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  1. You better hurry there before it's atomized by Donald Duck !
  2. My honest and deepest condolences to Franco's family & close friends, the GHSC staff and all who knew him personally. So sad he had to leave so young, leaving his family behind, which breaks my heart. R.I.P. Franco Fim Lars
  3. FIM

    FORUM rules

    What happens in chat stays in chat
  4. I can contact ralle via Phone if you cant reach him...need about the same info for 2017. Let's combine our efforts...send me PM Cannabissapean and we can try to contact Ralle directly with in person meeting Fim
  5. Nice start !!! If you keep the same tidyness and effort throughout the grow till harvest you will be among those who harvest well You could place some plates with water, waterbucket, wet towels, etc... to the tent until humidity is in control.
  6. Good idea, till Xmas those buds will become an outstanding smoke only love & patience can deliver
  7. NICE Just smoked some Himalaya Gold this morning you won't regret that one !
  8. The hardest part is doing NOTHING....look and smell for 4-6 weeks !!! Bridge the time with some nice ice hash from trim !? That's how I do it mostly.
  9. Welcome ..and a fridge grow sounds nice !!! *bookmarked Fim
  10. I dont like to guess ripeness..take a magnifying glass ( 60-80x )and check the trichomes' color Looks good, also had Auto Jack from Par.Seeds last year indoor...excellent auto...not much diff from oridinary strain's looks. The GHSC JH-A has a far btter taste tho, but looks not that nice
  11. Considering it's an Auto strain ... yes. I would judge by colour of the trichomes and general ripeness and feeling of the bud(s) and not by a mark in the calendar, especially not with Autos. I think some more fattening could take place so you get some yield
  12. gonna be tons of nice trim...make your thoughts about how to do ice water hash in bigger style.....200L barrel.....1kW driller....cold cold water...lil ice....and time There are nice videos of guys doing it with more than a small bag of trim....to get you an ideaof what you will encounter ....
  13. Keep them flowering and buy a solid timer and a Protector Relais ( electro magnetic ) to save the timer from burning the pins if you have an old style ballast. Some timers also wont accept the perm. current and heat flowing across it and MELT, seen all of that BS...only buy solid stuff and dont buy from price tag, this stuff will burn your house down !!!!! I have had so far: - multiple melted timers = I now use digital ballast with built-in timers only. - 2 melted and burning ventilators = take them out as soon as they squeek or make
  14. And guys...such a setup cries for mites !! prepare early and have stuff at hand to fight it before it even starts