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  1. really nice grow love seeing plants outside i had some problems with you no who blues and 2s so had togo outside this year i will not let anybody stop me from growing this beautiful plant really good grow report nice peace to you and your bud
  2. northerngrow leds are good ducth passion sell themn and i have seen nsome good grows with them but still pricey
  3. im going organic do you thinkn i should use egg shells does it make your ph go up or down
  4. nicc1976


    im just starting to try and go organic im feeding my critical mass autos big budda with chicken pellets ive left them in soil for a mouth and they love it im just stuck on what to give them when they start to bud i now i can use bat gauna and some 1 said you can use sea weed if any body has any suggestions please can you help had a lot off problems off late so have not been able to grow and im trying my hardest not to use any chemicals has i have always used canna or green houses powder feed but the weed is for me as i will not buy street weed i go with out so any help will be very helpful tha
  5. i now its a bit late but i would love to come over and help i would pay my flight and my own way here is my email caravan76454@gmail.com if you can please reply peace to you and your family i can heklp in building work free off charge i just want to help take care my bruv
  6. have not been on site for a while really nice grow and good weight im going the organic way now using chicken pellets and bat guano
  7. Really nice end ov grow and good weight the buds were big nice peace to you
  8. Nice plants what is sts solution is it a solution to help to get seeds on plants thanks peace
  9. How many plants is in the tent now I now you started with 9 of 1 and 10 of other was just wanting to now if there all in there
  10. You have got this led growing sorted really nice grow cannot wait to see end product are you going to put a taste&weight up really nice undutched and to think there was someone trying to tell you how to do it idiot peace to you please keep growing
  11. Its all the stuff you got to download and that just to get on there not that good on computers only got a phone
  12. What is silk road 90 pound 30 grams that ok I don't pay 20 1.5 thats to much for me 180 oz here
  13. I see i have been sick a few years now it can get you down growing bud helped me out in a big way its just a bxxxxxx when you run out I have just found some cheese from the 90s crossed with lemon it stinks but it is a really nice smoke I dont normally buy on road but this is special you now peace bro