion with accumulating Black holes mass begin to gradually collide with each other, same as galaxies collide now with massive black holes in the middle of them, despite the big bang that at one time dispersed matter in different directions but galaxys with the growth of black holes still finding ways to colliding, this process will lead to the formation of one over a massive black hole that has every chance of eventually turning into a new big bang, reaching a critical mass no longer able to hold by internal forces a pair of black hole's rotation around its own axis. in this case big bang is not symmetrical in every direction almost like old big bang form our world and space. Maybe in some day talking about black holes in sience will be not actual also, Because there is no holes it is just the last phase of matter transformation in the universe. TAlking about black holes actual for past when was many different ideas about this objects like portals etc. but for now on all of them is actual anyway for clear sience.

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