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  1. I went back on the weekend and tried again. I was totally prepared this time and had all the steps I needed to do down pat. I only had two "test plates" left so I was going to do the THC tests on one and the cannabinoid testing on the other. In my haste I prepared the first plate to do THC testing. I did everything correctly, but in my haste to see results I forgot to dry the plate after it was in the developing solution and went straight to spraying the dye on it. So I was done to one plate left. I then did everything correctly and got my THC results. I will be ordering more plates and testing solutions as well I will be spending on an automatic measuring device as using the tiny little glass pipettes to measure out the exact amount to place on the test plates is a pain in the ass. So I've spent the $99.00 for the perfect measuring device. So below you will see pictures of how I set things up for testing and finally my last plate with the test results on it. Until next year "Happy and successful growing to all"
  2. So sorry to everyone, I've still not re done the testing just yet. I've got everything ready to do them, but just need a few hours of time. I'll be doing the testing correctly this coming weekend and I'll post pictures and the results I get with the test kit. I too am very curious to find out the THC levels of each strain.
  3. Jose.gh is very correct, you do need both THC and CBD for it to be effective. I've found using and good Afgani or Moroccan Indica gives great results. I'm no doctor, but I am a cancer survivor and did use oil as part of my treatment, I also had to have 4 surgeons work for 6 hours to, cut up my knee (removed skin, knee cap, all muscle and 4 tendons along with the tumor) and then put be back together with parts taken from other places on my body. I have been clean for 2 years and 6 months, I did 1 gram a day for 45 days after surgery and now do a monthly maintenance of 1 gram. I've also made oil for a friend who was sent home to die after chemo, radiation and surgery didn't help. She was given 4 to 6 weeks. After using the oil for 6 weeks she went back to the hospital and they checked her out as she was not supposed to be alive. The found the 5 brain tumors had shrunk 68%, she was afraid to tell them she was doing the oil, but the doctors were in shock and asked a lot of questions about her eating and life style. She did well for another 7 months but unfortunately the cancer had already spread to pretty much all her organs. I can't help but think if she had started the oil as soon as she found out and had passed on the chemo and radiation as those two things really destroy your whole immune system. I wish you the best of success with your mother and hope you can get moving on the oil very soon.
  4. Here's a quick report on the testing with the kit I purchased. My son and I went at it on Saturday. The first test, we messed up on a very simple thing and that was weighing out the test samples. We both had "brain cramps" as this is the only way to explain that we figured that 100mg was .o1 grams on the scale, but in reality it is .1 grams on the scale. So we started over, this time weighing out the correct sample size, but then we screwed up on the instrument we used to move the 2 micro liter of solution to the test panels. We did get results just not the right ones. I finally stated to think and went on Youtube and found a video that explained to perfection how to use the kit correctly. I now know how to do it correctly and will be doing it on Saturday once again. I'll take a picture of the results and post it. This kit is very accurate, many dispensaries use this same kit to show the THC CBD and chromatography results for the strains they sell. So I expect to get very accurate results to share. Sorry for the delay, but I had a learning curve to go through :-)
  5. You asked for more info on hash making, here is a link to a place I bought my bags from, supper quick and easy to extract resin and cheap https://www.wackywillysweb.com/products.php?cat=76
  6. Forgot to leave you a link to a site where you can purchase a test kit that will test the THC and CBD content of your crops. The cheapest test kit is $99.00, it's good for 15 to 20 tests, it's just arrived here and I'll be using it this weekend to test my crops, here is the link http://cannalyticssupply.com/ . And here is a link to a nice dry ice sifting bag system for making keif, I use these and they work great https://www.wackywillysweb.com/products.php?cat=76%C2'> Thanks again for sharing your grow with us :-)
  7. Here are my final pictures of 2015's crops. I now have everything harvested, dried and it is all now in 1 liter canning jars, a total of 48 filled to the top. Everything turned out fantastic for me again this year. I'm going to find out just how fantastic it is as I've purchased a testing kit that tests for THC and CBD, this weekend I'll test the crops and posts the results. Here is where I purchased the kit for $99.99, http://cannalyticssupply.com/ So enjoy these final pictures from the crops of 2015.
  8. The hardest part of any grow is the trimming, specially with the number and size of plant you had. Congratulations on a very successful year
  9. Thanks for the compliments. I'll be putting up my final pictures soon. I've got everything harvested, and it is all now in canning jars curing. I got 5.3 pounds of finished buds from my 5 plants, so I'll be good for the year :-)
  10. I wish I'd seen this earlier. I'd love to be one of the lucky ones to be a part of this testing. I would be growing outdoors and using only Powder Feeding as I've done for the past three years with fantastic results. MY preference would be for the Kush as I am growing outdoors and I have a max of 9 weeks of flowering time where I live.
  11. I know how much work it is to do all that trimming. I can't imagine doing it all by myself .... I can feel your aching back, neck and cramping sticky fingers as the pile just never seems to go down. A few years ago when faced with a huge (over 200 plants) I had to go out and buy an electric trimming machine as it was the only way I could possibly trim all that before it spoiled. So I can trim a 12 foot plant in an hour, not a perfect trim but very good.
  12. Seems to be missing a lot of resin production. By now I would expect to see a lot of frosty resin covering the bud and leaves? But maybe it just needs more time for this variety as I know nothing of Philippines stains.
  13. Hopefully you got a lot more than just this little bud? :-) I'm trying to get one more week of growth to fatten up my saliva's a little bit more. The weather here has suddenly turned bad. Last week was sunny with day temps 27 and nights 12, now it's day 16 and night 5. This will be their last week before harvest. Congratulations on another successful year.
  14. I'm back from my trip to China, but still suffering from jet lag, the 12 hour time difference is brutal to recover from. My plants were looking good on my return. My sons took care of them for me. But the day after I returned, a big storm hit us, the plants were bent over and branches broke. I spent 5 hours yesterday, cleaning them up, taking off dead leaves, putting in 2 meter stakes and tying them to the stakes for support. I also had to add support for some branches that suffered damage in the storm. I'm thinking perhaps 10 more days. More if the weather permits. So far no rot with these, unlike the Erdpurt, which had heavy rot. You will see a picture of the results of harvest, I haven't weighed it yet, but it looks to be about 300 grams or so. The 4 plants left growing are, two Kali China and one Nepal Jam and one Kali China x Nepal Jam.
  15. Here are some updated pictures. The Erdpurt is coming down on Saturday as bud rot is out of control. Been a very hot and sunny week 30 during the day and 14 at night. The Kali China is coming along real nice, lost of frost showing on the little buds already. The Kali China x Nepal Jam is also coming along nicely. The Nepal Jam is very slow and may not mature. I will be going to China on Saturday for a couple of weeks so no more updates for awhile.

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