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  1. Приветствую бро!!! Как сам?)

  2. Hi everyone! It's time to start groving. Last year, on Valentine's Day, I bought seeds for a stock. varieties: I will grow them indoors. At the moment I put seeds on germination. 3 seeds of each grade. Fertilizers plan to use these. Also in the spring I planted these varieties on outdoor, each with one seed. I am waiting for beginning of bloom plants. Peace!
  3. Hi bro It looks good, but .. in my subjective view, the light is very high from plants and there is little wind of plants. Fix this. Peace bro!
  4. Hi dude, all Peace!
  5. Wow... good luck to you!! the number of germinated seeds is more like a outdoor. Peace.
  6. Hi bro, Very nice plants, but... I would gladly remove all lower large leaves, so that light would easily reach the lower flowers. and still I would have bent her in a pose , and the central branch would stretch. Peace dude.
  7. Looking good man! Peace!
  8. Thanks Bro! 21 day, watering She grows without fertilizers . So far plant does not need fertilizer in substrate using all have what they need. today was 25, doing general cleaning boxing ruled in the sun I sit across from... smoke and look at her Peace!
  9. Hi everyone dudes!plant variety - Pakistan Valley lighting - 600W Led Grow Light Hydroponic Full Spectrum Panel Lamp Blue(wavelength: 400nm ~ 520nm) Red(wavelength: 610nm ~ 720nm) IR(wavelength: 730nm) UV(wavelength: 380nm) substrate - silt from the lake shore 40%, 15% perlite, vermiculite, 15%, 20% compost. SmartPot 15l stimulators - Fertilizers not and will not if the plant that does not ask Vega - 18\6, bllom - 12\12 And go-go )) 2 days watered ph 6, ppm 120 fourth day eighth day the tenth day water plumbing... I use PH dawn twelfth day nineteenth day 21 day also began to bloom chili peppers Peace!
  10. Good day jahmans! Update my report. Last plants still stand on bloom And hashish with trimmings leaves and broken buds 25 Mikron Peace!
  11. Да бро погода подсрала... Ну что делать, на все воля джа! С харвом ) Мир!
  12. Good day bro! I took the first and second wave of Harvest, there is still two. Peace!!!!!!!!!
  13. Good day jahmens! Three nights in a row the temperature dropped to -5, now returned to normal 15 night and 22 during the day. So stand and ripen Peace!
  14. All on man ))) Peace!

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