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  1. Thanks man, Appreciate it.
  2. Jimmy, I remember reading about your issue with the police and I have been curious to find out what happened, It feels good to hear that you haven´t heard anything more from those bastards! Yea Sweden sucks bro, It´s good in some ways but the narcotic laws are ridiculous and in-humane.. I seriously consider moving from this shithole after this incident, Anybody in Amsterdam or Barcelona looking for loyal staff let me know ? Jimmy, Best of luck to you and your family! Peace dude!
  3. Mr Dust, First of all I gotta to say that I really appreciate your positive vibes here on the forum, I´ve been hanging around here for about a year and I´ve learned a lot from all the grow journals and your pedagogic answer in some threads. Big up yourself Dust, Would be a pleasure to share a spliff with you sometime in the future. These plants was actually grown 12/12 from beans the "Dust-Method" and with powder feeding hybrid and fast flowering Today i´ve been meeting up with some friends that been in similar situations and from what they said i think i will duck the police.. I wont get a milder sentence if I show up for a hearing, If I show up I know for sure they will force me to leave a urine test and then I will lose my driving license (And work), The hard thing is that i got´s to duck the police for 2 years before they drop the case but it´s worth a try. Yup the laws here are ridiculous, The only cases the police can solve is cannabis related,Put those resourses on murders and rapists instead.. FTP !
  4. Hi Tokage, I live in Sweden, The narcotic laws here are really messed up so thats why I worry.. In my country it´s even a crime to have drugs in your system and they will do anything they can to make your life a living hell, They usually take your drivers license if you have any kind of drug in your system.. I want to thank you for sending some positive vibes along my way, I know a lot of you guys probably already went trough the same shit. I guess I´ll have to wait this one out and see how the story unfolds, Talked to a lawyer earlier today and he gave me some advice so we´ll see what will happen.. Have a nice weekend guys! Bless !!
  5. Hi fellow stoners/patients, I´m 35 and have been medicating with herb since I was 17, As a kid I had child epilepsi and got some drugs from the doctors which fucked me up totally, I have zero memories from that time of my life because of those medications. Since I was 11 years old I have had I have about 2/3 migraine attacks a week and have been trying a bunch different pharmaceuticals which led to stomach bleeding. I also have Panic attacks and Anxiety problems and have been eating "happy pills" for the past 8 years, Yea I got some issues.. The thing that works best for my migraine is weed so a couple of months ago I decided to grow my own, I smoke pretty much so it gets so damn expensive to buy from street dealers, Plus you never know what you get. I harvested 9 beautiful plants 2 days ago (5 Blueberry headband, 4 Venus flytrap skunk) and had hanged them in cardboard boxes for drying in my closet where i grew them, I had 2 fans with carbon filters ,1 in the grow room & 1 outside the room so I thought I was safe with the smell but apparently not.. When I got home from work yesterday I was in for a surprise, I opened the door to the stairway and the smell of weed was really intense so I knew something was wrong, I rushed up the stairs and saw a piece of paper on my door that said "We have changed your locks, Look in your postbox for further info".. At that point I realized I was fucked, I checked the box and found a note that said "We have made a search warrant after suspition of narcotic crime and you will get called for a hearing". BOOM! This is the first time I got busted so I feel pretty traumatized about the whole situation, Thoughts are racing, How did this happened? Did the neighbors smell it and called the pigs or is it the seeds i have ordered online.. Will they weigh the plants now when they´re still wet, Will they try to charge me for distribution etc etc. I had about 100 grams of dried Super skunk and i guess the dry weight will be around 200 on the 9 plants.. Wonder what will happen know..
  6. That show was a joke, It felt like watching a modern version of "Reefer madness" , I got so frustrated I had to switch channel..
  7. Sweden´s war on drugs will continue, Believe me. Wish I could be more optimistic like you Sir but honestly I think they will continue to hunt the tokers and make our life´s a living hell. Hell will freeze before Sweden legalize or decriminalize.
  8. Nice grow man ! Good luck with the rest of the process, Looks like it will turn out really nice. Peace
  9. Great job bro! A bit jealous I must say.. haha
  10. Awesome, Just awesome!!!
  11. Dude!! That hashish looks so good, Wish i could have a taste.
  12. Awesome buds man, I can almost smell them from here.. I have a couple GHS BK growing atm myself and today it´s day 35 in 12-12 and the top colas are starting to put on some weight, Thank you GHS & Powder feed!! Enjoy those beautiful nugs buddy! Peace!
  13. Looks delicious!

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