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  1. it looks a little like a prickly pear cactus.. altho the blades on the prickily pear look a little more rounded and flat.. the needle arrangement looks very similar.. yours looks a little bit different, but could be a different variety of the same plant?
  2. soil PH should be kept at around 6.5 the same is with hydro.. theres lots of conflicting data out there.. and what i see a LOT is when people have the PH lower than 5.8 they tend to start to see cal-mag def, so they ad cal-mag to fix it.. calcium precipitates out of the solution at 6.2ph.. i aim for a ph of around 6.3 (5.8-6.8 being the range) 6.3 comes in the middle .. when growing in soil, flushing is less important as you dont seem to pump as much fertilizers into the medium as you do with hydroponics, most growers tend to stop the flower ferts and just use water for the last few weeks, this alone helps flush the medium of any unwanted salts and also helps flush the plant aswel. hydroponics on the other hand is a little different, with the constant nutrient circulating youll get a salt build up. Depending on what type of medium, depends on how much gets built up. ive heard of a few people flushing with a mild nutrient solution and really its a waste of time, and nutrients. I use just plain water when flushing, i dont bother to adjust the ph.. some do.. but its not really necessary as youre only flushing the medium. Once its done its back onto nutrients, then you adjust the ph.. either way works tho, so choose what you think suits as far as i am concerned about PH, theres NO diference between soil and hydroponics on the plants side of things.. with extensive research into this all i have found is you keep a soil ph of 6.5 to keep the microbial bacteria in the soil happy. as for the plant i was told some 25 or so years ago.. 6.3 is where the root zone needs to be to get the correct balance of nutrients. Altho as stated before the range is between 5.8 and 6.8 you aim at 6.3 to try and find middle ground, if its slightly higher or lower it shouldnt matter a real lot, also allows for slight fluxuations. what ive found is a lot of people these days tend to supplement thier solution with cal-mag.. i find this is becuase the PH is set too low, as stated cal precipitates out of the solution at 6.2PH so at 5.5.. ofc youll need to ad cal-mag altho i cant see it helping a real lot if the PH is too low for the plant to use it.. lastly.. in the 25+ years ive been growing indoors ive NEVER had to use cal-mag to supplement my nutrients.. if you use a proper all round hydroponic nutrient you shouldnt have to use it..
  3. you cant use sealants or tape on any connections in a hydroponics system.. sure it will fix it short term, but it will leak.. eventually.. youre using the garden type of poly.. hard drawn.. this has very little flex in it.. and while its ok to use, you have to use the clamps that come with it, on any connections. You can buy the same hose which is a tripple kink flex, and with this hose you wont need any clamps at all. This is the proper hose to use for indoor gardens. so look around in your hardware store where you bought the hose and connections from, and youll find the little clamps that go with it, they should be around 10-20cents each.. what country are you in?
  4. i agree with dust, i think the soil isnt as airated as it should be causing the roots to lack from oxygen. This effects the way the plant draws up nutrients.. how often are you watering.. at what PH.. and what nutrients are you using?
  5. i dont like using rockwool cubes for seeds.. pretty much the same way to germinate, thats standard.. but then i just put them some potting mix.. or usually ill make my own blend of seedraising mix to put them in. the advantage of this is you dont need any hydroponic nutrients for a while, just water, the nutrients are in the worm castings.. then if they have to go into hydroponics when theyre about 2-3sets of leaves ill dig them out and wash the soil off and transplant into hydroponics.. you could also use jiffy pots (coco pucks) ofc if you use jiffy pots you might need to use a weak nutrient solution after they have thier first set of true serated leaves the seed raising mix i use is 1 part perlite 1 part sawdust(chunky, like from a chainsaw) and 2 parts seived worm castings. what you might have done is broken the tap root while stuffing them into the cubes.. theyre fragile, and this is the down fall of germinating in paper towel.. over just waking them in soil like a normal seed, liek you would for , say, tomatoes. Need to be super carefull while handling them for transplanting not to damage that tiny tap root in any way.
  6. if you didnt write this then you need to name the person who did and put a link up to where you got it from.. other wise it could bordeline on plagerism.. great read tho.. i got some collodial silver but havent tried using it as yet.. dust, the colodial silver is safe to use.. some people drink the shit..i know right.. wtf.. and seeing as you wont be smoking the bud the seeds came from.. well i wouldnt reccomend it, it should be fine to use, and shouldnt at all effect the seeds. I prefer the rhodilzation method my self.. but you dont get any where near as many seeds..
  7. all plants have 9 finger leaves.. they start with 1 then 3 then 5 then 7,9,11,13,15 even as high as 17 fingers then as they start to flower they start to drop fingers, youll notice the leaves go from 15, 13, 11,9 all the way back to 1 blade meaning its mature, or coming close to maturity... this is how it works..
  8. From the album Hash Pics

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