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  1. Thank you so much guys this info is GOLDEN
  2. are you saying you topped your plant?
  3. Thanks for all this great info guys
  4. Just so u guys know im doing an outside grow, Does that at all interfere with topping
  5. Thanks guys, I have one more question will Topping increase the likely hood of a higher yeild
  6. I was planning on starting sometime in may... Which is the last frost, Beileve me i have been preping as much as possible, lol But thank you for the input and ill definetly take a look at your grow
  7. I realize you cannot tell me the exact size but i heard they regularly are about three feet, So how big will they be if i top them PS: I am not growing right now but i will be in may and i want to be as prepared as possible
  8. Thank u dust
  9. This is awesome thank you very much
  10. Hi guys, I hope this isnt a silly question as i am a first time grower, but, what would be the best soil mix for a GWS plant. Also i have homemade compost and i was wondering if that would be good to add into the mix Thats it, Happy growing and... Byee
  11. Thanks guys. this seems like a really friendly community which is good to know
  12. This is good to hear and it will be an outdoor grow Thank you!!!
  13. This is awesome advice guys so im going to dry outside with the boxes and strings someone said it would smell really strong... well my question is. How far will it smell from.
  14. I heard you should plant different seeds at different times, i live in ontario in canada Also when should i expect budding once i plant... month wise
  15. What if i were to hang up the bud in a cardboard box but have a blanket placed over it, then cut 2 holes in either side of box for ventilation, surelly this would work because im giving the bud a dark warm place to dry with ventilation

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