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  1. Thanks Baksban, smoked very good Ganja in North Sumatra, I don't think many people realise just how good that stuff is, stay safe.
  2. While out walking yesterday I came across a bin liner containing stalks and a root ball from our beloved herb dumped at a local beauty spot. This is by no means the first time I've seen this in my area. Iv'e seen Nutrient bottles, what looked like the best part of a grow room (Mylar sheeting plywood pots and clay pebbles) and on one occasion literally hundreds of bin bags each containing 2 root balls at regular intervals along a lonely road which looked as if they must have been thrown from a moving truck. If you Grow it it is YOUR responsibility to dispose of any waste responsibly, ideally by
  3. I started a crop of DNA genetics Chocollope Kush about the beginning of October last year, harvested it in early Jan this year, shortly before my winter break (2 months in Africa) one plant was left under a skylight with a few popcorn buds remaining. I was surprised to find new growth on this plant when I returned. In 2 months it had endured no water, very cold temperatures and very little light. I decided to leave it where it was giving it water and small amounts of fertilizer thinking it might be good for some cuttings. it grew big and about a month ago started to flower. A few days ago I de
  4. I agree with the above, in fact when I've been pushed for space I've taken plants out of my tent and left them with only a small amount of natural light eg in the bathroom for 1-2 weeks with no apparent loss of quality or quantity.
  5. I have a friend living in Hungary, he says there is plenty of wild stuff growing near him but it's not very good.
  6. kagbeni


    Anybody else smoked ganga from Sumatra? when I was there I remember it as some of the best stuff I've ever smoked. I'd just come from Thailand and noticed the difference. The thais tended to be creepers, but this stuff took you into the stratosphere on the first toke. Most is grown in Aceh provincewhich was North of where I was but I saw a small "personal " patch of Sativa appearance. I've searched seedbanks for seeds containing Sumatran genetics but neither found anything. I've smoked many landraces in my own country and on my travels and beleive me this was one of the best, if not the best.
  7. Thanks Dust, unfortunately most of my hunting was done in pre digital days and I didn't like to take rolls of film with ganja plants on into photo shops, but I do have a few photos from Burma and Nepal. I have a Good tale to tell about Burma, I'll post it tonight when I have more time.
  8. Hi I'm an old timer, smoked herbs and hash for forty years from many different countries and done a bit of personal strain hunting myself in countries such as Nepal, Burma, Thailand Indonesia and Morocco so I'm interested in the stuff these guys are doing, landraces rock.