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  1. hey guy. I was wondering if it is still possible to order seeds online when you live in Holland?? and also I hear ppl say you can online buy 5 seeds a shop in Amsterdam??
  2. Ow... sorry i load the wrong picture ..... i cant load a bigger size picture... On this pic im scared i got some spider mites around...
  3. Some pics. To bad i got some upload problems..
  4. Thanks for your reply bro. My tap water is 8.6 so i do have to lower it with some ph down drops i think. I think i finnaley found the best ph level. I am giving them ph 7.0 water and i get a run off from 6.4-6.7. Must be pretty good right?
  5. Its no powder. I can not shake it off or something. I also dont seee any pest.
  6. Here a pic from under the leaf
  7. Allright thanks Im growing outdoor and i want to upload more pics but got sone oroblrms with the pic size to upload them. Tomorrow i will make some more pictures.
  8. Ait thanks. Yeah i know about the ph levels but my plants dont react so good around the ph 6. Ph 7 they are doing very good i i think there ia something in the soil that brings the water ph to much down if i feed them the correct water ph.
  9. My ladies are like 2 months old and nkw the leafs start lose thee green and start getting white... what could this be?
  10. Thank you very much guys!!! This makes it all pretty clrar for me now ☺
  11. This is what im using. Plus i mix it with 10% coco.
  12. Hmmm... she didnt really like the 6.2ph... i see the one i gave 7.1 is doing the best so now i will do one more test with the 7.0 on a other plant and if she allright tomorrow i think i will stay with the ph7.0 water. I also have some new seeds comming out and those i will start watering from the beginning with ph 6.5. I must say its not easy too find the right ph and all....
  13. Hmmmm.. i can not upload the other pics..
  14. Im also going too put them in bigger pots tomorrow so then i eill start with watering PH6.2 from the beginning
  15. Some pics

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