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  1. Spot on dust! I cant wait to see how the buds develop so i can recognize it as something, there doing orite under a 400w, the true leaves are out but are really short and fat i thought they would be long and thin but it might be cos i put em straight under a hps bulb. Ive rubbed the leaves to see if there is a sent ant it is a really sweet smell not like the chemdog i grew wich was really deep weed smell, ill get a pic up later they sleeping at mo. Peace out mutha funkers!
  2. The pic
  3. Can anyone tell me why my pics arent posting on the forum iim attaching it to a reply and it aint putting on the conversation ...... HOLA BACK ASAP! Peace
  4. All five have opened up there cotyledons now but the other four are taking a bit to get going i should of soaked them a bit more to be fair, theres a strong purple tint to this one in the pic, the others are similer but not as vivid. Let us know what ya think. Peace
  5. "WE HAVE LIGHT!!! " well you'll be pleased to know 5 of the nine have emerged from a soily slumber and are reaching for the stars! Its a great day for maruajana lovers, five more herbal superstars are alive and will be blessing the lungs of many ganj guru's in no time. My old man got the seeds in december but dont know how or when it was grown, with them not being feminized im hoping there are females present as these nine are the last of the origonal seeds he brought back. There not doing to bad at mo, seed caps are still holding on but im guna let it work its way off, i would of put a pic up but to be honest its not that exciting at the minute. I havent decided on a gowing technique for this grow yet, ive scrogged in the past with great results and ive topped everytime but im thinking about leaving these to grow without topping and removing lower branches early on then bending each plant over from the corner of the grow room into the middle as to keep the long main colas low and just try and pack as much as i can onto one fat cola. My grow room is only 120x80x180 hence why im thinking of negotiating these plants to fit as snug as possible. When my old man grew these seeds it grew much like the breath-taking Hawian snow but i only seen it in its final stages of growth and this was outdoor, well in a conservatory but still under raw sunlight , im only using a 400watter but might put anonther over later on in the growth when bud formation is of substantial mass, anywayz ill get some pics up when its true leaves are out ..... Shudnt be to long now
  6. Nice one man apriciate the comms, ive got em in jiffy plugs at mo in propagator i checked this morn and three have split so will probs have em under light by tomoz, im guna put em staight under 12/12 i think then choose the best 4 to put in 15l pots. Soon as they sprout ill get some pics up and keep ya updated you might recognize what it is when its buds start to form. It was my old man that brought em back, this was couple of year ago and he grew em in his conservatory, it had obvious sativa charactoristics (tall, long thin leaves, whispy buds) it grew in excess of 2.5m and had a long bloom time, it had a stong lemony smell to it but tasted more like pepermint offering a real uplifting high. Im used to growing indicas, chemdog is a fav of mine, the sound of a short flowering period and a serious body stoned is music to my ears. This will be the first time ive grown a sativa its just a shame its an unkown strain but it should be interesting to see how it grows im just slighty worried about the bloom time, sativas are notorius for there lenghty flower period.
  7. Need some feedback people ive im in two minds about some seeds ive managed to get hold of, basiclly someone went to jamaica (lucky bastard) and brought back some seeds, i dont know what the hell the strain is..... But im guna grow it anyway. Ive got nine germinating now and im thinking about banging em staight under 12/12, has anyone grown any stains straight from jamaica ? If so id luv to hear how it went i could do with a heads up before i get theses babies blooming. Peace out home dogs !
  8. Everything delivered fine, received kilo of nutes, 10 kalashnikova auto( which I'm really pleased about ), grinder, poster and neck band. Thanks a lot to the GHSC for sending them can't wait to grow em will start the journal as soon as possible, much love! PEACE
  9. Just wondered if using an aquarium heater in the nute tank will affect the solution and what is a good temperature to keep the water? Look forward to people's replies. Peace
  10. I would like in on this amazing comp wow what an amazing thing to do thanks everyone
  11. Yer me too lol
  12. Cheers for the warm welcome, yal Have to let me know how them super lemon haze get on man it's a fav of mine might have to grow it myself Peace
  13. It's changes every time for me too but to be honest I just can't stay away from the Hash, man that stuff is gud !
  14. They sound ace man bet they will grow big
  15. Nice grow man keep it comin

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