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  1. @Cannabissapean thanks for the welcome. My buddies is way ahead of me this season because I am taking more of a political stance. He's more on the "Salvages" level right now. But here in the near future everyone will know our names "Da Green Guys"
  2. Thanks Elvis. I've been in & out of smoke shops, but never really favored one. As a old school smoker, it's been few times I even needed to enter a smoke shop. The only 2 real needed purchases that came from them was a grinder, which I still have, & a custom ash tray. As you know, you can buy papers & blunts from any corner store. Lord knows I hit plenty corners in my days.. But right now I like Smoke Dreamz on Westhiemer, cause it's the closest to the J...
  3. Sup peeps? Hope all is well with yawl. Yeah we say yawl (ya'll/you all) But that doesn't mean we're retards. We just have a different "swag". And unfortunately we have a lot of that roaming the H-town streets now days. When I first joined, it was my first time hitting some real "FIRE" in 18 years. That opened my eyes & sent me on a quest. I became a novice grower, teaching myself everything I could find about "MJ". (not Micheal Jackson either) I posted some pics of a homemade grow lab I was working out of at the time. I've since moved around & set up a grow spot in a rual part of Colorado with one of my Boiz. I go back & forth, less back these days. I'm back in H-town where times have changed a bit. At first I had to hide & whisper about cannabis, now it's all over the news & in print. Which brings me back in here. I want to take Houston to the next level, as we gear up for the decriminalization of MJ in Tx. Yeah I said it. Don't believe me? Just watch, 2017. Thsi year was my first official year off the streets, out of the black market, & into the politics of this new industry. I have years of playing dirty experience, but on this approach, I'm being Mr. Nice Guy. The tell all candidate, so to speak. I don't have a hidden agenda, I'm not down with a corporate sponsor, I don't report to an underboss or warloard, I'm just here to "rep" the average Joe who finally can compete with the big dogs. I want to start a podcast called "Da Green Room". It's a show that will introduce H-town to the cannabis world & lifestyle & introduce the cannabis world to the H-town way of life. I'm looking for anybody out of the Houston area to get at me if your interested. I'm a member of Houston NORML, RAMP, & a couple of other local groups. Most of my "Hood" smokers have no idea about most of the groups I'm in, that's why I want to start the show. There's a whole "nother" smoker's world out there I want to be the H-town guide through. I'll keep you posted..... Da Green Guru
  4. Look that Boi up now.....

  5. Here's how they look after a day in the sun & rain. I wasn't expecting the rain, I hope it didn't hurt. Ty for the advise too DUST. Plan to put it into effect this wknd. Plan to germ about 5 more seeds this Sunday or Saturday... I am still taking all tips, pointers, & suggestions...
  6. This morn was a bad morning. Woke up to find 7 of my girls in die-er stress. I moved one of my new grow lamp in too close & generated too much heat in my space.( pics after work) I put them outside & have 3 still strong, but short or I think. My big question is now, I have new seedlings 5 days old. When can I start adding nutes? The goal on this batch is to make fewer mistakes. I have enough seeds to last thru out the yr on a 1 wk, new batch cycle. As I said before, these are bagweed seeds. So I have plenty. Just need a few more pointers. I now have new seeds under a 75 w grow bulb, about 12 in' from the plants, fan blowing on bottom plants, rising to the top so it doesn't blow too hard on them. Bottom plants (15-16 days old) under 3 - 75w lamps & 2 mid range CFLs, & a floor fan. Any suggestions? Must say, plants look kinda small. Am I just tripping? Pic coming @ 11pm...... Can't wait to get off..... So many (?s)
  7. I've run into a prob some how over night. I woke up this morn to my babies looking like they caught hell last night. I installed a single grow lamp by Miricale Grow, nothing fancy, just emits a clear greenish blue light. Low wattage... My question is what may be my prob?
  8. Dayummmm. Slow CPU just updated & I caught the end of the post just now. Hate to here that. I lost my first 5 of 6 a day or 2 ago. But had a major come back today w\6 seedlings sprouting as I type. So same be unto you....
  9. I love your light set up. In the process of creating my own. I hope you don't mind if I borrow the pan & splitter idea. TY in advance & good luck on your grow. My first too.....
  10. Ty & will do Dust, just have to familiarize myself with the site. Mr Green, your tips are being put into play as we speak/type. I knew I had a lighting issue, I was jus hoping it wouldn't harm them til' I addressed it today. Now to try & move this thread...?????
  11. In June I got ahold of a strain I never saw coming. It blew my mind, literally!! It took me 3 days to get use to the effects. 2 euphoric blackout/memory lasp but incredible memory recall during the high. I'm talking 25 yr recall to the tee. Which brings me to my problem. We are flooded with "Brick" in my surrounding hoods. I'm trying my own grow on Brick to prepare myself for my strain quest... My question is, can anyone recommend a strain that will give me that effect again? I have a high tolerance level as regular pain meds have no effect on me. Morphine is like water,(it only stings) they said I was maxed out on a Demerol cocktail mix my last surgery & I still felt only limited effects. The Brick now for the past month doesn't really give me a buzz & @ best only makes me lazy & sleepy, with very little munchie spurts. Any good indica strain suggestions or diagnoses???? Now because of luck of the draw I guess, I ended up getting 20 new seedling spouts over night. Wayyyy past my expectations. So now I've converted to a greenhouse set up till I can come up with a more efficient multi plant system...
  12. My new squeezable watering system. It's a lil boredom side project. For my next batch of seeds that hit rockwool this morn. Some of my many batches of Brick seed & it's many sources.....
  13. Well here's my "Macgyver" set up. I call it that cause I have a very low budget $0 or as we get it. I started with everything I had on hand & only had to buy rockwool, rocks, & nutes only had $30 bucks. So please easy on the jokes.... But I only have 2 survivors after my drastic mistake. (Light shift) The 2 plants are are now 9 days old. I have them on the cfl during the day (18) & Hal @ night (6). I hand water every 2 day & have good ventilation . By looking at my pics am I making any mistakes? My new cfl lights will be installed tomorrow, 2 more. I'm getting the tubing for my pump but don't know what schedule to use when I hook it up. I hate to say because of the money situation, this is sort of a cram grow. Bad habit, I love hands on training, then I'll go back & study to get the A after the first "blind" C or high D try. I'm using Flora Nova by GH 7-4-10 1 part & rain water to start off. All a brotha gots right now, it is what it is.... Under these conditions, how much time do I have to upgrade? Baby steps only pls, budget crisis is in effect for undetermined length of time....
  14. What's good folks? I have joined this site as my first grow is in it's 1st week of the grow. I am a very first time grower. In my first week I've already accidently killed 4 of 6 plants by installing a new Hal light too close. (OOOPPPSSS!!!) They are all Brick seeds so don't fret too quick. I've done enough research to know I'm gone screw up, but I don't want to do that too often. I plan to have the whole set up running 100% flawless by Oct. 1st. I've picked this day because that's when I plan to start ordering seeds for my Specific Collection. The trick is, WE need all the inside help we can get. I've smoked plenty but never grew any. I'm no dummie, Design-Build skills off the hook!!! But I'm no jolly green Giant by a long shot.. So if someone out there can link up with Us & give us insites on grow techniques, I can design or build you a killer system in any design,shape, or whatever you can imagine. (It's my field: Const. Enger/ Proj. Mngmt) Our resources are somewhat limited as growing is outlawed in our state. But that wont stop us.. TY in advance for any help, tips, comments or anything else useful..... Feel free to get @ me anytime...... Uncle GrowLive -outty- 5000- G!!!!!!!

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