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  1. Long time no see! Hope all's been well brother! Looking forward to reconnecting with a new perspective from inside the industry here in California! Be blessed

  2. CAN NOT BELIEVE I REMEMBERED MY PASSWORD WHAT!!!! What's up world?! It's been a while, but we are now FULLY entrenched in the California cannabis industry! Took almost 5 years and a move across the US but we're here now! Can't wait to touch bases with you guys again, hope alls been well and that this message finds you guys in good spirits!



    1. TheOne


      I've been stripped of my Bud of the Month! I used to look on here every now and then to make sure I still had it haha! I was so proud!


  3. Going dark for little while! Be back in a bit! Bless

  4. Hey brother, after you mix it up, you water it down with plain water(or pref. an ACT) then let it sit for a month 30 days and you'll be good! At first the soil will smell like a little bit of everything that you mixed into it, rather than smelling like truely earthy thriving soil, but after about 30 days, you soil will start to smell like fresh soil from deep out in the woods That's when you know it's ready! Bless Ps, there are so many different organic amendments you can use to get the same result! The problem is just making sure you don't add to much to your soil mix, bcuz you will toxify
  5. Bout to have a little smoke down and watch a little football!

  6. It's gonna improve between every grow until it's right where it needs to be I'm close with this recipe tho! Very close! Bless
  7. Very nice brother! My mutant GHS Bubba Kush was exquisite smoke Very nice high, not too strong, but very buzzy Nice Kush aroma with earthy, sweet taste Here's that Chem D I said I get you a photo of! It's slowly changing aromas as it cures Getting more and more diesel by the day! Everything looking good man! Good luck with the finish Bless
  8. http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/topic/7060-summer-2013-100-organic-indoor-garden/ Peep the very first post bro to get an idea. You don't have to go ALL OUT like I did, but if you can, do it! Any questions from there just hmu! Bless
  9. Hey Pete, just saw you had a Q for me a WHILE BACK, that I never saw! But I'm not sure what you did brother I do know that chemical and organics DO NO MIX tho. Not even a little! So mixing the two should produce a VERY unstable result! But she's finishind beautifully brother, so whatever remedy you chose to go with, you nailed it! Bless my brother
  10. Whats up brother?! And all is good boss. I understand that life happens lol! But very nice you got the lasses rolling Everything doing fine?! And yeahh man, def. gotta keep shit on the DL for future reference. That's the reason I had to empty my house and halt this thread....Didn't feel 100% safe for a bit so I had to account for that.. Also, one of the best growers(in my opinion) on this site just got hemmed up man! A snitch it had to be.....The facking bastids. But I'm just getting ready for my big move now brother! Empty grow room and enough personal to get me thru until the move, so I'm g
  11. Very nice! About to order some Damnesia here in the next couple weeks! Never had the AMS but when I lived in Holland and wanted to get FACKED, I would pick up some Amensia Haze or Black Widow! Bless
  12. And yes sir! I was talking about farbic pots or smart pots which are a little bit different then air pots. Both are great for use outdoor tho! Farbic pots might be a TAD cheaper than the air pots tho Air pots are the plastic pots with physical holes in them, while smart pots or fabric pots are fabric! And for outdoor, I'd go with a compost based medium bcuz it will go the distance for sure But on this forum, I'm about the only one that grows the way that I do lol, so I'm sure you'll get some different opinions about that if you ask around lol. If you have to feed tho, maybe you should go soi
  13. Amazon or eBay you can find a 5 set of bags for $40 or less! I bought my 5 set from Amazon.com for $32 w/ free shipping!
  14. Karma.Karma.Karma. KKK.

  15. Gonzo my brother, you're a VERY talented individual who deserve his day no doubt! Hopefully the Kings in Amsterdam have a solution for you! I'm rooting for you brother! Be blessed

    1. gonzosghost


      Dude your a star in my book :) Can always count on you to bring up my mood :)