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  1. Chaselas white plus traminer rose maybe will be bit wasted. Because some part of chaselas white with very high acids and I can't grade. But now nothing to do with it. Hope about fine results but not best.
  2. THis is late muscat grape for wine, but for eating also not bad with exclusive taste and flavour Some local muscat grape for eating Some local muscat grape for eating Savingon blanc with cabernet cortis Merlot on regular roots Traminner rose now have very good flowers taste and low acids I will be mix with best berries of chasela white Cabernet savingon Barberra today. Will be waiting more
  3. THis season go to end. I already start harvesting but now harvested not all. Weather still fine and Some grapes when is possible will be harvested later. I made some final photos. Cabernet savingon Pinot noir Some local grape for eating Seedless muscat grape for eating with very good taste Chaselas white must harvest it because yellow jackets very like it Merlot on andros roots
  4. Cabernet savingon today
  5. Traminer rose now done for harvesting. Maybe i will harvest it few days later with part of chaselas white. Cabernet savingon and merlot now almost done for harvesting, but better keep it more. In cabernet acids still bit high, and some part of merlot still bit green.
  6. Savingon blanc and cabernet cortis now looks good. But savingon blanc with high acids and on taste like green apple now. Pinot noir on taste like with motor oil now.
  7. Now this bug with yellow jackets try eating my chaselas grape
  8. Some other grape for wine with good flavour. I want keep it to freezing on bushes. Here all time problem with high acids maybe i can fix it bit this way. Now i don't know sure sure how many time need for this. Maybe 1 day, maybe 3 month now weather is unclear.
  9. Barbera now looks better. But brestovica was tottaly eated by yellow jackets. Brestovica good on taste for me also. Most done for harvesting in this year at this moment. Merlot and cabernet still green by taste l, cabernet even more green and i will wait few weeks more before harvesting of course if weather will be not tottaly bad or at least without freezing.
  10. .
  11. Brestovica now outside looks very good. But inside is bit green. Tottaly not bad but not great also. Yellow jackets also want eat this grape now. This year many of white grapes not very good about maturation. Random Cabernet berry on taste more green than merlot anyway. I want wait with harvesting grapes on wine few weeks more.
  12. Cabernet cortis, cabernet savingon, merlot wine from past year have intense flavour of currant jam, taste nice also like semi sweet bit. Colour don't looking intense but tottaly quality of wine is good as for me.
  13. Cabernet this year looks good and maturated enough fast. same as merlot maybe tramminer rose Brestovica, very delicate muscat now almost done for eating. One of the best strains about all haracteristics for my now. barberra looks like don`t have any future in my garden, but I will try get few harvest more merlot regular Merlot regular Pinot noir done for harvest 26 -28.08, now taste is very simple Savingon blanc Merlot on andros roots, looks like this roots is very unstabile, maybe good result can give only one time in 2 years or even more less now I don`t know for sure. photos from yesterday

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