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  1. With big capacitor from + to - and resistance on exit show like this but regular voltmeter show 46 volts anyway in this case. also I can get small flame with induction coil and capasitor this way. and this small flame maybe even more strong I think with capasitor. maybe in some day in future I will test capasior this way on welding. With new transformer vpp on oscilloscope look more correct. Maybe bit better now placed both secondary coils and size more similar. Also I think on coil here not pure copper here some like brass.
  2. Also I can write how many money I spended on all this. Of cource I spend more this time because not all time here all was correct. Also I buy some osciloscope. But I will write price only for correct updates to this weldiing machine and without induction coil because it is can be different. i will write in uah. 1 euro it is 26,23 uah now. Weilding machine 1200 uah. Capacitors 470mkf 450V 2 pc – 210 uah( but i buyed in bit wrong place and it was 260uah as I remember) Termistors 120d-15 2pc – 12 uah. but can be placed only 1 pc maybe. Diodes 80ebu 2 pc –150 uah. and some small parts to this on 10 uah(resistor 22om 5w and capacitor 221). CApacitors 4,7mkf 400V 4 pc – 60 uah. and for transformer Termal tape – 85 uah Copper 4mm2 2 metr 30 uah Copper 10mm2 2 metr 50 uah. Also I replace here resistor of power regulation it is 10 uah and some small parts on 5 uah. Because it is not working from factory. In good day all this updating here cost about 1820 uah, But I spend more because I did all it first time and only by myself almost. Also I have some induction coils now to this welding machine. and some other part for replacing like additional transistors. Also I buyed some AC voltmeter on 50 uah. AS now for working it is not so important but sometime can be helpfully. Also I can see how many volt dropping in neiborhoods houses from my working. For example from 204 to 185V it is visible on regular lamps. But not very critical. Anyway now all this bit powerfull and take not small power from power network even without regulation maximum power limit in welding machine. From factory all this worked very different.I dont expact results like but good if it is posiible. not every welding machine can work same way like this after updating.
  3. I made some test with new tranformer THis is clear This is with resistance I try check voltage droping regular way and no big difference 62 and 43 volts also as before. but resistance is low for good test. this is with coil
  4. Now here all done and i think working. Tests on welding i will do later.
  5. This time i made like this. Maybe will be bit more cool air inside. And power must be almost same. And decided remade it one more time. this is the same copper that was wound before. And from factory here was aluminium. this is create very big difference.
  6. I don`t know from were so big difference and what way really is better. but now will be like this. maybe I strech this wires.
  7. I remade it one more time but difference is anyway big. Crazy stuff.
  8. I made primary coil with new tape and here is a big difference. Maybe i will remade it one more time for avoid cutting. here more Cu anyway better I think. trasformer can work even without ring inside but with very low power.
  9. I buyed some high temperature tape for transformer. and did some test with old paper tape and this new anyway show more good results. maybe I will remade primary coil with this new tape also. paper tape show not bad resuls but it is not isolation on high power anymore.
  10. I have now five posibility for extraction transfomer from board. Coils looks fine but on some place on secondary coils I found a problems. I will remade it. but primary coil I think I will keep on same place. Also some old woman reading book with smartphone.
  11. Today i burned my coils on hard test with sticking of welding electrode. Also i think i burned coils on transformer same way. Welding machine still working but on last tests without induction coil i saw overload indicator. I think now somewhere is small distance between primary and secondary coils in trasformer. I used only 70 amper of power and more less on this tests. now I know all this tests was bit stupid because it is no need in working, just burned coils from this. and maybe I need new transfomer in welding machine. outside it is still looks fine but inside I saw reducing distance between coils in transformer. now I don`t want replace it one more time, but maybe no other choise in this case, because I can`t test of fix it in other way. Previous problem with electricity in house was not so serious I just forgot about old protector from short circuit on the network. for last test I made socket bypassing old procetcor. but anyway all wires was very warm after these tests. and other new protector on 16A also turned off on this tests. on this welding voltage in the network dropped from 204v to 185 volts.
  12. I listening different music because same music is not interesting on all time as for me. Epic music sounds good as for me, but of cource I don`t have posibility to hear only this music.
  13. this is hand made axe? I try don`t spent too many time near pc I think it is does not helpfull. Also I try don`t sit in mostly case because it is also does not helpfully. but some time anyway interesting read some peoples from other parts of the world. who and how living, who and how thinkig etc. I not so interesting mariguana now but my opinion is not most impostant in this case. Just for myself I try look some other interesting things. but some smoking is anyway here.

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