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  1. Hi, Nice gerl 👍 but next time use to LST 😆 Peace ✌️ have a good smoke
  2. I welcome everyone in my report. I'll start with Kalashnikov, 3 plants. The variety was pleasantly surprised by its growth rate at the vegetative stage. Looking at the leaves, indica dominates genetics. Applied LST Also my Master Kush and Wonder Pia. Wonder Pia Master Kush And my little sharks 🤣 Peace
  3. Hi Bro, Good report, it was interesting to see the grow on this bio fertilizer link from GHSC. How long have they been blooming? How is spider mite control? A terribly unpleasant infection ... I constantly spray from him ... Nice grow Peace ✌️
  4. Пс: они должны под ветром колыхатся
  5. Ку Почему типо то? Нормальная лст ыыы Мир!
  6. Во выпрямились норм 👍 Мир!
  7. Всем Ку! Девки растут, использую LST. Полив ph5.8, ppm 650 Общий вид Wonder pia Master Kush Kalashnikova Great White Shark Влажность 43% Мир!
  8. Ку Хорошего грова Бро! Мир!
  9. Hi Bro, Very interesting, looking all soon Nice grow!
  10. Всем Ку!! Итак малышки чуть подросли. Master Kush Wonder pia Kalashnikova Мир!