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  1. Congrats to all winners and thank you to all contestants!
  2. We actually adjusted the dosage recommendation to 3-5g/L. 3g/L is the lower end of the range and we have experienced that some strains might need more. I usually go with 5g/L of BioBloom in week 1 of flowering for strains that flower 8-10 weeks. Here's the updated GHF catalogue: https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/downloads/GHF_M+B_2019_UK-AU.pdf
  3. Thank you for the good feedback! The PK Booster is indeed very effective and we have had great results and good feedback from growers with all different base nutrients. Personally, I don't like to mix organic and mineral nutrients but that's just my opinion. It certainly works and the plants seem to like it!
  4. Hi, great report. Plants look good. are you using the mineral PK Booster with the biobloom or an organic PK from another company?
  5. Hi Boris, Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it here, when does your season start, around september?
  6. The perking up or praying is always a good sign in my opinion. The plants look very healthy from the top. If the bottom leaves are still affected, I would personally remove them. ( I don't like yellow leaves on my plants at that stage) but it's like Jose said, they will not recover and become bright green once they are yellow. Less is more when growing, always keep that in mind. Less actions also means less mistakes can be made ;-)
  7. Hi Buddy, I think you are over-analysing the situation. Maybe a flush might help to wash out the nutrients from the all mix. In my opinion it will not wash out the BioGrow / BioBloom since it is slow release and not water soluble. Other then flushing one time I would not recommend to do much more. Don't forget to let the soil dry out before watering again after flushing. Most growers want to care for their plants too much and that can create many problems.
  8. Sorry I forgot to mention that yesterday. I would also not recommend to use the Enhancer every week. Every two weeks is fine, if you use it more often the pH might raise and cause more problems. What you can do is spray the enhancer as foliar spray (also not too often, max. 1 x per week until week 2-3 of flowering). You will see that the plants are very happy a few hours later / the next day. The fungi will occur with any dosage if there is enough moisture. it will also disappear again a few days later. In my opinion less is more when growing.
  9. Then my guess is that it's caused because the RH is too low.
  10. Welcome to the forum, I hoe you like it here. It's not very clear what exactly you would like to know? We have many grow reports and information on the forum where you can find basic information about growing.
  11. This is not correct, the feeding will stay available for 8 weeks - not 22-23 days. White Rhino has a flowering time of 9 weeks so I would recommend to make only one application in the week you switch to 12/12. What I always do is, I add about 1g/L soil of BioGrow and 3-4g/L soil of BioBloom around the time of switching to flower. That way the plants get a little bit more nitrogen during the stretch and have enough nutrients for the 8-9 weeks flowering time. I even went up to almost 6g/L soil without burning them, even plants that don't like too much nutrients normally did not show
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if I understood correct so to find out what the problem is I have some questions. Did you use CalMag? Green House Bio Feeding contains Calcium, it's not needed to supplement Calcium with the bio range. --> A lockout could happen if there is an excess of calcium. Also, what material are the black plastic plates you use to cover the soil? I have seen plants dying from use of material that slowly released toxic elements. Another point is the RH I see on one picture that it's at 33% --> Due to dry air, the plants transpiration can slow dow