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    Growing fruits, vegetables & herbs. Feeding & Breeding Leopard Geckos. Going to 420 friendly places. Photographing the worlds graffiti. Making music. Learning more about my culinary trade. Getti.g creative with Peter Parkers girlfriend. Apple bongs. 420friendly women. Writing recipes. Tasting new foods and drinks. Rockin on the XBOX. Zip Lining. Roller Coasting. 420 Roasting... Watching X Games& other sports. Learning survival & growing techniques. Going to the range-youguesswhichone. Finding cures for me and everyone else from all that naturally grows. Smoking with friends. Learning things nobody can take from you. Playing Cards & Dominoes. Eating deep dish pizza & Imported or Craf
  1. If only I could regenerate this bonsai into perpetual growth...

  2. My friends need to know this for October. Hope you make a youtube video by then I can link. The majority of the best strains I had were in Green House. Looking to be a judge this year to solidify that thought. Barneys is getting prepared...
  3. I'm a purveyor, not of ganja though. I came across some treats that really reduced the feeling of pain I have and ever since have kept seeking strains that are best suited for it. I have found many others to have good times with. I'm very interested in in increasing humidity,CO2, compost tea recipes, edibles recipes, etc. I forgot how I first became a fan of Green House, but ever since they gave me my first free grinder I've been pretty loyal to the brand. I got my lighter, my keychain, and all I need is some clothes to match. I look forward to see how their testing goes with the various canna
  4. So this would be cloning time?
  5. stopnervepain

    Great White Shark

    how did you get a successful germination with that seed coating?