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  1. You can place plastic or metal indoor and outdoor with different temperature and humidity and difference will be very big.
  2. Here now on tv show some new drugs with mefenamic acid from temperature but I belive it is also is not possible for using same like paracetamol and other.
  3. I know about vegetarian diet long time. But when I last started eating grass, I got a lot of farting from it.
  4. I try don`t avoid a sun
  5. I belive in case of this virus most helpfull is Vitamin C, possible get it from fresh lemon with warm tea for example.
  6. If temperature of body 37,5-38,5 C like with covid 19 it is not fever, of course maybe you will not very fresh in this case but here is no big problem in this temperature diapasone for using paracetamol. with some types of flu temperature of body can go more than +39C and in this case maybe possible to use something from fever but even such decisions are controversial and there is nothing to advise for sure about it. of corse everybody can look any solutions for himself but for me actual only my opinion in this case, this new types of sick better don`t try cure with regular pills. warm and vitamins here is most helpfull exactly from hard pneumonia and other deadly effects of this virus.
  7. For me hard explain all on english but I can say high temperature of body it is reaction imunitet of body on virus. imunitet of body raises temperature to destroy the virus in the the body. When you artificially stop this reaction with paracetamol, the virus does not disappear, virus just goes into other more complicated forms and in case covid 19 is deadly. You cannot track the progression of the virus in the body after lowering body temperature by artificial means such as paracetamol. The temperature goes down, but what happens to the virus at this time cannot be tracked. This is the problem of prescribing paracetamol, which is still ignored in hospitals. about ibuprofen I have heard this news also, but I do not know for what this agent here is because it has an analgesic effect. Crown virus does not cause pain. also ibuprofen have same low temperature affect like paracetamol. maybe in some case ibuprofen possible to use with pneumonia but I think this drug anyway don`t have any dirrect effect on virus. in this case all this drungs just some like in one song: all dem want you do is take pill, pill, pill... then pocket just fill, fill, fill...
  8. If somebody sick don't use drugs from high temperature of body like paracetamol. I think it is way to death.
  9. Of course, few generations of breeding or growing under hps lamps and any names will be have not a big sense. But this is my opinion and of course somebody can thinking something else. All this breeding working not very simple. Something here is working and something is not. For example pure f1 hybrid is not always possible from two f1 or f2 plants... But as always all breeders hope for something best. For me all this plants not so important for a long discussion about it. But if somebody know more always possible write about it. Now even more strong genetic not always better for brain. So even if some body write about middle class of strongest maybe no need worry about it very hard. Last time i was smoke resin from ruderalis and now i smoke nothing...
  10. Maybe in some day you will try it and describe your opinion. But for me middle class it is middle class. Top class as my opinion some like train wreck, og kush etc...
  11. Looks like a middle class of marijuana strongest. But anyway must be not bad with good sativa side.
  12. I think marijuana not bad not good from covid 19. Here is small chance of dryness in nose and mouth of marijuana smokes it is can bit help to avoid infection but in other I belive here is no any special effects. it is not bad for using marijuana before to be infected, but after infection it does not make sense to use it and it is not comfortable at elevated body temperature. also there is little chance that, with the development of pneumonia, marijuana may slow down this process and reduce quantity of dangerous secretions in the lungs, but this is only theoretical. for example alcohol for sure does not helpfull from pneumonia maybe can be only worse. But against the virus itself, alcohol can have some small direct effectiveness. so marijuana can be here as a first and last chance medicine here. but for people who just have this diagnosis but have no serious consequences it is better to avoid marijuana.
  13. In bottles color look very deep and nice. Maybe on photo it is not so visible but anyway.
  14. Finally i bottled one of this big tank. And this is what i have from it. Alcohol 13-14% and it is good. Wine have smooth smell and color with brown notes.

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