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  1. Really, why? There friggen huge! This is my first tire reveling a harvested plant so please educate me cause I really don't know
  2. So is it out yet???
  3. Yeah it did top itself lol. It split at the bottom and grew like 2 seperate plants. It got about 6ft tall and made some nice but. After I harvested it I sat it in my laundry room. Just the naked stalk in the pot. I checked on it about a week later and it had started growing again. I had 4 stripped plants just waiting for me to throw them out and they all started growing new fresh green growth. I put them back under the light. Now about 3 weeks later there ready to flower again. I took clippings today so I'll wait about a week and start them flowering again. I can't wait to see what they do.
  4. Yeah they were feminized. I've completed another grow since I had the seed problem. Out of 25 plants, at least 20 were female. Thanks for the comment I appreciate the insight. :-)
  5. Good job man! Two thumbs up..........
  6. Hey bro it all a learning expierence. I've noticed over the years that less is more as far as growing bud goes. I remember my first few grows tasted so nasty and it's cause it did everything the guy at the grow shop told me to do. I would just buy whatever he sold me and man that guy loved when I would call or email. He knew I was gonna buy whatever he told me to. It was made to seem so complicated and that I had to have all this crap to grow good weed. I put so much shit on or in my plants they tasted like chemicals and I regularly flushed. The flushing didn't help much. It was fine after it cured but it took 2 months in a jar before it was remotely smokable. Over time the newness and the excitement of trying to grow wore off I got lazy and didn't do all the extra sprays and additives and all that crap and as a result I stopped burning my plants and creating issues that I then need to resolve with another chemical. The less I did, the better my plants got. Now, I can cut a bud, dry it under a light and go from plant to pipe in under 2 hours and the bud tastes great. Very little green taste and a nice buzz. Of course properly curing it is always the way to go but I could have never cut and quick dried a bud and it taste remotely like good bud in the early days. The bud wasn't as good when I was throwing money and time at my plants. Now I kinda just let them do their own thing and leave them alone and my bud is so vastly superior to what it was then. Growing bud isn't rocket science. People just want everyone to think their some weed god/super genius grower because they grew some nice buds. Shit, for me the work begins at harvest time. Sometimes I'll go 2 or 3 days without even looking at my girls. My first few grows I would spend hours just staining at them. I was so amazed that I was actually growing bud and hydro at that. I would just stair in amazement cause it's always portraid as if growing good bud was like going to the moon. My point to this book I just typed is just keep it simple stupid. Less really is more. Just do what makes since and let them do what they have been doing for 1.5 million years all by there self. Don't love them to death. We've all done it. It's part of the learning process.
  7. Does look kinda hungry. Could be ph enduced nutrient lockout. If u fed them it almost has to be. It's not to late to tho. I had a bad case of light burn on some clones my last grow. I lost almost every fan leaf on 4 plants and they were still monsters.
  8. If the tips of your fan leaves are during it's probably nute burn. I would just water them real good. Keep them a little wetter than normale for a couple of day to dilute the nuts in the soil a bit. We all do from time to time. I wouldn't sweat it to much just keep an eye on it and do a good flush if it gets worse.
  9. No, no more cutting while flowering. You will just be cutting off what would be colas. Cut all u want while begging. Soon after flowering you should expect a lot of growth. It will slow down when it gets done stretching. If the leaves are green and healthy and u have no burned tips or curling leaves, and she's still growing then your not doing a thing wrong. Start your flush about 10 days before your harvest.
  10. You could always try masking the odor but probably your best bet is to duct the air outside. Perhaps thru the floor or thru the ceiling. You would be surprised how little you can actually smell it outside of the room it's in. I have 12 plants 3 weeks into flowering and u can't smell it outside of the room it's in. Now when I open the door it'll fuckin hit me like a ton of bricks but very little if anything outside of the room. I do have the temp kinda low in there. It's around 70 degrees but their under 2000 watts of light. It's actually like 7 in soil and 5 in a drip hydro system. If anybody says anything have some incense sticks or something visibal and just blame it on that.
  11. Oh I know their is great bud grown their but its early cured properly, it's usually seedy as hell, and it usually compressed into bricks and just completely screws up good bud. I know it to get larger punts out of the country but swag weed is $20 a 1/4, KB is $20 a gram. U do the math?
  12. I will definitly do that. Shit I've done made afoul $20 betting people they couldn't break a single fiber . I was right!lol
  13. @ Dust, have u ever seen a plant from seed grow like this? Theirs no symmetry perhaps it's just me but all my plants from seed have equal growth all the way around. I've just never seen an unsymmetrical plant from seed.
  14. Na man that's a good lookin plant man just top it and you'll see a drastic difference in the way it grows. Check my gallery. I think I have some topped plants in my gallery
  15. Wait, wait, wait!!! What's up man? That plant is a clone. Their is no way that was started from seed bro. Plants from seed have semetrical growth on both sides. If one side has a fan leaf then the other side has the exact same leaf. What gives bro? A little bait n switch?

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