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  1. and make sure they weren't taken with a device that has GPS capabilities, like I phone etc as the pictures give a gps location of where the picture was taken, if you are worries about this follow this link........http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/topic/2184-easy-guide-to-midgetresize-your-photos/
  2. I'm using one that is similar to superthrive but is all organic, Australian made product called GO-GO juice, it's a pro-biotic ( live beneficial bacteria ) for the soil, works wonders,
  3. thanks mate, I ferment them for 48 hours, just mash the leaves as much as you can and then let sit in a bucket of water with the lid on, smells very much like fresh plant material for the first couple of hours but by the next day it is a little ripe, havn't really noticed the smell after feeding, which I was dreading. Can add a little apple cider vinegar to help with the fermentation too.
  4. lookin good bro, good call with the left over leaf matter, another thing to do is ferment them and use as a foliar spray back on the ladies, similar to the sprout spray that I did on mine,
  5. sorry for the delay guys, lost the cord for my camera to download pictures, all good now though, week 4 of bloom.
  6. I have just fixed PH lockout in my grow and it didn't look like this, the leaves start to slowly yellow from the bottom of the plant up and no burnt tips like in pictures 2 and 4, green leaves at the base like that with crispy yellow tips like in his pictures tells me it's a burn not a deficiency. Either way a flush will be the best solution, how did you go with this one Jman? Cheers Tastynugz.
  7. I have a worm farm crankin along, the soil mix has castings in it as a base, and I am currently stockpiling the tea for the planned outdoor grow this year, gonna have some nice pictures up for the four week bloom update tomorrow so be sure to tune in. Cheers Tastynugz.
  8. Thanks Dust, the soil for the repot had a little extra P and K added in the form of cow and horse manure along with some mushroom compost and high P bat guano, seems to be working so far, I am deffinately having a good grow so far and will keep you posted for sure. Cheers Tastynugz.
  9. yeah baby, vegged my vanilla kush for 7 weeks and it is starting to pay off now, good luck and get ready for some frosty growth.
  10. It's sort of a sweet peppery smell but yes very nice,
  11. the missus says it stinks, but I think it's quite a nice smell, lol, very fruity with all four mixed, but separately the Pineapple chunk dominates in smell followed up by the violator kush. cheers Tastynugz.
  12. Thanks bro, I can't wait to see it full, the biggest colas are already fatter than my thumb
  13. flowering week 3, all is good and have had 1 watering since the re pot,
  14. follow this one bro, and you'll be all good..........http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/topic/2184-easy-guide-to-midgetresize-your-photos/

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