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  1. The suns still produceing after all these years ! Looks a mighty fine winter stash
  2. DJ Shadow in Motion Brizzle. Outdoor samples aplenty - sniff me out

  3. All the snows melted away and the Daffodils are in bloom so why not soak some beans for this years green ops ! 5 Fresian dews to kick off this years grow, into soak on the 1st of April - all cracked in 48 h and into the prop with 50w of energy saving lights, yeasterday i repotted and booted up this 300 watt equiv energy saver ! Might be a little too strong in this box so will monitor for the next couple of days. Hopefully 2 more weeks in the box and they can go out. Anyone else thinking of an outdoor crop should get germinating now !!!
  4. Mould hitting everyplant now stalk and bud so ive been wiping down with milk and cutting out all effected parts. Took Missus Maffro to the spot to help eradicate the mould and she took some pics too so you can see the size of this years girls ! This is the mouldy stalk, its about half way up and above this im having realy bad mould issues in the buds - the other 3 plants dont have this problem as bad and im thinking this one will be 1st to come down if it doesnt snap 1st Will try to chop on the next full moon, none have has nutes for a week and they all smell beautiful. Will post more pics when i harvest
  5. Its super stinky ! Nice plant sshkiper and everyone else, smokin that girl now, sweet sungrown organic kindness . Superstinky is a super auto 150 days worth.
  6. Here we go with Wales's World cup effort, ten auto bombs to go out this year, havent been able to find a new spot so just have to make more of an effort fighting the elements this year. Not planning to start them off till April but ive done a session in the field before all the insects get busy, got most of the soil up and ive preped 4 decent pots and the rest will go tiered into the old water tank thing. 1st make big hole in pot - good for drainage ! Then add big rock Then add gravel and pebbles from river Put some soil in and leave till needed ! Any animal dung can be put in now too if ya like, few months too rot down wont do any harm. Camo it up Water tank with last years pot soil, will tier whats left into this, hopefully 6 ! Need to know who or whats fucking with your plants !!!! Counter surveillance Green ops style Aint gonna be posting weekly till April but thought id get started - Good luck all
  7. Looking very healthy indeed, not alot of yellowing either so they might take the temps right through to the end. Good luck
  8. Really the 12th and no entries ! Well to start you off heres some outdoor action from cloudy Wales - Superstinky, put out 1st week in May Chopped a quater of her yesterday due to mould and she should fall next week.
  9. Im hoping and praying that you can take this girl to the end, will be a monster plant and "trippy as fuck !" nice one Bam!
  10. Very good looking ladies ! Yes definately use the garage and put a fan on them too if you can will help with the mould i suppose. Good weather karma heading your way
  11. Well the weeds been in a jar for over a week so i took a couple of nuggets out of the big jar and smoked a bit today with a mate. 1st things first he couldnt tell it was an auto, no complaints and said he was nicely stoned, enjoyed the taste and smell too. heres some comments "instant high" "pleasant aromatic aroma!" also said the music was "alive" For me the taste is very similar to big bang auto and the effect too, the buds though remind me of the GOM whereas the cloche autobombs are totally bigbangish ! More flavour in those nugs too. One of the cloch girls has a sweet lemony taste which reminds me of the green house coffee shop aroma! The yields for the cloche girls where 15g for the sweeter one and 18g for the bigbang tasting one, the big girl produced 35 gs.
  12. Fresians still kicking it ! Mould issues here to onthe stalks, more news on these next week, didnt have time today.
  13. Mission is a Go
  14. Well today due to weather and other factors ive chopped the supercalihaze and about quater of the super stinky. Mould inside the buds so i chopped, lots of rain this week and the plant looked good enough to smoke ! Super stinky, not as bad as the sch but i dont have room to dry both so i only took the worst effected branches - fingers crossed Smoke report to follow
  15. Found today undr a Silver Birch tree, think your supposed to peel the red bit off and fry it up ! Or make your pet reindeer eat a shit load and drink its piss ! Not for me !
  16. So these girls are coming up to 120 days from seed ! Ive fed them biobizzbloom and top max this week, theres been some mould issues and ive done alot of mould scrapping and lst etc As September is a killer for ganja up these parts i was going to start flushing now and be thannkfull for what i get when the mould gets too bad but the breeder has recomended giving them a full hit with ripen next week and then flush. The big SupercaliHaze Smells sweet and seems to be two weeks ahead of stinky - next year ill start these in April The small sch which was transplanted and only given a 3 gallon pot to live in. Ive also put her in a mouldier spot and as a result ive been sampling her alluring meds ! no complaints whatsoever ! A enjoyable and long lasting stone - a blast from the past ! Superstinky which isnt really that smelly, bud structure is a little fatter and again could have done with starting in April So next week ill feed both with ripen and then ride my luck !
  17. From the album green ops

  18. From the album green ops

  19. From the album green ops

  20. From the album green ops

  21. From the album green ops

  22. From the album green ops

  23. From the album green ops

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