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  1. Hey dust hope your good mate, Yeah i think 5.5ph is fine for these girls that are going into a NFT tray. But have been told to put them up to 6.2ph with a EC of 1.25? NOt sure why im getting this issue but could really do with some help . Peace
  2. Hi all, hope everyone is good. Bit of a worried one really. Have got some Cheese and ICE cuttings they are about 4 weeks old now give or take a few days. They just have been transplanted into 3"rockwool cubes. for the last few days they have mostly turned light green going to light yellow, this was only on a few but now has jumed to mostly 65% of them i would say. I did have a bit of a issue tho as had to go away my Mrs was looking after them for me and the PH went all the way up to 6.2, and the rockwool cubes were way to far wet for my liking. Iv just this moment finished lightly squeezing ou
  3. Hi mate thanks for the reply, see the below link for the system im seaking about. http://www.basementlighting.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=1&Product_Code=MD801 I thought adding pebbles would ruin the flow of the water through the system. Let me know what you think and any advice would be amazing PEace
  4. Hi ho all hope everyone is good. Basicly was looking for a bit of Info on the NFT systems as my DWC system had a massive faliure so my friend decided to give me his previous 8ft NFT system that he says he has had some realy good results with but, me myself im not to clued up on the system itself. Iv currently got some ICE cuttings in 4inch rockwool with nice roots showing from the bottom of cubes already i was wondering can they just go right on the tray itself or should i find larger cubes or if not a slab. Also any info or tips on this system would be sweet. I would ask my mate but he is
  5. Hey jimmy my brother from another mother, yeah am good mate, well yeah have been a bit of a hide away really have been still growing just had few big projects to do and now they are done im back home with you all lol. Gonna be getting my new room kitted out soon so will keep you all updated mate PEace
  6. Jimmy how you doing dude, been to long mate. YEah was away now back and ready to update the world lol. Hope your good mate Peace
  7. aha dust your still here my man lol bloody hell i wonder whats left of the old gang now lol yeah have had a issue with the old acc, i did try it but guess password is wrong and email its linked to is old and not active no longer if you can help with it bud will make me a happy toker also nice to see a few of my old posts still up here gonna roll one up and have a look at previous events So yeah PM me if you can help with that acc help dust mate, and will put up a few pics and post about the last year or twos absence Peace
  8. Hi all, wanted to post and say hello, was originaly on here back a year or 2 ago with the name primz Some of you may remember me not to sure but still see a few familiar names still here. And have to say really good job on the site guys def a big imporvement from a year or so ago a. Anyway i hope all is well,
  9. Hi All, havent been on in a while hope all are well and happy. Basicly cut a long story short i moved homes and my friend who is a pure hydro man decided to have a little upgrade and passed along his IWS Ebb flood and drain system . obviously i am chuffed but i am a soil man myself and always have been butdef want to givre this setup ago as his results far pass mine everytime but i must admit i do smash him on the taste side tho Ok so here it is, how do i use such a system??? I have some Big buddha cheese cutting in rockwood just taken the other day so in about 7-10 days they should be good t
  10. maybe its a over rich soil? looks like some type of burn, check PH and EC and onle use ph ajusted water for a week
  11. Looks good my friend a very long journey ahead but one thayts very much worth it im sure. If you have done the Real Exodus clone then its nice to see what the diffrences are of course the real cheese is the exodus cut and by far always wins hands down but if honest i belive that this is a very close match to the cut. Keep us posted mate Peace
  12. Very very nice guys. A trip of a life time i bet. Peace
  13. Yeah i def agree with you on that i do love the outdoor weed and yeah it has a much beou tter taste if handled with care but ydef have the weather for it over there. i remember staying with my family for about a month now and i remember asking my cuz for a nice big lump of bud to get me through the month i handed him about 20-30£ expecting a very good deal, maybe 30-40g lol......... no no no, he returnes with well over a kilo of bud man. i was like WTF???? then he just smiled and said dont say i never do anything for you lol. Agreed it wasnt of any serious quailty and yeah it did have a fair s
  14. Hey Mate Welcome. You do have a very nice selections of strains out in your neck of the woods. I actually have family not to far from you and i love to visit them every so often. for the price of a 20 bag in the UK i can get a full kilo of swazi lol madness. Have to admit the hydro in SA is getting very good also but the prices are crazy high. Thumbs up tho for some good old fashion SA sativas tho........ arrrrrrr if only i had a boat Peace