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Everything posted by Godess_T

  1. Надо свет обновить.. боюсь не потянут))
  2. Распиши плиз как делаешь компот, пш и норма полива.
  3. Ку Просто красавицы Бро 👍 Пирожное чуть переливаешь. Просушивай ее и дозу компота чуть поменьше чем для первых двух Мир!
  4. Hi Bro Nice view👍 lady 😉 Говоришь по русски? Peace
  5. Hi all There is a constant problem for people when registering on the forum, or rather, an e-mail with confirmation of registration does not come. According to my advertising on the forum, at least 5-10 people are trying to register a day, they want to keep their reports. But this problem pushes people away from the forum ... A big request to eliminate this registration step, it's easier to delete users with zero messages once a month ... Also, a big request to give me administrator rights in the Russian-language forum thread for its promotion and development.
  6. A lot of people try to go to the forum, but they can't wait for an email message ... Well, do something already ...
  7. Ку Рука не поднимается ыыы, первое швази. Мир!
  8. Hi Bro 👋 normal airflow and darkness will give more .. Imho ofcorce.. Peace
  9. Hi slightly less nitrogen in plant nutrition during flowering. and you have super girls, but you need a systematic approach ... Peace
  10. soon we will bring it to Kazakhstan. Great product. in memory of Franco my teacher. Peace
  11. welcome to Bro forum, glad to see you. Thanks for spreading your plants, it allows you to learn new and get tips from seasoned growers we have a huge international community here. Welcome!!!
  12. Hi Bro my opinion is to learn how to grow with your hands first, before automating something. Franco taught me how to grow and I think he would have shared my opinion ... Peace
  13. excellent growth Bro👍
  14. Hi The manufacturer is no longer aisle Bro, everything is in your hands)) transplant the plant into more pots. control PH and Ppm or EC good growth girls !!! Peace!
  15. Всем Ку братья и сестры Сделал швази всем растихам.. Что бы было более понятно До После Насмотрелся на Дядю Русю ыыы Загущение было сильное.. Мир!
  16. Hi waiting for mine to bloom. good flowering Bro. Peace
  17. wrote several times, but did not wait for the parcel to be sent ...🤬
  18. Ку Отличная стрижка Дядя Руся Ох и закусьтиться сейчас девка! Мир!
  19. Hi Mike 👋 Thank you for your reply. We have solved this issue to local store. GrowMarket has already sent me a new package and also compensation for the time spent. 👍 They work great, you have excellent representatives in Kazakhstan. Thanks 👍