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Friar Tucker

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    Oz the island they once sent convicts from england
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    Sex drugs and rockingroll, gardening, music,guitars autos,photography,collecting vinyl records, motorcycles,girls, punk rock, instergraming
  1. Wow all systems are go..... looking great cant wait for your next updates, i just sowed my first sweet mango... i cant get powderfeeding here, and i will be growing outdoors in winter... good luck mate
  2. The grass is greener on the convict rock
  3. Hey i had some good grow and yeild with Barnys auto sweet tooths, in cocoa and made my own tea fert from cow and chicken shit... with some of my own urine and epson salts.. my own urine i cant say was very organic at the own time... but i didnt have to much leaf damage, pest problems and outdoor... with some yeilds of 45grms per plant good luck... i will post pics up soon of some organic autos ive grown
  4. Hey ...... i just sowerd my first green house sweet mango auto seed in some rock wool tonight.... its Autumn here in Oz... and i have already had great sucsess with growing autos outdoors on a balcony... Franco turned me onto autos through instergram... and i aint looked back.. i will sow a ghouse NL auto in 2moro as well happy to be involved in this one... i missed out on the powderfeeding packs... so got my own GH beans... i just have to work out this site and go for gold.... um i mean GREEN
  5. Friar Tucker

    Pictures from the other side

    random, film, lomography