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  1. Hey man, I haven't grown soil since my first grow ... this was grown using DWC buckets
  2. Almost Harvest Time!
  3. in week 1-4 flowering I use Hammerhead and lower the powder feed and weeks 5-6 I use MOAB/Hammerhead and pretty much cut out the powder feed and week 7-8 I flush in hydro and the final product is amazing. *I pretty much know what EC i want a new reservoir to be and make up the EC with just boosters towards the end and tapering off the Powderfeed slowly from the first to last week I feed during flowering.
  4. It was a cut from california. Still not sure if its the true Skywalker OG from LA but it's quite a gem I'll be sure to add some on the day of harvest coming up any day now. The plant is beautiful now
  5. Here's a picture of one of my Skywalker OG clones in week 8 of flowering. Enjoy!
  6. i too have found powder feeding to be very simple in dwc. if you want the best out the powder feed i would get an EC meter and start slow. i like to back off powder feed late in flowering and add 2 different bloom boosters so there is plenty of PK and less N. My 2 cents.
  7. How would you set up a 11'x11'x8' room for a perpetual harvest (once a month or every two weeks) with a legal limit of 6 plants flowering and 6 plants vegging at all times? What lights, fans, and hydro system would you find most efficient and energy saving but produces the most? Also, I would like to keep this room as quiet as possible. Thanks for the input!
  8. Hey, I figured out that it was mainly my pH pen was not calibrated and was off by a whole number. For instance, I thought it was a ph of 5.7 and it was actually 6.7. So I think it was mainly due to the ph pen and I cut back on the powder feed and added bloom boosters as well. The plants are fine and frosty as hell. Mmm
  9. Yea as long as you don't raise the temps too much shoot for 60-65.
  10. It will probably show signs of stress but not too much. I'd try to raise the temperature with a heating mat or something that increases the temperature at night a little more. I'd shoot for 60ish
  11. You might want to start with a lighter soil next time so you wont encounter that nutrient burn. Some seeds or clones may like different nutrient levels. If you don't already have an EC meter I would get one ASAP to monitor the nutrient levels you are putting in. A lot of nutrient companies have their nutrients dosage way too high and when your plant is young you always want to start with very little and work up. Were there roots on the side of the pots when you repotted? It looks like you might have repotted to early. Looks like your plants are starting to build vegetation
  12. I'd say around 10-15 degrees F below 75. If your plant has genetics to put out different colors and you want to accentuate them then a larger temperature difference from lights on to off is better.
  13. What's up Strainghunters? I'm currently on the 3rd week of flower and I've been using Powderfeed mostly indica on 2 skywalker og clones and super lemon haze (seeing if mostly indica can be used on a sativa) from clone/seed and I noticed there is nitrogen toxicity on many leaves. I know it's nitrogen toxicity, but isn't this powder feed supposed to be used all the way through flower? I'm going to cut down on my current ec of 1 to around .6 and add bloom boosters (hammerhead and MOAB). I think the nitrogen percentage is too high for my plants in the flowering stage. I might pass on the powderfeed next batch or drop the ec and add bloom boosters. Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. What is the wattage of the LED and is there a veg/bloom/full spectrum switch? I've used a Pro-Grow 400w for vegging and flowering on seeds and clones. In the beginning of a clone's life you want to let it focus on building roots and not leaves. So if you use a LED I would lift the LED higher than canopy more than you normally veg with and lower it when the root system has developed. If you do encounter light stress I would raise the lights higher and slowly lower them down until where the plants feel comfortable.
  15. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but after harvest and drying I got around 60 grams total. Not exactly what I wanted but it was a good learning process. Thats about .27 gpw which is low in my books. The buds were finished smoked very smooth and their flavor was amazing. The high was a 3 out of 5 except the bubblegummer which was definitely a 4.5/5. Overall, I think the light was not that great for flowering. So I decided to upgrade my setup. I ended up getting the greenhouse powder feeding for mostly indica just because of the simplicity of having a one part fertilizer. I got 4 pro DWC buckets and a 400 watt Pro Grow LED (maybe another the next round after that). I'll be running 2 Think Different and 2 Afghan Kush Ryder in the buckets. I can't wait to see what turns up like, I'll be starting in about a week or so!

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