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  1. Ahoya I have had some log in issues yet again, and I'm not sure how to sort it out. But I do have 2 pics for you just to show a bit of what's happening. After the hectic heatwave a while back she took serious damage and I almost lost her. She spent 2 weeks indoors under CFL's and I did not have hope for her, but she has pulled through nicely and I can see some new healthy growth. I guess her harvest date is also now completely messed up and I will have to rely on my eyes and the jewelers loup. I will get better pics up soon cause she isn't looking to hot. I did loose quite a few branches and buds due to accident but im still hopeful on a good harvest. Her buds is starting to get firmer and a smell of heaven is starting to come through. About that log in issues, I will address it and contact a moderator about it. Just need to get a screen shot of the error message first Love and Light Pete
  2. Thanx Dust I will check it out. I would love to go the no alcohol way seeing that I don't drink and don't really like alcohol. You know , Keeping It Rasta Love and Light Pete
  3. Dust, I will keep you all updated. I already have my tester plant ready and I'm just waiting till next week and then I'll start my feeding test. Fran.gh, I did not think about that at all. Now I'm a bit pissed at myself. But I guess that's how you learn. And what is sweet water ??? Love and Light Pete
  4. Ahoya Today marks 5 weeks of flowering. The buds has changed slightly and as you can see the leaves has changed as well. They are going more yellow and I guess that's fine ??? Things is a bit windy here by us and the stem at soil level started to tear due to all the wind. I'm gonna have my hands full with this one I think. If the wind keeps up I will have to move her under the 250W. I'm just scared that one day I'll get home and part of the plant is ripped off. That will be disasterous. Apart from that, do youbthink the haze is still on good track ??? Love and Light Pete
  5. Ahoya Is there a certain time when we can apply ??? I don't want any beans now, still showing what I can bring to the table. But once my table is full I would love to be on that list. Love and Light Pete
  6. Stop doubting yourself

  7. Ahoya I hope I'm posting in the right section. Someone came to me and said that their husband has heart problems and they read that using cannabis tinctures will help. I truly do believe in the power of this plant, but what I don't know is whether a tincture will help. I am in the dark about this and would love if anyone could perhaps point me in a direction on how to make it. Alcohol is the preference cause a few drops is easy to put in a juice. I'm not really sure what questions I have to ask you all regarding this, donlike I said any information will be appreciated. I really want to help this lady out. Love and Light Pete
  8. Ahoya all Here in Cape Town I am very blessed with lots of Kelp laying around on the beaches. Unfortunately getting it is almost like growing ganja. Its not illegal , but you do need a permit to collect. I find this utterly unfair seeing that when you take a drive along our coastline the kelp is layning EVERYWHERE !!! We once got pulled over by the police and they were quite upset with us and we got away with a warning. We thought we were being pulled over due to the joint we were smoking LoL. But that did not stop us from collecting more at a different location. So after chopping it up and adding it to a compost heap ( great activator ) I decided to take a bag and fill it with leftover pieces. I filled a 25L bucket with water and added the bag of kelp. Its been a week now and things are looking good. I stir the water every other day and the color is turning slowly to a darker brown/orange. I will be keeping it this way for at least another 3 weeks and then I will be testing it. The tester plant will be bagseed Swazi cause I don't feel like losing mybother ladies due to a fuck up. If anyone has any tips or advice it will be appreciated. I'm just following advice from the web and common sense. I haven't added airration to the setup cause I only have 1 and its being used in my diy bubbler setup. So yeah that's my little experiment that I'm working in for free fertilizer. Next up I'm doing a compost tea. Got some crazy good Organic compost and I read a great article on High Times about compost teas . The reason I'm trying this is because I am tired of paying for something that I can make myself. Love and Light Pete
  9. Please post pics brother. I'm doing a Arjsn Haze #1 as well and would love to see her Love and Light Pete
  10. Ahoya and good morning to all Dust, as requested I have taken some extra pics just now. I have cleaned her up quite a bit for 2 reasons. 1- To send all energy to the tops 2- I have / had some pest problems I might have done the training in wrong way because its a small amount of branches for all those tops. If it becomes a problem later , weight wise, then I will get some dowles and tie her up. I would have loved to let her just grow tall but unfortunately the neighbours will share their find with the police. If my cuttings take then I want to scrog her next season. Yesterday was quite a hot day and when I got home she was droopy. I have also started with molasses feeding with every other feeding. Love and Light Pete
  11. Ahoya Damn dude, they are looking super. I still have to grow cheese one day. Nice and healthy indeed Love and Light Pete
  12. Hey Dust I will take some pics tomorrow. The ones I have is a tad bit to large for uploading. Love and Light Pete
  13. Luckily I am a patient person. LoL, but also can't wait to puff her. Waiting the 11 weeks ain't a problem, it's when she is finished and trimmed that I have to get control over. What taste/flavours does she bring to the table ??? Love and Light Pete
  14. Ahoya Fran.GH. I'm doing good thanx for asking. I will be better in 7 weeks when I harvest her. I will give the 2 days darkness before flowering a go with the next run. I have placed cuttings in water for fun and 2 has already pushed out roots. I did not expect this so that's a big bonus for me. At what stage does the AH#1 start developing crystals ??? Not that I'm worried or anything, its probably just the fact that I have been growing Indica's for so long And your help is appreciated brother. Thank You Love and Light Pete
  15. By the looks of things, I might start flowering her in about 2 - 3 weeks. I am really excited about this grow or maybe its the fact that I am out of weed. LoL Love and Light Pete

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