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  1. Anyone got spare pollen to share? If so just hit me up and we will start building a store for them. The more starins we have, the more selection others sending their own stores will have to choose from. I NEED HELP STARTING THE COLLECTION, PLEASE HELP STRAINHUNTERS.
  2. Didnt he only JUST post them not too long ago?? I only just noticed so i asked.
  3. Cool cool i just seen it last week on another site, and noticed last night on here, i remembered them cos they looked so good!. well done ssshkiper mate. Sorry buddy about the misunderstanding. Bedz im no hater ok. Just pointing out that i had seen the pics elsewhere man. Why say im hating when the guy turned around and said he had posted them on another 3 sites??? Obviously a misunderstanding...
  4. Hi urban cheers for popping by, i hope these beans contain that lovely looking pheno too. When during the grow did you start to noice the purple hues? Was it late in flowering or at the beginning. Am i reading this right, did you say that you lost the purple pheno due to cold weather?? I hope not, that would be really sad man. Dust cheers for popping by too, it'll be interesting to see how these grow and compete indoors and outdoors. Am i right in thinking that Caboose has at least some resistency to mould/disease, i think i remember reading somewhere that they had some resistence outdoors?
  5. Ssshkiper, I have to ask when you grew those buds matey?? Im only asking because ive seen those pictures in another forum pal I distinctly remember the bottle of beer/bud pic and warzone mouse mat ...Ssshkiper Where they grown by you, or by someone else? im trying to locate the site/page just now. If they are your buds and its your journal posts and pics on the other forum then i sincerely apologise, I am only trying to keep things fair for everyone. I dont like to do this ssshkiper and hope that im wrong man.
  6. I was reading through some grow reports and I thought someone should log a grow report on the Caboose that GHS are going to be releasing on the market. I was lucky enough to receive a pack of Caboose seeds to enter into the outdoor cup so I thought why not grow some indoors too and review this little fat gem. I'll grow these out using nothing but the GHS Mostly Indica Powder Feed Ive heard from Urbanninja that the Caboose includes a purple pheno, hope im lucky enough to find something different, you never know there could be something more extra special in there. Anyway im going away for few d
  7. Nice Money-maker Gonzo, i'd like to try this strain, looks triched out, what's it smoke like? it's going to be a close one! Good luck this month guys,
  8. Next time come and hit someone up on here before tossing your pollen (best believe it's gold-dust to some ) I like the sound of a white bomb hybrid, sounds like tasty smoke.
  9. Hi vertox great to find someone to start this off with me. Cheers man, it kinda was touch and go whether we'd be allowed to do this. I definitely think we should be using this to its full potential and we breeders/pt time breeders can cross our strains, and all from our place in the strainhunters forum, new amazing hybrid strains could be the result of our linking up here. Never know What are the ofm strains you hold? Sorry i dont know what ofm means man. Do you live in the Uk, really this is only feasible if you live in the same country. Others can share in their own respective countries but
  10. Anyone got pollen for the swapshop? I'll start it off by offering up some male pollen (Critical by Advanced seeds)... Also have access to some others, NLXSKUNK advanced seeds BUBBLEGUM female seeds AFGHAN KUSH (100%INDICA) world of seeds CRITICAL SENSI STAR delicious seeds SWEET DEEP GRAPEFRUIT dinafem let me know what youve got and we'll start off this breeding project between us. Im sure others will add their strains in time, let's share the genetics amongst us, we cant swap our seed but at least we have a chance to do good things together by swapping and breeding new genetics with onean
  11. Package came today. 10 Caboose and mostly Indica powder feed. Heard great things about this strain Im buzzing chuffed to be testing the Caboose outdoors. Wonder how she'll do up here in Bonny Scotland Guess it'll be "Pray Pray Pray" from here on out Just prepping a new patch for these, ready 1-2weeks.
  12. Hey gaz good luck in the cup brother. I was just checking out your White.Strawberry.Skunk grow today and saw you has a pretty hard time of it with those ladies/she-males Is that the same bag of pebbles you got for 8euros when starting the WSS? what a great deal! I hope you have good things happen in this grow, I look forward to your journal bud. Have a good season...
  13. Aaaah kl kl brother, yeah i know what you mean b'cos i have the same problem at times, its a nightmare trying to free up pots when doing quite a few cuts at a time brother, ( i should have guessed that you already knew better, your grow looks great buddy im impressed by your patio. Keep doing good things mate.
  14. Hi there Zcabsa What is the reason for transplanting so many times zcabsa, wouldnt they be better being transplanted only once to minimise the risk of transplant shock (every time you transplant they stop growing for a bit and the girls will take a few days to recover before starting to grow again), by transplanting 2-3 times during their life you will be adding like 7-14days where the plant wont be growing, just recovering. Maybe you should transplant directly from your 1 litre pots to the 11 litre pots and save yourself like a weeks growing time (you will harvest the earlier and they wont b