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  1. thanks Dust! i haven't fed the girls anything but compost tea or worm juice their entire lives. and they haven't even had any tea for about 4wks now...only water. so yea, they're pretty well flushed. yea, the hawaiian definitely has a few weeks left in her. initially i was under the impression she'd have a similar 9 - 11 wk flower time as the others, but apparently this one is a little shy! of the other 3, i'll most likely harvest yummy this week/end. her leaves are turning yellow and dropping. the other two are just starting. i've been removing most of them which is why they still look so green. i'm on the fence about when to harvest actually. i'm moving next week and breaking down, transporting, and setting back up is no small chore...but if i want to take the hawaiian to full bloom i don't really have a choice.
  2. well we're reaching the end of the flowering cycle and it's nearly time to harvest. this thursday is the 9 week mark and the Moon enters Scorpio (best sign for harvesting flowers) this saturday. i've been checking the colour of the trichomes and the majority on Wild Thailand, Panama, and Yummy are milky white. for the most part, it's been a very good grow. however, it's been rather hot the back half of the flower cycle this summer and as a result my Hawaiian Snow has suffered from some stress. i was also completely unprepared for how big she got! i had to transplant her from her 3 gal smart pot to a 5 gal smart pot to accommodate her growth. part of the problem with the heat in my grow area is even though i'm set up in a tent, the tent is in my garage and i wasn't able to vent out of the garage. in the end i'll be able to take what i've learned from this grow and correct my mistakes in my next garden. ...and now for the pics! Wild Thailand Wild Thailand - Flower Close-up Hawaiian Snow Hawaiian Snow - Close-up Yummy Yummy - Close-up Panama Panama - Close-up
  3. thanks brother! i'm sure this is going to be pretty amazing crop. last night, when i was doing my daily check on the girls, i accidentally brushed one of the buds on the wild thailand...the aroma was incredible...light and fruity. i can't only imagine how she will taste! i got a worm bin for my birthday a few years back. the first time i used the run off from the bin on some house plants i was amazed. almost immediately the plants stood up and became a brighter, healthier color. i had to give some to a friend and have them use it to make sure i wasn't seeing things! ever since then i've always made sure to maintain my worms and will never be without them. i first tried smart pots about a year ago. i was getting frustrated with how my plants were growing...below avg yields...poor root growth...etc. i posted my problem to the forums and was recommended to use smart pots and add mychorrizae fungi to the soil. i did both and the plants responded in kind! the extra oxygen in the soil and the mychorrizzae made a huge difference. the root balls were significantly larger and the plants themselves were noticeably healthier. i will never grow in any other container again! the only potential down side i've noticed is the soil in the hawaiian snow smart pot tends to dry out more quickly than my other plans. however, i attribute this more to the size of the smart pot than the smart pot itself. never having grown any of these strains before i decided to keep everything uniform. i know better now. either way, the hawaiian snow has not suffered.
  4. thanks Dust! this is my first garden that i will be growing to completion using soil i reclaimed / harvested and feeding only with bacterial teas i made. i'm pretty stoked about how healthy and vigorous they all have been. i've also never grown any of these strains before, so i really had no idea of what to expect in terms of growth rates or characteristics. one thing i have learned from this grow so far is that i will never grow hawaiian snow in anything smaller than a 5g container again! all of the girls are in 3g smart pots and even though this doesn't appear to have had any negative effects on any of the plants, i'm sure hawaiian snow's roots are getting pretty cramped!
  5. The girls have been in the flowering cycle for almost 4 weeks and they are going strong! Wild Thailand, Panama, and Yummy have all remained shorter and bushier than I would have expected for Sativas. Wild Thailand has responded very well to my pruning efforts and has the most bud sites of the three shorter strains. Panama appears to have fewer buds, but they have the potential to be fatter and denser than either Wild Thailand or Yummy. And speaking of Yummy, over the last week she has really opened up. I think her buds are going be somewhere between the density of Panama and Wild Thailand. Now, Hawaiian Snow, she has gone crazy! She has continued to stretch while she has gone to flower and she doesn't appear to be slowing down. She's already hit 42+ inches!! She has responded amazingly to pruning and will easily produce the largest yield. Her flowers are quite different than any of the other three...which I have to attribute to her landrace heritage. ...and now for some pictures! Wild Thailand Wild Thailand - Close up Hawaiian Snow Hawaiian Snow - Close up Yummy Yummy - Close up Panama Panama - Close up

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