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  1. Yes i read francos article and it only said coco we be the same or similar to hydroponics, i prefer to use a combo of chemicle fertilizers and organic. Though maybe organic nute wouldnt affedt what ph you need because many hydroponic nute have organic ingrediants and organic additives unless its natural and not organic like humboldst line, there dirived from organic materials but chelated to make nutrients more redilly availble to plants but still able to easily support micro life. it could possibly be mainly to with the medium though, when u amend it the ph will lower even after you stabilize were as when you use teas and liquid organics your brew it for a while letting the organisms to break things down and then stabilize before you feed the plants and it wont change as much. the slightly higher ph with soil recomended by franco could be just to compensate for changes in a freshly amendment soil though that doesnt ssound right. could be cuz of the way ph efects effects the way microbial life can work. idunno lol its not even a big deal all i have to do is experiment between the two. But things bug me id much rather know how things work rather then "what" works
  2. I have seen many different responses to questions on ph of coco some say u treat it like hydroponic and some say to treat it like soil. From what i know its closer to hydro. but what if there is amendments? after all alot of potting soil is just coco with some amendments, some are peat based and some a both none of them are actually soil. or things like bat guano, teas, greensand, gypsum/lime, epsom salts, humus, kelp, sea based products, fish emulsion, or just organic liquid nutrients, Are these things going to affect the ideal ph?. Does the medium have to be completely inert to be treated as hydroponic or are there some exceptions but not all? if the medium has to be inert then would things like teas change that. OR can only specifically hydroponic nutes be used to be treated as hydroponic? I under stand that there is not one ideal PH IN veg you want a lower ph then in flowering and with longer flowering plants the PH will be even higher before harvest I understand PH for hydroponic and soil but i think alot of the people giving PH info don't really under stand that pottng soils are actually a soilless mix and some completely coco based. possibly things like compost could define a soil because there is general alot of bugs and organisms in compost as well as humus. IF anyone Has any input id greatly appreciate it, basically what i really neeed to understand is what draws the line between soil and hydro is it just the introduction organic amendments?
  3. I am new to forums infact this is the only forum that i could even participate in. 420magazine wont let me post or ask anything. How the hell are newbs gunna learn if they have to interpret what the find on there own. Its alot better to ask someone specifically what your stumped on rather than looking at other peoples questions and finding 12 different answers

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