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  1. I mis doing this journal. But i am at a better place right now and i have put some new babies. 5 of them in the carabean. Lets see how they will grow. Will make a journal on flower bomb kush. Check it out. Peacee
  2. Yo man bam, i was in the Netherlands for my study. I live in Paramaribo, but got some ground in the bush . I will be groeing for sure. I will let ya'll know. Peacee!! Yeah man, but will doing some other growing there. Thank u man. Peacee!!
  3. Last update: Day 46 from seed. I am going away for a long long time to my home country. So will be stoppin this journal. I wanted to win really bad. But this is the way it has to happen. Some last pictures. I will be growin thos strain there, cause i still got 15 beans . Peacee out and have a nice day/smoke.
  4. Well, i am growing the FBK in the outdoor cup. It seems to be a very potential plant. But what I see, is that all 3 of my plants have other structures (pheno's). One got many side branches, the other one got none. But we will see. I'm going away, do I have to leave the plants behind, but will ask my cousin how they are. Peaceee!!
  5. Yeah man, i want to see the results, unfortunaly i have to go. But the weather there is better then here. So there will me more growing Yeah dust, i wanted to finish this journal. I am going to Suriname in south america. Ya'll have to visit me somethime. It's one of the most beautifull countries in the world. Peacee!!
  6. Day 39: the ladies are growing and growing. I love this strain. No problems yet. I have some good news and some bad news. I just heard that i got my visa to live abroad. The bad news is, i will be going next week. So i will have to stop with this journal. I have a bag with some beans and will be taking them with me. So there will be a new journal on the FBK on this forum. Thank u green house seeds for everything. I will be promoting you in the country that i will be going to (Suriname) south america. Peaceee outt. One lovee!!
  7. Chillin with mah bitches in tha sun, haha. Peacee!!!
  8. Yo man, i'm a dude, hahaha. Peaceee!!
  9. Day 33: i wasn't at home for almost a week and when i saw the ladies, i just wanted to jump. They are growing well. I'm loving the weather. Just enjoy the pictures. Love and peacee!!
  10. Day 28, i just fimmed one of the ladies. I cant wait to see how many tops it will give me. I got a few pictures for ya'll. peaceee and love!!!
  11. Day 24: i got some professional pictures of the ladies. Some got sun burns, because i wasn't at home. They are still only on water. Don't want to overfeed them. Thank u for the support and love. Peacee!!
  12. Day 20, picture of mah 3 ladies. Thank u eveyone for showing some lovee. One Lovee!!! Peaceee!! Just water and a cheap soil so far. The Flower Bomb Kush is too good to be true.
  13. Day 18 and just doing fine with this goooooodd weather. They be lovin it. They are on tap water right now and i will be giving them some powder feeding. For now enjoy these pictures. Peaceee!!!
  14. Thank u people. And Dust, i celebrated it very good. Now for the ladies: they got new homes. And are getting some new leaves. I love this strain. It grows very fast and it is very easy to grow. You don't have to be an professional. So only positives things to say. Will keep ya'll posted. Enjoy the pictures. Peacee!!
  15. Thank u man, i am happy to have been graduated, now i have all the time for the ladies. Will keep you posted. Peacee!!