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  1. great journal...thanks for posting....following!!
  2. @Jose.gh - thanks for follow! i actually got interested in biodynamic gardening because of my vegetable garden. i've been following the lunar / biodynamic calendar for those this season and was so impressed by the results that i decided to apply them to my indoor / cannabis garden. the way i look at it is regardless of indoors or out, the Moon has a definite effect on your plants so why not follow throughout all the gardens... @Madhorsefucker - yea, even though all of them are sativa / sativa dominant three of them sure do have some noticeable indica traits....we'll see how it goes.... my general plan for this garden is to train them all into a ScrOG which is why i chose these strains...that and they all have similar flowering times.
  3. researching new strains and planning my next garden

  4. This garden will mark a couple of firsts for me. It is the first garden I will have grown from completely reclaimed soil and compost. It is also the first time I will be growing landrace strains. I know it's not a good idea to try to change too many things at one time, but my reclaimed soil has been doing better than expected with my other house plants and well...landraces!!! I mean c'mon!! So let's break this down and get started on the Fall garden and journal. Strains See, My Organic Garden: Part 1 - Strains, for more details on the strains if you're curious. Texada Timewarp (Hybrid) Sativa Dominant Two mother plants. TXTW#1 TXTW#3 [*]Not planning on taking cuttings from the mothers until I'm ready to start my Spring garden. [*]Toxic Blue 33 (Hybrid) Indica Dominant One seed only (feminized). Freebie / UFO from Attitude Toxic Blue #1 [*]South African Kwazulu (Landrace) 100% Sativa Five Seeds SA Kwazulu 1-5 [*]Afghan Kush (Landrace) 100% Indica Five Seeds A Kush 1-5 [*]Purps (could be Chocolope...someone forgot to label his seed bags ) Indica / Sativa Five Seeds Purps 1-5 Grow Info See, My Organic Garden: Part 2 - Grow Areas, Soil, and Nutrients, for more details if you're curious. Grow Meda: Soil See the link above for the soil mix I use. [*]Containers 5gal cloth containers for TXTW#1 and TXTW#3 Starting seeds in 3" plastic containers Transplant females that will be taken to flower in 1gal cloth containers might use 3gal, but tent area may restrict the size to 1gal [*]Grow Area: 7'x7'x7' tent [*]Light (fan cooled and vented out of tent) Veg Cycle ( 16:8 ) 1000w Hortiluxe MH Universal [*]Flower Cycle ( 12:12 ) Plan is to use a 1000w HPS. Haven't decided on which one to use yet. [*]Nutrients: compost tea (home brew) [*]Exhale C02 bag [*]10000 BTU Portable A/C (vented out of the tent) [*]Avg Temp: 80*F Garden Goals Living in the buckle of the Bible Belt it gets hot, rrrreal hot in the summer. Even though this summer has been "cooler" than last summer, we've still remained in the upper 90's and had several weeks of 103*F +/- days. Going into the summer I had three Texada Timewarp mothers. One of which was pretty poor quality (most likely due to my over zealous gardening attempts) so I tossed her. I also had two Kali Mist mothers. Even though Kali Mist is a Sativa dominant strain, these girls didn't make it through the summer heat. What is interesting is of the two Texada Timewarp mothers that are remain, TXTW#1 proved herself to be very heat tolerant. TXTW#3 is stable and growing well, but not as strong as TXTW#1. How does all that relate to my garden goals? Well, my next step is to start a breeding program. I'm planning on using TXTW#1 as a mother and hoping her heat tolerance will be a trait that will be transferred to the new child strain. Jury is still out on which strain will get to be the proud father (landrace maybe....) So aside from using a TXTW#1 clone for a parernt mother, my underlying goals are: Isolate 1-2 P1 Mothers from each strain Isolate 1-2 P1 Fathers from each strain Observe and evaluate growth characteristics of each strain Yea, I'm a nerd (but aren't most of us here all nerds about this shit anyway). Hell, I even keep a hand written log where I track the moiture level of each plant, when watered and how much, when fed and how much, date, temp, and time. I even go so far as to transfer this data to a spreadsheet where I can make nifty charts showing things like how frequently each plant gets watered over time compared to temp and container size. Collecting this data allows me to track trends for each plant and general trends for each strain. I can then use this data to make adjustments specific to each individual plant. [*]Document smoke characteristics (arouma, flavor, type of high, etc) [*]Take cuttings from parents and prep for Spring garden. [*]Plan for Summer '14 to be veg only. ...and now on to the updates! Germination: Day 0 (17-AUG-2013) - Seeds in the soil Prepped and cleaned the tent. Started seeds in soil. Transplanted TXTW#1 and TXTW#3 into 5gal cloth containers Watered all plants with home brewed compost tea Light cycle 16:8 (off during the hottest part of the day) Germination: Day 3 (20-AUG-2013) checking tent 3+ times per day misting / watering seeds daily (checking soil moisture level to make sure I don't drown 'em) Avg Temp: 80*F Germination: Day 4 (21-AUG-2013) Nobody has poked their head out of the soil yet so I thought I'd share some pics... Photo 1: Garden Overview (nerd alert...yes, each label has the plant name on one side and the date planted / cloned on the other) Photo 2: TXTW#1 Photo 3: Waiting for seedlings is painful!! Photo 4: TXTW#1 Close up
  5. today is a sad sad day...but fear not...it is not the end!!

  6. Today is a sad day. Due to circumstances out of my control, I had to tear down my garden. However, I have learned a lot over the course of my recent gardens and I will start again when the time is right. I will continue to lurk and participate in this amazing community!! peace and blessing to all!!
  7. @TopShelfGreen...thanks brother and will do! @Dust...I was toatlly excited when i saw the root growth...especially since my last grow's root balls were under developed. In just the short amount of time I've been on SH, I can already see an exponential difference in the quality of my plants! Big thanks to everyone! I'll be posting some new pics and a garden update soon!
  8. Garden Update - Transplanting [16-Sept-2013] Well the kids have out grown their original containers so I spent some time this morning mixing a batch of new soil and transplanting them to 2 gal smart pots. I only made one change to my basic soil mix. Instead of mxing the mycorryizail fungi into the main soil added 1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) to the soil under the root ball and dusted the roots as well. My expectation is that this application method will stimulate more rigourous root growth which will translate to the plant growth as well. I've included some pics of the process below. Photo 1: Chocolope 001 - Root Growth Photo 2: Chocolope 002 getting dusted Photo 3: Mycorrhizail Fungi in the container
  9. From the album Fall 2013

  10. From the album Fall 2013

  11. From the album Fall 2013

  12. hey brother....as ExceptionGreen already said the internet is probably your best resource. that being said, if you're interested in broadening your knowledge as it relates to microbiology, environmental science, etc MIT offers a ton of opensource and free course ware! MIT OpenCourseWare Main Page Environment Courses Environmental Microbiology - i just downloaded the course materials for this course...really interesting stuff!!!
  13. good eye! i've been watching the mothers very closely. no red or black spots on the under side of the leaves...but something is definitely going on there. i've also noticed on one of them what looks like leaf miner signs.
  14. Garden Update - [09-Sept-2013] Hey brothers and sisters! It's been about 2 weeks since my last update and I've finally gotten a breather from "real life"! Since my last post the garden has been reduce in size a bit. Strains 2x Texada Timewarp TXTW#1 TXTW#3 1x South African Kwazulu SA Kw #1 2x Afghan Kush A Kush #1 A Kush #2 4x Chocolope Chocolope #1 Chocolope #2 Chocolope #5 Chocolope #6 3x Purps Purps #2 Purps #3 Purps #4 All of the remaining plats are doing very well and loving my soil mix! I'm pretty sure the reason for the die off is my fault. I decided to attempt to germinate the 1st sets directly in the soil. That didn't work. The next set I decided to germinate them in pods. This worked, but dumbass that I am decided to try and remove a few from their pods and transfer them directly to the soil. Some survived, but most didn't. Seems that newly germinated seeds don't like to have their tap roots removed from their homes!! Oh well, lesson learned! My TXTW mother plants have exploded with new growth! I've taken two cuttings from TXTW#1 and one from TXTW#3. Mostly because both plants were getting too tall...and I also want to see the difference in the smoke with the new soil mix and feeding too. The South African Kwazulu (SA Kw #1) is trying real hard to hang on. I don't know what happened to these seeds. I have a feeling it's related tot he heat down here and initial improper storage. Either way, I just happy to have one trying to keep on keeping on! now on to the good stuff!!! Photo 1: 07-Sept-2013 - Garden Overview Photo 2: 07-Sept-2013 - A Kush #1 Photo 3: 07-Sept-2013 - A Kush #2 Photo 4: 07-Sept-2013 - Purps #2 Photo 4: 07-Sept-2013 - Purps #3 Photo 5: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #1 Photo 6: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #2 Photo 7: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #5 Photo 8: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #6 Photo 9: 07-Sept-2013 - SA Kw #1

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