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  1. Hi Hey where did topic get moved to.?Thanks C
  2. Hey forum We have crossbred a couple GHS here at the rainbows end. Started with a feminised Himilaya Gold (5thgen) crossed with a Serious Seeds AK-47 male. also more recently White Lemon(fem) crossed with a clone only strain from Cali,trainwreckxsour diesel. We grow the feminised seeds,then clone them, pollinate with the male.some times we allow plants to be together,naturally occuring pollination. both of these xstrains exhibit traits of both parent plants.taste,aroma, growth patterns. We get some pics up soon.
  3. Its strange the marijuana plant. Its very difficult to top a clone that is mature because the internodes are not at the same height. They are one after another, if we cut the cola off of this branching it wont produce the effects desired as if the stems had branched out from the same place and height causing a Split and 2 colas . :/ i have to wait to see a random node that splits in this way since i am growing from clone. :/ Hey Plain Doc, When this happens with us here at the end of the rainbow,I take the top and attatch a string and pull it horizontal,tie it in place.There is apical dominance traits that affect growth of top.this will disperse that trait to the other nodes,they will grow even and beyond the top cola.here is an example of top tied down.
  4. Hey Brother !!! Keep up the good work and keeping the peeps informed.This type of work can indeed take some time and some serious skilz!!!
  5. Hi Dust Those are fifth generation clones: Himalaya Gold and Pineapple Chunk.I have a little better full shots.
  6. Here come the SHSeeds White Lemon!!!
  7. Mystery no more?/ will see soon,here is a little comparison pic. In the photo are two leaves from two different plants. left is fresh from "lil mystery" seed. right is fresh from Trainwreck cross. alittle more color for this one. Trainwreck was pollenated with AK-47 male. the fresh clipped leave has some fruity essence very faint,but there. Both Trainwreck and the Warlock have the similar grape floral scents. we'll see soon enough.
  8. Here are some journal photos. Three plants grow from one container.these are left over cuttings from last summer breeding project.The cuts where taken when seeds appeared. When it was time to harvest,they where there in the container,looking green.I could'nt just leave them outthere to die. they look good flowering now!!!!
  9. Hey forum here's a few more updates and pics.White Lemon popped alongside of Gold Colombian. The "lil" mystery first,still a mystery.Does'nt look like chartbuster,not yet any way.
  10. Hi Gonzo check out the breeding forum. we crossed a Himilaya Gold fem clone with an AK-47male.Good luck for you to Luu,nice purps there.
  11. We have some World of Seeds Gold Columbian starting as we speak here. This is one feminized bean,been up for a week now.show some pics next time.
  12. Hey Gonzo that AK looks awesome. we love AK-47 here.good luck in contest.
  13. Here's the Three-fer
  14. The space is a little tight.it still pulls some light,but also allows more light to pass by.trying to keep them a little more constrained at the moment.That was a fifth gen pineapple chunk grown indoors.pollenated with ak male pollen.this one shows promise.the others stunted and failed.third try.The hg6 is now out of the flower box there is room to sex this plant.set up this week. I have a couple of leftover fifthgen hg and pc that are growing in the same container,one himilaya,two pineapple chunk,ok. on the himilaya gold there is a secondary branch that has morphed into a pineapple chunk.it is growing identical to the other two pc's.go figure.I read that if two females, of different strains where to share root space in contaiiner that the possiblity of pollen or hermi type of tendency? they are looking very good in te flower box. Still have the Outdoor grown fourth gen seeds to pop. LOOK OUT MAN!! outdoors and indoors can be night and day difference.couple different phenotypes available with this type of seed. the Chartbuster popcorn and low buds are like old school Jamaican.real good,strong. smooth on exhale.
  15. Him

    Yeah we had some heat issue,a little to much up top,not circultaing well to the lower part of the box.I'm not certain that is the cause of the curling. this one was actually kept 8inches lower than the first couple of grows with this light.it is also a new bulb 400hps multi spectrum,39.99us$ this is a really good smoke,early clipping of popcorns and lower buds are dryed and smoked.very earthy and hashy willl develop more tatse after some storage in the jar.Hang til the stem cracks,then jar.sugary cristals are bulging about.a peppery scent gets you real high and cotton mouth set in,don't forget to hydrate!!

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