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  1. What happened here lad? Looks unusual.
  2. http://youtu.be/AvvRquummwg Enjoy folks.
  3. wow....thats alot of tosh balls lad.... I went to Tosh when I was over in October and scored some of these too. They were from a year or 2 before and tasted fuckin awesome. some of the finest charas I found on the whole trip. You ever use this service?
  4. Hey Killer Toke...these pics are from 2011 I think but I was also just over for the last harvest season in September and October. Great place to explore and enjoy. There's more pics on my homepage too if ya wanna have a peek. Cheers.
  5. Always on the hunt for quality. Here's a few more pics from the adventure. Hope you enjoy lads..... Here's a picture of some tasty cream. This was priced around the euro a gram mark but that's before haggling and a bit of bargaining. Below is a piece of cream I made myself above 3000 meters. This weighed about 1-2 grams and took me over an hour to rub. Got resin all over my camera on this trip....never interrupt the rubbing process to take photos...lesson learned. Took 30 mins to clean my camera off.
  6. Video of Bobby making the super cream. http://youtu.be/4_1IR9acm0w
  7. Here's a small piece of super cream we had the pleasure of smoking up in the fields. This piece was just sticky as fuck and a nightmare to handle. The hit of it was almost psychedelic. Powerful stuff. Have a video of it being made and will post that next.
  8. Our mate Bobby who showed us how to make cream and super cream. This guy was like a mountain goat leaping and dancing up the slopes.
  9. Some local cream and jungli pieces about to get the testdrive. Variety is the spice of life....
  10. First sight of the cultivated cannabis fields....