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  1. Is there any way to get the package if Iam a medical cannabis patient here in California?? Please help thanks
  2. Iam in i hope there is still room to join this competion!! Good luck everyone and seriously hope I can sit at the coffee shop after winning this haha would be an awesome experience after experiencing the growth of cannabis
  3. I'm in!! I would love to help and join the adventure an thrill of this beautiful cannabis competition!' Good luck everyone!!
  4. ive been thinking of tryin this next time... can u run bho after u dry ice extract to get as much thc possible?? how much do u yield compared to bho?? what is the best dry ice bags u can use??
  5. that looks okay i prefer bho do u yield more this way than bho and how clean does it taste compared to bho
  6. raptor reflector my fav and part of my equipmen i heard good things about magnum xxxl also
  7. this looks like it will blow your mind!! how strong is that stuff
  8. i wish i could find some of these things in santa barbara Does anyone know if these can be found in cali r these easy to grow??
  9. oh how can i forget Half Baked lol
  10. Pulp Fiction my fav 420 movie and blow
  11. Peru!!! Look for the red bud that ppl have there!
  12. Nl x skunk1 looks dope awesome plant Second fav strawberry skunk Diamond og