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Posts posted by Redd_Beardd

  1. thanks Dust!  i haven't fed the girls anything but compost tea or worm juice their entire lives.  and they haven't even had any tea for about 4wks now...only water.  so yea, they're pretty well flushed.   :pickeat: 


    yea, the hawaiian definitely has a few weeks left in her.  initially i was under the impression she'd have a similar 9 - 11 wk flower time as the others, but apparently this one is a little shy!


    of the other 3, i'll most likely harvest yummy this week/end.  her leaves are turning yellow and dropping.  the other two are just starting.  i've been removing most of them which is why they still look so green.  i'm on the fence about when to harvest actually.  i'm moving next week and breaking down, transporting, and setting back up is no small chore...but if i want to take the hawaiian to full bloom i don't really have a choice.  :acute: 

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  2. well we're reaching the end of the flowering cycle and it's nearly time to harvest.  this thursday is the 9 week mark and the Moon enters Scorpio (best sign for harvesting flowers) this saturday.  i've been checking the colour of the trichomes and the majority on Wild Thailand, Panama, and Yummy are milky white.  for the most part, it's been a very good grow.  however, it's been rather hot the back half of the flower cycle this summer and as a result my Hawaiian Snow has suffered from some stress.  i was also completely unprepared for how big she got!  i had to transplant her from her 3 gal smart pot to a 5 gal smart pot to accommodate her growth.  part of the problem with the heat in my grow area is even though i'm set up in a tent, the tent is in my garage and i wasn't able to vent out of the garage.  in the end i'll be able to take what i've learned from this grow and correct my mistakes in my next garden.


    ...and now for the pics!

    Wild Thailand

    Wild Thailand

    Wild Thailand - Flower Close-up

    Wild Thailand - Flower Close-up

    Hawaiian Snow

    Hawaiian Snow

    Hawaiian Snow - Close-up

    Hawaiian Snow - Flower Close-up



    Yummy - Close-up

    Yumm - Flower Close-up



    Panama - Close-up

    Panama - Flower Close-up

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  3. thanks brother!  i'm sure this is going to be pretty amazing crop.  last night, when i was doing my daily check on the girls, i accidentally brushed one of the buds on the wild thailand...the aroma was incredible...light and fruity.  i can't only imagine how she will taste!


    i got a worm bin for my birthday a few years back.  the first time i used the run off from the bin on some house plants i was amazed.  almost immediately the plants stood up and became a brighter, healthier color.  i had to give some to a friend and have them use it to make sure i wasn't seeing things!  ever since then i've always made sure to maintain my worms and will never be without them.


    i first tried smart pots about a year ago.  i was getting frustrated with how my plants were growing...below avg yields...poor root growth...etc.  i posted my problem to the forums and was recommended to use smart pots and add mychorrizae fungi to the soil.  i did both and the plants responded in kind!  the extra oxygen in the soil and the mychorrizzae made a huge difference.  the root balls were significantly larger and the plants themselves were noticeably healthier.  i will never grow in any other container again!  the only potential down side i've noticed is the soil in the hawaiian snow smart pot tends to dry out more quickly than my other plans.  however, i attribute this more to the size of the smart pot than the smart pot itself.  never having grown any of these strains before i decided to keep everything uniform.  i know better now.  either way, the hawaiian snow has not suffered.

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  4. thanks Dust!  this is my first garden that i will be growing to completion using soil i reclaimed / harvested and feeding only with bacterial teas i made.  i'm pretty stoked about how healthy and vigorous they all have been.  i've also never grown any of these strains before, so i really had no idea of what to expect in terms of growth rates or characteristics.  one thing i have learned from this grow so far is that i will never grow hawaiian snow in anything smaller than a 5g container again!   :biggrin:   all of the girls are in 3g smart pots and even though this doesn't appear to have had any negative effects on any of the plants, i'm sure hawaiian snow's roots are getting pretty cramped! 

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  5. The girls have been in the flowering cycle for almost 4 weeks and they are going strong!  Wild Thailand, Panama, and Yummy have all remained shorter and bushier than I would have expected for Sativas.  Wild Thailand has responded very well to my pruning efforts and has the most bud sites of the three shorter strains.  Panama appears to have fewer buds, but they have the potential to be fatter and denser than either Wild Thailand or Yummy.  And speaking of Yummy, over the last week she has really opened up.  I think her buds are going be somewhere between the density of Panama and Wild Thailand.  Now, Hawaiian Snow, she has gone crazy!  She has continued to stretch while she has gone to flower and she doesn't appear to be slowing down.   She's already hit 42+ inches!!  She has responded amazingly to pruning and will easily produce the largest yield.  Her flowers are quite different than any of the other three...which I have to attribute to her landrace heritage.


    ...and now for some pictures!

    Wild Thailand

    07-JULY-2014 -- Wild Thailand

    Wild Thailand - Close up

    07-JULY-2014 -- Wild Thailand Close up

    Hawaiian Snow

    07-JULY-2014 -- Hawaiian Snow

    Hawaiian Snow - Close up

    07-JULY-2014 -- Hawaiian Snow Close up


    07-JULY-2014 -- Yummy

    Yummy - Close up

    07-JULY-2014 -- Yummy



    07-JULY-2014 -- Panama

    Panama - Close up

    07-JULY-2014 -- Panama Close up

  6. It's been 3 weeks +/- since my last post and the girls are going strong!  During this time I topped them all and have been pruning.  All of them are responding very well to the pruning and have produced a good number of lateral branches.  One thing I learned from this exercise is that I should have allowed the Wild Thailand, Panama, and Yummy strains to grow taller before topping them.  It has not hampered their growth by any means, but the Hawaiian Snow is a quick growing beast...she's already practically 20" tall even after topping her at 8.5"!!  As for feeding, the only nutrients I have been feeding them are regular foliar applications of compost tea (bacterial dominant during veg / fungal dominant during flower) and watering with the run off from my worm bin.   Yesterday I decided it was time to flip the switch and swapped bulbs and changed the light cycle to 12:12.   Now the fun really begins!!!


    Wild Thailand - 48 days and 10.25"

    26-JUNE-2014 - Wild Thailand

    Hawaiian Snow - 48 days and 19.75"

    26-JUNE-2014 - Hawaiian Snow

    Yummy- 48 days and 8.5"

    26-JUNE-2014 - Yummy

    Panama - 45 days and 10.75"

    26-JUNE-2014 - Panama

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  7. Well, I transplanted all the girls to their final home last Friday and was happily surprised by how well their root systems were growing.  Not only that, but the soil was very light and airy...so I think I nailed my soil mix!  As I noted when I started this journal, I've been following biodynamic / lunar gardening practices.  This is first time I've ever tried this method and all I can say is I'm hooked!


    Anyway, yes, I took a bunch of pictures when I was transplanting...and yes, I'll share....   :biggrin:


    Mixing up a batch of amended soil....

    mixing up some soil

    Roots of Wild Thailand!

    Wild Thailand - Roots

    Wild Thailand in her new 3 gallon smart pot home

    Wild Thailand - Transplanted to 3gal Smart Pot

    Roots of Hawaiian Snow...looking good!!

    Hawaiian Snow - Roots

    Hawaiian Snow in her new home...

    Hawaiian Snow - Transplanted to 3gal Smart Pot

    Hawaiian Snow is already putting off some good looking lateral branches!!

    Hawaiian Snow - close up lateral shoots


    Yummy - Roots

    Yummy - Roots


    Yummy - in her new 3 gallon smart pot home

    Yummy - Transplanted to 3gal Smart Pot

    Panama - Roots

    Panama - Roots

    Panama - she may have had a rough start, but she's sure caught up!

    Panama - Transplanted to 3gal Smart Pot

    In the past when I have transplanted my plants I would dust the roots and sprinkle a small amount of mycorrhizae in the soil right where the roots would be placed.  This time, however, not only did I do that, but as I was filling each smart pot I added it to the soil in layers at a rate of approximately 2 tablespoons every 2 inches of soil added.  I've read gardening articles that recommend adding it to the soil mix rather.  The guys at my favorite local horticulture supply shop turned me on to dusting the roots with it.  This time I decided to take it a step further with the layers.  I decided to try the layering + root dusting because of the concentration of spores in the mycorrhizae I use is not as high as others.
    ...and even though these pictures don't show it, I added a layer of lava rocks as mulch to each container.  I got turned on to this by a fellow grower here in the forums and the plants really love it!
    OK, so admittedly I'm somewhat of a nerd at heart.  Not only do I record pertinent data about each plant (i.e. soil moisture levels, feeding, height, etc) on a regular basis in a notebook, but I also enter that in a spreadsheet.  Using this data I have created some pretty cool charts...at least I think they're pretty cool.  If nothing else, they help me identify trends...which is quite helpful when working out what I should add or remove to even out soil moisture. 
    Hawaiian Snow - Data + Chart

    Biocannabis Tracking

    Combined Charts

    Combined Charts

    If anyone is interested in the details of what I record, I am happy to share!


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  8. So, even though it's only been two days since my last posting, it's been 7 days since I took pictures of the girls...and they are all growing strong!  I have watering them with compost tea only and they obviously love it!

    Wild Thailand - 28-MAY-2014

    Wild Thailand - 28-MAY-2014

    Wild Thailand - 28-May-2014 - Close Up

    Wild Thailand - 28-MAY-2014 - Close up

    Hawaiian Snow - 28-MAY-2014

    Hawaiian Snow - 28-MAY-2014

    Hawaiian Snow - 28-MAY-2014 - Close up

    Hawaiian Snow - 28-MAY-2014 - Close up

    Yummy - 28-MAY-2014

    Yummy -  28-MAY-2014

    Yummy - 28-MAY-2014 - Close up

    Yummy -  28-MAY-2014 - Close up

    Panama - 28-MAY-2014

    Panama -  28-MAY-2014

    Panama - 28-MAY-2014 - Close up

    Panama -  28-MAY-2014 - Close up

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  9. @Jose.gh  - thanks for follow!  i actually got interested in biodynamic gardening because of my vegetable garden.  i've been following the lunar / biodynamic calendar for those this season and was so impressed by the results that i decided to apply them to my indoor / cannabis garden.  the way i look at it is regardless of indoors or out, the Moon has a definite effect on your plants so why not follow throughout all the gardens...


    @Madhorsefucker - yea, even though all of them are sativa / sativa dominant three of them sure do have some noticeable indica traits....we'll see how it goes....


    my general plan for this garden is to train them all into a ScrOG which is why i chose these strains...that and they all have similar flowering times. 

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  10. Well, after an unexpected hiatus I'm back and growing again!  During my downtime, I've read more on organic and biodynamic gardening and gone much farther down the rabbit hole.  My soil mix hasn't changed nor has my compost tea recipe.  I have however, stumbled across a new area of study, biodynamic gardening.  Most of you are probably more familiar with the term gardening by the moon.  Biodynamic gardening takes this a step further by accounting for the not only the lunar phase, but also the lunar sign.  Yea, yea I know...that's some real hippy shit right there.  But before you blow it off, just know that it's not about mysticism or how to plant, but about when to plant.  It's like a scheduling guideline.  I'm still a relative newbie in my understanding, but the basic premise is that the gravitational pull of the Moon exerts a measurable force (a.k.a. gravity) on water on Earth and to a lesser degree so do the planets.  The Moon's pull increases and decreases as it passes through the four phases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter) and as it passes through each phase it also spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign.  You beginning to get the scheduling idea yet?  Anyway, each sign of the zodiac is associated with a given element (fire, earth, water, air) and each element is better for certain types of garden activities.  For example, Cancer is water sign and is the most fertile of all the signs.  During 1st or 2nd quarter (waxing / increasing) when the Moon is in Cancer is said to be the best time to sow seeds or transplant plants that produce their fruits or vegetables above ground.  While cultivating, pulling weeds, applying organic fertilizers, planting root crops, etc is said to be best done during the 3rd or 4th quarter (waning / decreasing) when the Moon is in a dry or barren sign like Taurus.  

    Anyway, enough of that hippy shit and on to the good stuff...


    • Wild Thailand
      • ​Strain:  Pure Sativa
      • THC:  22.3%
      • Genetics:  Landrace
      • Seed Type:  Feminized
      • Lineage:  Pure race obtained from Ko Chang (Thailand)
      • Breeder:  World of Seeds
      • Seed Bank:  Castle
    • Hawaiian Snow
      • Strain:  Sativa
      • THC:  23.0%
      • Genetics:  Landrace
      • Seed Type:  Femenized
      • Lineage:  Hawaiian, Laos
      • Breeder:  Green House Seeds
      • Seed Bank:  Castle
    • Yummy
      • Strain: Sativa Dominant
      • THC:  5.0%
      • CBD:  5.0%
      • Gentics:  Hybrid
      • Seed Type:  Femenized
      • Lineage:  Originally Yummy was a cross of a very special Yumbolt strain selected in 2003, with the G13 Haze male
      • Breeder:  CBD Crew
      • Seed Bank:  Castle
    • Panama
      • Strain:  Sativa
      • THC:  Untested
      • Genetics:  Hybrid Sativa x Sativa
      • Seed Type:  Femenized
      • Lineage:  Panama '74, Green Panama and Colombian "Punto Rojo".
      • Breeder:  CannaBioGen
      • Seed Bank:  Castle

    Growing Environment
    I germinated all the seeds in my soil mix in peat seed starting containers in a domed tray under T5 florescent lights.  After approximately 12 days of growth, I transplanted them to 3" containers and left them under the T5's on a 16:8 light cycle for another 10 - 12 days.  At which time I moved them to my grow tent (7'x7'x7') under a 1000W Hortilux Metal Halide light and am keeping them on a 16:8 light cycle.  In the tent I have a 6" cooling fan for the light hood and an 8,000 BTU A/C unit set to 78*F.
     Journal Updates

    [04-May-2014] Pre-soaked for 24hrs

    starting the seeds

    [06-May-2014] Hawaiian Snow, Wild Thailand, and Panama germinated!

    Germination - Hawaiian Snow and Wild Thailand


    Germination - Yummy

    [10-May-2014] Seedlings

    Seedlings - Hawaiian Snow, Wild Thailand, Yummy

    [11-May-2014] Panama germinated!

    Germination - Panama

    [21-May-2014] Seedlings, seedlings, seedlings!!
    Wild Thailand

    Wild Thailand [21-MAY-2014]

    Hawaiian Snow

    Hawaiian Snow [21-MAY-2014]


    Yummy [21-MAY-2014]


    Panama [21-MAY-2014]

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  11. @TopShelfGreen...thanks brother and will do!

    @Dust...I was toatlly excited when i saw the root growth...especially since my last grow's root balls were under developed.

    In just the short amount of time I've been on SH, I can already see an exponential difference in the quality of my plants! Big thanks to everyone!

    I'll be posting some new pics and a garden update soon!

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  12. Garden Update - Transplanting [16-Sept-2013]

    Well the kids have out grown their original containers so I spent some time this morning mixing a batch of new soil and transplanting them to 2 gal smart pots. I only made one change to my basic soil mix. Instead of mxing the mycorryizail fungi into the main soil added 1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) to the soil under the root ball and dusted the roots as well. My expectation is that this application method will stimulate more rigourous root growth which will translate to the plant growth as well. I've included some pics of the process below.

    Photo 1: Chocolope 001 - Root Growth


    Photo 2: Chocolope 002 getting dusted


    Photo 3: Mycorrhizail Fungi in the container


  13. on the bigger plants on the lower leaves i see little spots.. this kinda looks like spidermite to me..

    just check under neath the leaves and see if you can find any little red or black dots moving about...

    hopefully its not bugs.. but im guessing with reclaimed soil.. it could possibly be mites..

    the 2 main bugs you'll see are mites and blackfly/gnats

    good eye! i've been watching the mothers very closely. no red or black spots on the under side of the leaves...but something is definitely going on there. i've also noticed on one of them what looks like leaf miner signs.

  14. Garden Update - [09-Sept-2013]

    Hey brothers and sisters! It's been about 2 weeks since my last update and I've finally gotten a breather from "real life"! Since my last post the garden has been reduce in size a bit.


    2x Texada Timewarp

    • TXTW#1
    • TXTW#3

    1x South African Kwazulu

    • SA Kw #1

    2x Afghan Kush

    • A Kush #1
    • A Kush #2

    4x Chocolope

    • Chocolope #1
    • Chocolope #2
    • Chocolope #5
    • Chocolope #6

    3x Purps

    • Purps #2
    • Purps #3
    • Purps #4

    All of the remaining plats are doing very well and loving my soil mix! I'm pretty sure the reason for the die off is my fault. I decided to attempt to germinate the 1st sets directly in the soil. That didn't work. The next set I decided to germinate them in pods. This worked, but dumbass that I am decided to try and remove a few from their pods and transfer them directly to the soil. Some survived, but most didn't. Seems that newly germinated seeds don't like to have their tap roots removed from their homes!! Oh well, lesson learned!

    My TXTW mother plants have exploded with new growth! I've taken two cuttings from TXTW#1 and one from TXTW#3. Mostly because both plants were getting too tall...and I also want to see the difference in the smoke with the new soil mix and feeding too.

    The South African Kwazulu (SA Kw #1) is trying real hard to hang on. I don't know what happened to these seeds. I have a feeling it's related tot he heat down here and initial improper storage. Either way, I just happy to have one trying to keep on keeping on!

    now on to the good stuff!!!

    Photo 1: 07-Sept-2013 - Garden Overview


    Photo 2: 07-Sept-2013 - A Kush #1


    Photo 3: 07-Sept-2013 - A Kush #2


    Photo 4: 07-Sept-2013 - Purps #2


    Photo 4: 07-Sept-2013 - Purps #3


    Photo 5: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #1


    Photo 6: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #2


    Photo 7: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #5


    Photo 8: 07-Sept-2013 - Chocolope #6


    Photo 9: 07-Sept-2013 - SA Kw #1


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  15. good looking start to your grow brother! one suggestion on the heat...if you decide to go back to the HPS in your tent consider the timing of your 12:12 cycle. by that i mean if your 12:12 cycle coincides with, say 8a - 8p on and 8p - 8a off you could flip that and let the lights on cycle be during the evening hours. i also use a grow tent and i keep it in my garage so i really don't have a choice to flip my garden's day / night to the opposite of actual day / night. it makes a noticable difference.

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  16. thanks for the tips brother! i'm all about doing things on the cheap! i'll check out those viagrow pots, but i also like to support my local horticulture shop as much as possible. that's where i got my smarties pots.

    i was already thinking about mulch...but wasn't thinking about lava rocks. that sounds like a good plan!

    the mrs isn't really much of a smoker...just means more for me! but yea...i really dig the chocolope! i got the seeds from a local friend and i'm beginning to thinkg they might actually be feminized chocolope seed from dna genetics....but that's just a guess.

    i'm also really curious to see the difference in smoke, flavor, and high the TXTWs will produce now that i've changed up their grow environment.

    on a side note, i've made some tinctures recently...one from leaves of TXTW#1 & TXTW#2, one from leaves from a mix of Chocolope, TXTWs, and Purps, and one from bud from a now removed TXTW#2 (recepie here). i've given samples to 2 friends (one uses it for back pain / muscle relaxant and the other uses it to ease the symptoms of lupus) and both have reported back that it is waaay better than the pharma meds they use. next tincture i'll be making i'm planning on using vegetable glycerin tincture....my hope is it can be used both internally and topically...

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  17. Garden Update [27-Aug-2013]

    It's been a few days since my last journal update so now's as good a time as any to take care of business.

    A few things have changed. When I started this gaden, I decided to try germinating my seeds directly in the soil. I figured why the hell not (and I never germ all my seeds during any given grow). Well, only one seed has germinated so far, Afghan Kush #1. So much for that method. But that's ok, since I hate waiting I started some more seeds in using organic pods and a domed propigator (you know...just in case). I always find myself in a quandry over wanting to immediately grow everyting I've got vs being smart and only (attempting) to germinate a more realistic amount.

    As a result of my backup measures I now have 5 Afghan Kush seedlings, 6 Chocolope seedlings, and 4 Purps seedlings. Unfortunately, none my South African Kwazulu seeds have germinated. Granted it's only been 4 days since I started this new batch, but all the other strains showed signs of germination within 48 hours. Oh well, worst case I'll pick up a new batch for my Spring garden.

    It's been about 10 days since I started the initial batch of seeds and moved my Texada Timewarp mothers to the tent and I have to say I absoultely love the soil mix and upgraded 1000w MH light I'm using! The TXTW mothers are loving the new digs! I've even noticed the seedlings that have broken the soil surface appear to be greening quicker than I recall my other grows doing.

    So since a picture is worth a thousand words...

    Photo 1: TXTW#1 (I think that rouge seedling is a canaloupe. I always get surprises when I use my compost. xD)


    Photo 2: TXTW#2 Close up


    Photo 3: TXTW#3 (looks like some C. ruderalis traits are making themselves known)


    Photo 5: Afghan Kush #4


    Photo 5: Chocolope #5


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