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the chef

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  1. I love this thing we do! We are a marijuana nation! Thnx fer droppin in!
  2. Thnx brother! Here they are today doinfg there birdy thang!
  3. Thnx brother! Enjoyed the sit ouuta this one! Lemonady with a hint of pepper and a high that lasted for hrs! Would deff do this one again!
  4. Damn now thats a pile of GANJA! Happy 420!
  5. aaaaannd into the red solo cups they go! They were started at 12:01 on 4-20!!
  6. I was asked and graced to do a test grow for an up and coming breeder! I'll be running quite a bit if his gear and thought i would share with yal
  7. Had to chop Fuzzman! Thnx brother fer droppin in!! Well......gearing up for 420and i'm also outta smoke!
  8. Things are getting juicy here! Hairs are starting to recess and smell is outta site! gonna pull a couple of tester nugs to dry for 420....should be a red diesel day!