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Everything posted by SangStorm

  1. I have started growing vhemdog, I am very excited now that i have seen your pics . I have a question do you remember how tall they where at 4 weeks? or have a picture? I am a little worried about hight, but if i can see the before and after . Im thinking i can get a ruff estimate for when i would like to start flower? thanks
  2. SangStorm


    My First Grow and Journal
  3. SangStorm


    From the album: ChemDog

  4. SangStorm


    From the album: ChemDog

  5. SangStorm

    nl5 mist haze

    From the album: ChemDog

  6. SangStorm


    From the album: ChemDog

  7. SangStorm

    one week

    From the album: ChemDog

  8. SangStorm


    fun watching these guys grow, they are a very beatiful plant (weed)
  9. just grew sideways cut away some netting , just made its own choice lol. it is fine now
  10. SangStorm


    From the album: ChemDog

  11. SangStorm

    The Biggest

    From the album: ChemDog

    not sure if the other 2 well sprout, and i have know idea about the one with the root coming out??
  12. From the album: ChemDog

    3 out of 5 so far
  13. SangStorm

    March 26

    From the album: ChemDog

    This is their new home for now, lets see how they look in a while, (this is only 24 hrs). Well post updates and info. To share this is my first grow after many nights of reading and research , I have started. I would like to hear any feed back or questions. Thanks a Head enjoy the pics!!!
  14. SangStorm


    From the album: ChemDog

  15. SangStorm

    March 25, ChemDog

    From the album: ChemDog

    This is what my chemdog seeds looked like after 26 hrs in paper towel and plate method. Looking really healthy!!