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  1. JeanTonerre

    Other Thing

    Other Thing
  2. JeanTonerre

    Lemon Skunk Outdoor 2013

    my grow outdoor lemon skunk outdoor, with some purple kush, and holy grail kush
  3. blue widow was a nice run for me too, not the best smoke i smoked, but one of my best grow ever, easy to grow, pest and mold resistant, high yield, short time flowering
  4. omg bro...do caboose have white window in it strain
  5. i got lot of pics, but unfortunatly, the best are .... maybe too large scale growing to post it on the internet.... still, i'll probably post some with time
  6. chemdog 91 x sour diesel
  7. JeanTonerre


    il recommand using 1000w bulb if you can handle this heat, Hortilux are in my book, the best brand .... for the VEg they got the HORTILUX MH BLUE ..... this is the best light i ever use for veg time, and HORTILUX SUPER HPS for flowering ... they are really good bulb, you have to remmember plant needs energy, and transform it into tissue....bigger light ? bigger yield ! .... i dont know why seed company still using the g/m2 scale... as i find better to count it in g/watts ! .............. in ballast, i dont recommand anyone to buy ELECTRONIC BALLAST for the moment , they are just wayy to expe
  8. I'll always recommend Canna, they are REALLY GOOD QUALITY NUTES.... they are probably the easier brand to use on the market, they got some legendary product, such a rhizo, and canna boost (i recommend every body to try cannaboost as a foliar spray between week 2 and 4 of flowering). we got some other brand here named VAN DE SWAN house and garden, this line tint every think, what ever the strain you grow, it will smell and taste the same shitty odor..... canna always bring best taste to my flowers. Advanced nutrients are good, but too expensive, too mutch bottle....and......do i say its expe
  9. As i own a BIG hydro shop, and got many year in growing and testing every thing they put on market, ill tell you, if you are looking for a BIG YIELD.... you should go Advanced Nutes instead of BioCanna..... (and i dont seriously like bio canna) BUT what i can tell you, is if you use REGULAR CANNA .... its rally good, youll get healthy plants, good yield (maybe not the best ever, but still really good) and high quality flowers, canna is a bit cheaper than advanced, and its REALLY .... REALLY easier to use than Advanced Nutrients ..... and rember , advanced will always put theyre hand in your po
  10. i really love what i do, i enjoy this communauty , this is why im workin in every aspect i can bless to you too bro
  11. hi guy, i just want to introduce myself here, people around montreal call me Doctah tee, but im loggin as JeanTonerre here. i in the domain since 12 years now, i really love what i do, i manage probably the biggest Hydroshop in town. i have a big role in propaganda of the strain around here, i decide what people will smoke for the next year ahah, i choose the strain, and people grow what i have.... im always looking for the new thang to bring around my city, people here are more on indica stuff, wat ever, i hope i can share knowledge and respect with people here. hope i can find some internati
  12. yah man, its Headband (aka sour kush) from DNA..... this was my keeper pheno....normally, headband is huge, but not that huge, still, the flavour was exactly the same .....normally, high yield = less flavour, but not that time
  13. JeanTonerre


    These are my own pictures, that i keep since years. nothing specific, but lot of nice things