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  1. WDjinn


    amazing photo
  2. amazing...nice pics took all my questions away
  3. WDjinn


    your pictures have shown me more than most of the ebooks ive been reading on these process's thanks so much you have taken away my questions
  4. Has anyone tried this type of grow...stocked fish in tank...draw tube from tank to grow medium pumped until fill...medium has overflow drip thru sea shells to normalize the ph of the water..then back into the water tank..this might eliminate the use of fertilizer...i know they are using this method to grow food in peoples basements and backyards..but anyone tried growing cannabis like this?
  5. WDjinn


    sadly..they were assorted ak47 and some bubba kush a bud had he gave me a couple hands full..so i cant really complain but..heh still hoping to get something viable..far as i remember the strains were good.
  6. WDjinn


    nice set up
  7. WDjinn


    madening tho
  8. WDjinn


    yep had the same on 2 of my pics..not sure u can spot them in that one..but yep he's dead..RIP b@@#@ male seed.. now he was part of 6 that lived long enough to prove boys..and 3 before him sadly the dog ate before i could stop her..so this is try #3 just to get started..hoping on the next round..*still a nub * not in it for cash just the love of weed..and the hate of dealers and not being able to control what is avail for sessions. nice looking plant tho..hope ur nexties r girls
  9. WDjinn


    i had this sad moment a few weeks back as well